Universal 5D Reiki Training

Become a Master 5D Energy Healer with Eden’s Universal Light Reiki training. In this program you will become attuned to the frequencies of 5D Reiki, a far more accessible and powerful method of mind/body healing than most energy healing systems because it works with who you really are. In just over half an hour of meditation and training you will learn:

  • What healing really means from the viewpoint of Source and your Higher Self
  • How our own will and ego often prevent healing
  • How to use the Well of Light to heal the body, clear the aura, and the spaces around you
  • How we are raising into the fifth dimension and what that means for us karmically, emotionally, and energetically
  • How to set your intentions with a daily 5D prayer for vibrational alignment and comfort
  • How to use Ho’oponopono to support the healing process
  • Receive the full Universal 5D Reiki Master Attunement
  • And receive course materials in both audio and PDF formats

Reiki is a Japanese phrase which means “wise universal source energy” or “the light of god directed by the wisdom of god”. Universal 5D Reiki is Reiki in its most pure form as it was meant to be, unvarnished by human judgment and perception: reiki as it is used in the higher realms, as it was in times past before it was corrected and convoluted, and as it is used across the dimensions. It is your divine birthright, a way to access the light of Source, of God, of Spirit, clearly and directly without distortion so that you may remove distortion and misperception from your own hearts and minds, and thus, your bodies.

This is the only class you will ever need to take for Universal 5D Reiki, because it contains both the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the beginner and the mastery levels. We include both the 35 minute training audio in MP3 format and 8 pages of physical, written transmissions in PDF format for this class, so that you may study in the ways that are most comfortable for you.

Cost: $140

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