Tween Moods Swings

Dear Eden, I am concerned about my tween. Her moods are difficult and her weight has increased suddenly. What is going on? How can I help her? I have made her a chiropractic visit for next week, that helped my first child so much. But is it enough? I worry sometimes that our relationhip will be troubled as we age and I don’t want that. I miss my happy girl who was always excited to do things. What do I do? Feeling Sad, J.

Dear Heart,

Be you. You know what to do. Continue to go on as you have. Try not to be triggered by your child but just SHOW her how to be at ease and at peace. Be unruffled. Her problems are NOT your problems.

Your daughter is gaining weight because she feels insecure and unsafe, mostly at school. This will change over the coming months, and the weight will come back off. Trim her hair and make it pretty every day, that will help her feel better. Get up earlier and take the time to make her feel good. That will help. The rushing in the morning is not healthy for her, she needs a slower pace to start the day. Get up a half hour earlier.

Just be. Let her swirl around you and let the worries go.

All is well.
You are blessed ~ Eden

An update: Thank you Eden! It’s been three weeks and the change in her has been dramatic. She has begun to shed the extra weight and is behaving much more rationally and pleasantly. Her smile is back!! What a relief it is to see her shift back to her center so easily. All my thanks, J.