Timeline Updates – Where We’re Headed and Where We Could Have Been

What can and should we do to help the country shift to a most positive present and future. How do we help the government work better for the people? How do we decrease gun violence? How do we foster a better community? How do we help the environment? Should we work to shift the timeline? Should we simply shift ourselves into a nicer timeline? Or are we already in the best timeline? Answers please. Namaste, R. & L.

Dear Ones,

You are not currently in the most positive timeline, but you are not in a terrible one either. Things could be much much worse, and only a little bit better. Yes, there is a timeline where Bernie Sanders is already president (see what we did there?) but he does not have the democratic congress to work with there so the changes are not much different from where you are now. There is less gun violence and better EPA regulations, but the healthcare reform and other new ideas are still on the back burner and it is not clear that he will win a second term – but republicans running against him are more middle of the road, more like Bush. In fact, a Bush may well win the next term there. SO. You are here. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? Extreme events lead to extreme change and we tell you that your changes that you want ARE COMING. Not as fast as you want, but fast nonetheless.

By Christmas there will be very strict gun laws. Things are going to come out about the NRA that no one foresaw, things that destroy them as a lobby and will have the GOP tripping over themselves in a rush to distance themselves from the stain. Mitch McConnell is going to resign. Trump is going to disappear from the news for a while – health issues will make him quiet – and when he returns the end of his reign will be quiet and less inflammatory. That will make the democrats be heard in a better light, since they will be able to simply BE and not be defending or reacting all the time, and they will win. Moderate Republicans will come out of the woodwork, and true bipartisanship will emerge in the next cycle. Obama will join the cabinet of the next president in a move that has never been seen before. All the democratic nominees will work together in ways that have never been seen before. Even Marianne Williamson will be there. This will be true group work.

SO. What should you do? Stay calm. Stay aligned. Call out the lies where you see them and let all else slide. Connect your heart to your soul star chakra every day. Trust. Eat well. Sleep better – longer! You need more time in bed to recharge, turn off your phones earlier in the evening. Don’t worry about the earth, we’ve told you that before. Things will settle down soon enough and she – you all – will recover.

All IS well. You know that.
Blessings ~ Eden