The Coming Harvest, an August Conversation with Eden

Dear Eden,

Over the last few weeks I feel like I’m treading water. It’s hard to get motivated to work and although the summer has been beautiful I just can’t get excited about it. There have been terrible shootings and murders, and tensions are running so high. What’s going on with me, specifically, and the world in general? I want to help the world get better, but how?

Thanks, B.

Dear B.,

You are the light. You ARE the light. And shining can be hard, sometimes, we see that. What you are feeling is the tunneling down into oneself, the centering and grounding, before an explosion of power and light unfolds. This will be good. You will be okay. Your loved ones will be okay. More than okay. The world is shifting, you are right. To the light, to equality and a healthier environment and better laws. You fear that is not true and we tell you it is so. It is so. So keep tunneling down into your power. Keep building up that light within and clarifying your beliefs and what you want because you are a hairsbreadth away from receiving it all and becoming it all.

Enjoy the quiet time, for it will not last. Relax, for soon it will be time to dance. Enjoy this time of ripening, of readying, for soon the harvest will be here.

All is well. You are blessed.

Blessings ~ Eden