Shedding Cellular Karma – Channeled Reading from Eden for October and November

Dear Eden, I’ve been getting all kinds of aches and pains this week. I’m nervous and my digestion is off. When I go out, everyone is acting a bit crazy, too, speeding in their cars, getting mad at shop clerks, arguing over little things. What is going on? Thanks, E.

For the last few weeks physical bodies on Earth have been intensely shedding their own attachments to their past karmas, particularly the bodies of lightworkers which always experience everything faster, harder, brighter as part of their old empathic programming on Earth. But now, the bodies are shedding this old program and reaching for a new paradigm. The crystalline body is here, overlapped cellularly with the old carbon-based skin that kept you tied to your karma, collected it from life to life in the form of an elemental aspect of your being. It is like another piece of your soul, this body elemental, a piece which has accompanied you from lifetime to lifetime, separate yet not. It is the body elemental that has held on to your karmic and genetic baggage, never forgetting each time the soul and mind has betrayed the body, never forgetting the pain and suffering. Now, the soul is holding the door open for the body elemental – and the current body itself – to step into 5D, 6D, and up. But the body elementals want to revisit all their pain and suffering before they let it go. So you are feeling ALL the places in your body where you have held trauma. This life. Last life. All lives. Aches and pains are arising from out of nowhere, digestive issues are cropping up, headaches, anxiety, palpitations.

Ingest gentle nutritive supplements and foods to support the body in its shift. Use your flower essences hourly. By the minute, if need be. Center yourself. Do your ABCs (activate, align, balance, clear, connect, stabilize). Get some sunlight on your skin. Be at peace, for this too will pass and things will settle down soon. Don’t pay too much attention to how crazed the rest of the world is, because they too are going through the same shi(f)t and this is what needs to happen.

All will be well.
Cut your cords. Stabilise your aura.
All is well.
You are blessed.

Mercury Retrograde, Karmic Shifts and Moving Through the Old into the New – Message for August 2017

Dear Ones,

Everyone is releasing much more easily now, as of the last several months, and a lot of old, old stuff is coming up, both from this life and others. That makes it a bit of  a stressful time for just about everyone, but supporting the physical body during this time of release will be helpful, allowing the issues to be cleared more readily. Support can take the form of physical stretching and movement, flower essences, vibropathics, herbs, high-energy foods, massage, saunas, epsom salt baths, earthing… Anything that helps move toxins and debris out of the body, through the lymphatic system, etc. All that is helpful.

Mercury has also entered retrograde, a planetary influence that always helps earthlings tie up loose ends, complete unfinished business. So if you have feelings that are still unresolved or need some sifting/shifting, then they will come up during this time of completion and release. So it is with your past. There are times you may wonder about your youth, the dreams you had, the paths you could have took. Sometimes, this shoulda, coulda keeps you from proceeding at full courage in your present moment, because there are moments of regret, moments of other dreams, that make you wonder what you might now be doing “not quite right.” Of course, there is none of that! Everything you do, from our perspective, is quite simply perfect and joyous and wonderful and we would say to you to keep moving forward and not worry about ANY action you take, ever.

ALL roads lead to the one. All is good. All is right.

Yes, it is that simple.

All is well.


Lyme Disease, the cause and the relief.

My baby has Lyme’s disease. Tell me about Lyme’s, and if I should I treat my lawn with diatomaceous earth? Thank you, L. 

This dis-ease began in the rats outside of the doctors’ places, and is a karmic debt being repaid to humanity for experimenting on their bodies. The new generation are being born without karma, and so the disease is not for them what it is for you and the older generations. The older generations are hit the worst, with the bulk of the feeling of guilt being within them. They knew they should not continue to mistreat animals the way they have, and yet they did not stop. Their guilt brought them this disease. It began with the affluent who had relinquished their liberal ideals in favor of gold and desires. It is not something sent from god or a retribution, but something invited in by humanity to burn off mass guilt. Your child in particular has manifested this illness now in a not serious form so that he will build a natural immunity to it for the rest of his life. He will not suffer after effects from this dis-ease, for he is at ease. Some young adults and children manifest this illness as a way to punish parents for their own denial of preached ideals. And many adults merely expected it someday to come to them as a natural outcome of their daily activities, and so it does. Fear and expectation are two more vehicles through which the disease travels. Young children, who are CONSCIOUS, as your son is, may also CONSCIOUSLY manifest the dis-ease in a mild form as they have been taught to do by the adults who discovered and utilized vaccinations. Like cures like, and the new generation is particularly well attuned with homeopathic ideology. Do not treat your lawn, the beneficial insects will not thank you. Instead, smudge your yard, and keep it trim. Call in the local nature devas and fae to help you.

All will be well. You are loved.
Blessings ~ Eden