Lyme Disease, the cause and the relief.

My baby has Lyme’s disease. Tell me about Lyme’s, and if I should I treat my lawn with diatomaceous earth? Thank you, L. 

This dis-ease began in the rats outside of the doctors’ places, and is a karmic debt being repaid to humanity for experimenting on their bodies. The new generation are being born without karma, and so the disease is not for them what it is for you and the older generations. The older generations are hit the worst, with the bulk of the feeling of guilt being within them. They knew they should not continue to mistreat animals the way they have, and yet they did not stop. Their guilt brought them this disease. It began with the affluent who had relinquished their liberal ideals in favor of gold and desires. It is not something sent from god or a retribution, but something invited in by humanity to burn off mass guilt. Your child in particular has manifested this illness now in a not serious form so that he will build a natural immunity to it for the rest of his life. He will not suffer after effects from this dis-ease, for he is at ease. Some young adults and children manifest this illness as a way to punish parents for their own denial of preached ideals. And many adults merely expected it someday to come to them as a natural outcome of their daily activities, and so it does. Fear and expectation are two more vehicles through which the disease travels. Young children, who are CONSCIOUS, as your son is, may also CONSCIOUSLY manifest the dis-ease in a mild form as they have been taught to do by the adults who discovered and utilized vaccinations. Like cures like, and the new generation is particularly well attuned with homeopathic ideology. Do not treat your lawn, the beneficial insects will not thank you. Instead, smudge your yard, and keep it trim. Call in the local nature devas and fae to help you.

All will be well. You are loved.
Blessings ~ Eden