Co-Creating with the Fae, A message from Eden about the Environment

Dear Eden, Do you have any words of encouragement? A young deer I tried to help last weekend with apples, I found her curled up on the exterior wall of my bedroom, nestled close to the house where she must have died. I am feeling quite full of emotion. Hugs, T.

Dear Heart,
We know that as a physical being it is difficult not to mourn when another being leaves its body. But we want you to know that the young deer did not come to you as a sign of sadness, but as hope. She was born only to experience this realm for a short time. She was no physical being, but a fae spirit wanting to see what this world was like. She wondered if humans really deserved the help of her people, and had made a vow to only be in a body for so long as it took  to confirmation of humanity’s goodness. YOU, deer one, provided that confirmation. Now she has returned to her own community, and she will speak on humanity’s behalf. The fae in her area of the world – California, a place hotter and drier than yours, a place that needs the help of water fae to keep it alive and healthy – will now come together, because of her words and what she has seen, and they will begin co-creating a better environment both with and for humans. They will now feel more positive about doing so, whereas before their efforts were a bit half-hearted. They have seen and felt the environmental work going on and were not sure if they should support  it, as they were not sure about any human’s motives and if it was worth it. Now they KNOW. You will have support. The environment will have support. Word of this will ripple throughout the fae communities and co-creating will become easier still for humans wanting to work with the environment. She chose to die near you because she wanted you to know that you have her at your back, you have her support. And also that if there is anything you DO need help with environmentall, to intend to work on it before you sleep, and that she will work with you in the astral realm to provide an energy boost to your manifestation process. This is, indeed, a crucial second step to co-creating with the fae, the nature devas – first you make an appeal, outdoors is best. Second, you make an offering, showing your word is your bond. Finally, you work together in the astral to co-create your vision.

You are loved.

Elves, family connections and the fae.

Can you tell me some information about elves? How are they different from fairies? -L

Dearest L.,
Elves are not different from fairies. They are part of the fae community. What you think of as fairies, small twinkly lights and beings, they are not like that. They are like fairies in that they are multi-dimensional and able to shift in and out of your reality. They can be large or small, tho generally they are human like in shape and size. They are more serious. Less dramatic. More protective of the wild lands. Less involved with people. They feel and act more removed from humanity’s current world. You have been sent to seek this information because you have one child who is fairy-like, mostly incarnating on other planets, and one who is elf-like, from this planet. Yes, he has always an affinity for plants, wild plants, and for being outside. He is fun and goofy and wild and also very, very serious inside. Much of his silliness is to hide the serious nature he contains within, like two-sides of a coin. A book about elves for him would be good. Your cousins, they, too are of the elf community. You all are, to some degree, because the elf blood runs within your family line, diluted but still there, and often you still connect with them and your souls return to that dimension when you sleep and between your human lives. Your elf side is what draws you to the land, and why you see the truth of all things.
Be in beauty. Draw it in.
All is well.

You are loved.

Blessings ~ Eden

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