Full Disclosure, Inter-dimensionality and a Thinning of the Veils – A Message from Eden for December 2018

So many of you have been asking for full disclosure – well, it’s coming, though perhaps not in the way you were expecting. The veil between dimensions is thinning. You will hear talk about portals, vortexes, ley lines, visitations – but in reality, everything is just where it always was, but now you will be catching more and more glimpses of the other layers of reality that have always been there. Other beings you didn’t realize were living with you, side by side. Other timelines you had no idea existed. First, you will catch glimpses from the corner of your eye. Then, you will be able to interact – small-ly at first, so that you can learn to choose what you want to allow in your personal reality and what you don’t. And then, you will be able to transfer into other timelines, or pull in aspects you want to experience. This will affect your layer of reality only, not the global consciousness, unless it is something set for the highest good of all.

What does that mean? It means you should practice discernment, learn to ask yourself if something comes from a place of light and is meant for your highest good. Learn to reach for your highest good and you will improve the entire condition of the world. Everything you do ripples outward. Everything you do has the potential to heal humanity. Conversely, if you feel discomfort with a new dimensional aspect, if it does not feel uplifting or positive, move it through and out of your experience. Remember that you hold full dominion over your reality and that nothing may enter your presence WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Remember that nothing holds power over you but your own self. Whatever does not resonate, move it into the light and claim dominion over your own space. Sage alone is not enough. You must employ the light and use your intention and your will.

This is how you welcome the light of source into your life.

This is how you open to the universe and experience the fully of reality.

Align with your higher self and you will be able to discern that which if of the light, love and your highest good.

Align, and all will be well.

You are well.

You are loved.

This is the month of love – open your heart and let it in!

Blessings ~ Eden

Getting Rid of Spiritual Entities

Dear Eden
I have evil spiritual entity’s that are around me holding me down. How do I get rid of them?

Dear C.,
Intention is everything. The method does not matter. What matters is your attention and your focus. There are many ways to cast them out, but with each method you must understand that you are the supreme power in your reality. You determine what can and can not be in your space. You determine what is allowed to siphon off your aura (nothing should!) You determine who and what can connect with you.
We sense that at least one of these beings has been with your family for a very, very long time, through generations. They made a contract, so to speak, to exchange energy with an ancestor and its kin and so they are now with you. To remove that entity, you should perform a vow breaking ritual. This is very simple, just write out your intention to rescind and break all vows, oaths, and contracts you or your ancestors have made that no longer serve your highest good, and also revoke and sever any vows or contracts that were placed upon you that no longer serve the highest good. Then read your statement of intent aloud, and burn the paper (burning is both symbolic and beneficially transmutational as it turns the statement to prayer on the air, releasing your intent direct directly to ether/spirit/source/us.)
For the other entities, use whatever tools you like to clear your space and focus your intention and state with authority that you are casting these entities into the light. There is no place for them here, they do not belong in this dimension, and you send them with love into the fire of creation, into the light of source. In reality, there is no such thing as evil beings, only beings which operate on a different frequency than you and interact poorly with your energy field. This is because they truly do not belong in your physical realm, and must return to source to be returned to their own true homes.
Tools you might use for clearing are smudge, incense, candles, singing bowls, drums, rattles, bible psalms, etc. Salt around the boundaries of the home helps bring in the earth element and clear and protect the space. Black tourmaline and selenite carried on your person will help keep you clear until your aura is stronger.
All is well. You are one with source and you are blessed.
Blessings of Light,