Ascension into the Sixth Dimension

Have you felt the energies shifting, the glimmerings of a new dynamic?

You are not alone! A new chapter IS beginning. Humans have taken to 5D like fish to water, and are moving through the energies in amazing ways. Humans (lightworkers especially) have really upped their vibration game far past where we were expecting humanity to be by this time. We know sometimes it looks bleak out there, but the reason SO much is happening and crashing down is that you have all risen and the wave of fifth dimensional energies is cresting over your planet. Fifth dimension, when the channels speak of it is NOT dimensional in the way physics understands it, but rather more of a frequency system. In the fifth dimension we begin to take true responsibility for ourselves, to walk more in our truths and shine much brighter. Healing takes place not just on the physical, but on the emotional (4th dimensional layer of reality) and spiritual (5th dimensional layer of reality) planes. From here, ALL healings reach back and forwards through time and space and into the Akash. ALL healings affect ALL beings. To get to the 5th dimension, the energy shift was so heavy and dense that you (lightworkers) all had to carry the weight together. Everyone would work on the same issue for weeks or months at a time. Sometimes years! Clearing grief. Clearing sadness. Clearing anger. Lifting the heart chakra. You remember the drill. Now, as you slide into the sixth dimension, your higher self draws nearer. You no longer speak or walk your truth. You become your truth. Spirit and Physical become more aligned. Much more. Manifestation comes faster, with more peace to the process. Where once you all rushed and worries, now there is understanding and ease. If you want to get in shape, it happens quickly. If you want to move, it happens quickly. If you want to rest, it happens in the moment. It is easier now to be present. To be easy. And with that ease, you (lightworkers) can each pull more weight without feeling the strain. You each now work on a different aspect of the ever upward shift on your own, you each take a piece of the whole, and hold it for a day, a week, a month but no more. One breathes light, one balances ether and fire, one settles the earth, one flows with water, one brings peace to strife, once illuminates darkness – and so one. The work is fast and effective and (almost) effortless.

So yes. Much is happening!

When you feel moved to sit and meditate, sit and meditate. When you feel moved to stand and laugh, stand and laugh. When you feel moved to run like a child, to skip and dance, skip and dance. It is the energy moving through you that demands these actions, let yourself flow with the demands and you will remain comfortable and the energy will only climb further.

You are exceptionally well.
You are blessed.
You are loved.
Blessings ~ Eden

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How do I Shield Myself from Taking On Negativity?

Hi Eden,
I came across your site and as always this is where spirit lead me. I have a question, not sure how to word it, but I have been on the spiritual path for quite some time and I feel as I am accelerating then all of a sudden I am overcome by negative thoughts and physical issues. As of now I have gotten extremely heavy and my digestion, hormones, thyroid etc. is all off balance, and have become allergic to food and supplements that might actually help me. I have a tendency to be a sponge for others which I thought I healed but I guess not. My passion is to step full time into energy work but for now I stay at a corporate job that brings no joy and am surrounded by very dense people. I have had a full open radiation of my crown only for it to be closed and I would feel others energies and as they spoke of negativity I would get hit above my head etc. and now that open radiation feeling has been gone since 2013.
What can I do to help myself to go forward and not absorb others energies, I feel there is something always stopping me like I was tricked into some sort of contract, (not sure). Or maybe none of this and you sense something else.
Thank you so much for any insight.
Love, Light & Laughter

Dear D.,
We do not see a karmic contract that is hindering you. You are a lightworker, an earth angel and so you do have a natural tendency to take on the pain of others. Most lightworkers work in some capacity or another to help transmute and process clearings for all of mass consciousness, and this can manifest as physical disease. It is important to recognize that this is what is happening, that this is a global phenomenon, and not to focus on the individual negativity or angst that you feel from one person or another. Begin to view these negative people or situations simply as triggers or signposts from the universe. When one pops up, say to yourself, “oh, here is something I need to clear.” Shield yourself, and clear the energy. There are many, many ways to do this, but one of the simplest is bathing yourself in an orb of light of the color(s) of your choosing, pushing it out from yourself to create a buffer zone of comfort. Visualize the clearing, and then let it go, knowing you are protected.
In terms of the allergies, these pop up when we are sensitive to a situation, not the item itself. Sometimes, it is a past or parallel life trauma that is triggering our discomfort. Meditate on the situation and try to see the root of it. Seeing and knowing is understanding, and understanding brings release and clearing.
When one’s soul consciously identifies a situation that is unpleasant, and one persists within it, the discomfort will only grow worse. It is one thing to remain in a situation that is not so great, but not fully realize, but once the soul knows that you know, both the body and the soul will feel somewhat betrayed by the mind/ego that is ignoring them and what it knows, and so they will work together to change your mind. Your willingness to surround yourself with negativity at work and in life is another component to why your body is having issues, basically attacking itself to get your attention.
Be gentle with your self. Take time to nurture yourself. Be compassionate with your self above all others, only then can you truly be of service.
You are blessed.
Blessings of Love and Light

Flight or Fright responses hindering your joy?

This image shows how you might be feeling.

Dear Eden,
WOW. Intense! That is the word for my month so far. I know that we are shifting and changing and growing. I understand that this fall is a time for things to be coming to the foreground so that we can release them and move on to a better life, a better world. But must it be so hard? *grin*What can I do to make this process a little easier? Or even a lot easier? I’m so tired of reacting to weather and bills and things.  I want to stay in the moment and be joyful, as you say. But how? I’m feeling a bit worn thin.


Sweet, silly woman. You know that you overreact, right? You need to tone it down a little. Be easy. Let life be easy. Just take each moment, as it comes, in that moment. Part of the problem we are sensing with you is that your adrenals tend to jump into hyperdrive at the merest hint of a problem. You are always ready to solve a problem, to save someone or something. And that worked great for you when you were a warrior, when you hunted, when you fought. But now you are here, in this world which you are wanting to be more peaceful and harmonious. To be more enlightened.

SO. To be that way, to progress and stay in a heightened state of awareness, we need you to ditch the flight or fight. Take a flower essence combination formula, such as Bach’s rescue remedy, or Earth Lodge’s Ease & Flow or Safe to Be. Use B vitamins. Drink milk and calming teas. Use homeopathic remedies for anxiety, stress or hysteria (there are many!)

Also, be aware that the crystals and other homeopathic remedies which you have been working with lately are helping you see your problems so that you can shed them. So they are bringing things into focus, and raising buried issues. This, of course, is slightly uncomfortable for you, but it will get better as they are released.

All will be well. You will be well. And you know you ar much lighter and more joyfull than you would have been in the past with the same situations. So rejoice and be merry!

You are loved,

It’s All Inside You, A Channeled Message for October 2011

Please tell me the largest truth there is right now, what we can do, how to become.

There is nothing outside of yourself. Everything you think you know, everything you think you know, see, smell, touch, feel – it’s all in you. It all is you. You are not the only creator of your universe, you are not alone. How can you be alone when you are all together, when every being, every cell, every thing in the universe is inside YOU? It’s all in there. Your atoms, your cells, your makeup is ever so much more complicated and more vast than your science has even begun to discover. Inside you, is the Milky Way. Inside YOU, is god. Inside YOU, is ALL. And inside her, and inside him, and inside that, and inside this. Everything contains the entire universe inside of itself. Not just the possibilities of the ‘verse, but the entire vastness of ALL that IS.

You think you know, but you don’t.

You think you comprehend, but you can’t even begin.

And that is OK. Because that in part of ALL, too. This is meant to be. It’s all inside you, and you are perfect in your condition, in your comprehension, and in your becoming. You are growing just as you should be. There is nothing that is missing or should be better or should be different. It is all perfection, as are you.

Do not worry. Do not fret. Do not think you must give up anything, or fear anything, or do anything differently. Just be. Just be you. Give yourself up to the wonder of the unfolding that is the perfectly you, you now.

You are blessed and you are loved for you are the creator of ALL that is, of the LOVE that is, you are the IT and the WONDER and the JOY and the NOW.

Just be.