Worried about the US Elections? Don’t be.

Dearest Eden, I am so stressed about the U.S. election and the hate and the candidates. Any wisdom to share? Thanks, N.

Dear N.,
The elections are a process. Just a process. No evil, no good. Just an expansion and a shifting of the world. All will be well. We have already told you thins. Relax. Settle down. Do not fear the future. Good things are coming, humanity is growing, and yes, as we say, these are growing pains. But all will be well. Christmas will be good.
New expansions are coming. The world is changing. All is good and well and do not fear. Love is here.

On being nervous about the elections

Dearest Eden,
Everyone is so on edge about the presidential candidates and the primaries. What message do you have for us?

Dear heart,
Do not fear what is coming. The person who becomes you president will not make things worse in your country, or the world. Life will continue to improve. The forces of fear and darkness would like you to succumb to their drama, but it is only a game, only a play, and not real. They can not win. Even if the person you fear most wins, all will be well. This has already been decided. This has already been shown. Do not fear.
All is as it should be. Do not be afraid. You are well. We promise.
All is well
You are blessed.