Full Disclosure, Inter-dimensionality and a Thinning of the Veils – A Message from Eden for December 2018

So many of you have been asking for full disclosure – well, it’s coming, though perhaps not in the way you were expecting. The veil between dimensions is thinning. You will hear talk about portals, vortexes, ley lines, visitations – but in reality, everything is just where it always was, but now you will be catching more and more glimpses of the other layers of reality that have always been there. Other beings you didn’t realize were living with you, side by side. Other timelines you had no idea existed. First, you will catch glimpses from the corner of your eye. Then, you will be able to interact – small-ly at first, so that you can learn to choose what you want to allow in your personal reality and what you don’t. And then, you will be able to transfer into other timelines, or pull in aspects you want to experience. This will affect your layer of reality only, not the global consciousness, unless it is something set for the highest good of all.

What does that mean? It means you should practice discernment, learn to ask yourself if something comes from a place of light and is meant for your highest good. Learn to reach for your highest good and you will improve the entire condition of the world. Everything you do ripples outward. Everything you do has the potential to heal humanity. Conversely, if you feel discomfort with a new dimensional aspect, if it does not feel uplifting or positive, move it through and out of your experience. Remember that you hold full dominion over your reality and that nothing may enter your presence WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Remember that nothing holds power over you but your own self. Whatever does not resonate, move it into the light and claim dominion over your own space. Sage alone is not enough. You must employ the light and use your intention and your will.

This is how you welcome the light of source into your life.

This is how you open to the universe and experience the fully of reality.

Align with your higher self and you will be able to discern that which if of the light, love and your highest good.

Align, and all will be well.

You are well.

You are loved.

This is the month of love – open your heart and let it in!

Blessings ~ Eden

Elves, family connections and the fae.

Can you tell me some information about elves? How are they different from fairies? -L

Dearest L.,
Elves are not different from fairies. They are part of the fae community. What you think of as fairies, small twinkly lights and beings, they are not like that. They are like fairies in that they are multi-dimensional and able to shift in and out of your reality. They can be large or small, tho generally they are human like in shape and size. They are more serious. Less dramatic. More protective of the wild lands. Less involved with people. They feel and act more removed from humanity’s current world. You have been sent to seek this information because you have one child who is fairy-like, mostly incarnating on other planets, and one who is elf-like, from this planet. Yes, he has always an affinity for plants, wild plants, and for being outside. He is fun and goofy and wild and also very, very serious inside. Much of his silliness is to hide the serious nature he contains within, like two-sides of a coin. A book about elves for him would be good. Your cousins, they, too are of the elf community. You all are, to some degree, because the elf blood runs within your family line, diluted but still there, and often you still connect with them and your souls return to that dimension when you sleep and between your human lives. Your elf side is what draws you to the land, and why you see the truth of all things.
Be in beauty. Draw it in.
All is well.

You are loved.

Blessings ~ Eden

More information about fairies and the fae community can be found in the 2007 July & August Archives.