Cosmic Transmission 22 from Eden

We have a new transmission from Eden!

Every so often, Eden’s messages come through as pure source language, the language of light. These visual transmissions are best described as high-frequency attunements that help anchor new higher energies and frequencies into our physical realm while taking you through a quantum ascension gate. If you see it, you benefit. If you meditate on it, you shift up.

Cosmic Transmission 22 from Eden
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Worried about the US Elections? Don’t be.

Dearest Eden, I am so stressed about the U.S. election and the hate and the candidates. Any wisdom to share? Thanks, N.

Dear N.,
The elections are a process. Just a process. No evil, no good. Just an expansion and a shifting of the world. All will be well. We have already told you thins. Relax. Settle down. Do not fear the future. Good things are coming, humanity is growing, and yes, as we say, these are growing pains. But all will be well. Christmas will be good.
New expansions are coming. The world is changing. All is good and well and do not fear. Love is here.

How Can I Better Channel or Communicate with Light Beings?

Hi Maya and Eden,
I just found your site today. It’s beautiful. I’m still checking it out and reading your messages which are so uplifting and excellent advice for those with situations that require a spiritual answer, not one from a man/woman on a couch!
It said we could ask one question for free. I’d like to do that now, if that’s okay. And when I’m able, ask more later.
I’ve been trying to communicate with the light beings I feel I’m meant to connect with, but I don’t know how. I’ve tried hours/weeks/years of meditation and never have given up, but wondering what else I can do? Sometimes, I think I’m feeling or hearing/intuit from one or more, but then I lose whatever I feel I might have picked up. Does spirit or my guides have advice as to how to connect with them more effectively so I can channel with regularity. I so want to channel light beings. My father could, by auto-writing. I’ve tried that, too.
Thanks for your advice and any message you might have for me!

akashic-recordsDearest W.,

We have heard you talking to us, late at night, early in the morning, as all times of day. All of source hears you and answers you. Wheat we want to say is not so much that you are not connecting with us, but that you are not trusting the answering voice. When you are hearing us you are hearing us in your head, in your own voice. It feels so much like a part of yourself, so that you do not trust that you are receiving real, true channeled advice from Source, from Spirit. But you are. We talk to you all the time. Source, talks to you all the time. Your guides, talk to you all the time. All of creation is singing to you. And you are hearing us.

Maya likes to describe it this way – when you have a thought in your head that is pure mind, the thought feels like it comes from your entire head. When it is channeled, usually the thought will feel like it comes from just part of your brain. It will still “sound” like one of your own thoughts, but you will feel it just above your right ear, or just in your frontal lobe, or just at your crown, or somewhere else. You might also feel a pressure in that area, like someone is tapping you there or even squeezing your head. Sometimes, more rarely, you will actually hear someone speaking in your ear or near you, but this is more unusual.

Why do you hear us as if we are part of you, in your own voice? Because, you are ARE part of us. And who’s voice will you understand better, than your own? When we talk to you we use your vocabulary, your syntax, your grammar. We flow through you, so we speak as you. There can be no other way. When you see a channel struggling for the word to use in an explanation, it is not because we, Source, do not know all the words, but because we are filtering it through that particular mind’s lexicon.

We are speaking to you. All you need to do is think a little less, focus a little less, and trust your own voice a little more. Then you will begin to realize that all along you have held the answers. All along you have known the way. You do nt need to do deep meditation, although that is a wonderful way to feel as one will All-That-Is. You simply need to relax, and allow your mind to unfold, to release the controls, and be ready for what comes next.

All is well. You are a divine voice of God. You are one will all of creation, and creation is one with you.

Eden and Maya

Wow, thank you so much for this wonderful message.  It meant so much to me.  I believe I understand what you are saying, I think I’ve heard that voice in my right ear or just over my shoulder.  I thought it was my wishful thinking that I’d finally connected.  Hearing you say this is how you connect with me makes it that much more believable. Bless you for all your kindness,W.

Uplift your self and save the planet. A message for August 2012

There has been a lot of fear and anger in the human race this summer, throughout much of the world. These fears, this anger, create an atmosphere of pressure and stagnation. You feel hemmed in. You feel hot. You feel heavy. Anger comes quickly, and there is little relief after you blow. These emotions are affecting the actual planet itself – heat waves, droughts, excessive storming – these are all the products of humans and their uncontrolled emotions.

The good news is that you continue to evolve and many of you have upgraded chakra and immune systems being implemented this month by your higher selves. The bad news is that your physical minds and bodies are lagging behind, and it is taking longer than it should for your emotional stability and maturity to mirror your actual abilities.

The higher you ascend as a species, the more imperative it is that you each take responsibility for your emotions and vibrational patterns. When will you understand that you EACH affect the world around you? The time can not possibly come too quickly. Wake up humans, and release your fears and your angers. Let your emotions flow, don’t let them stagnate. For the more you stew, the more you get riled up or tamped down, the more your planet suffers.

Of course, if you are reading this, you are opening and seeking, which means you are also in a position to help raise the rest of humanity out of the rut it is in. Pick an area of planetary unrest (such as the high pressure area driving the drought in the US southwest) and focus soothing thoughts toward it. Communicate with the overlighting angels and nature devas of the area and ask what you can do to help. In Asia, work with the dragons to clear clouds of smog and pollution from the air. Place crystals on maps, meditate, chant, drum. Whatever you enjoy doing to focus your energies – do it.

Uplift your self and save the planet.

Keep calm, and carry on.


Unlock your potential, A Channeled Message for 2012 from Eden

Dearest Eden,
What now? It’s a new year! What’s coming, what’s going, what’s up? Thanks and blessings for all you do.

Dear Ones,

Remember that movie you and your kids loved, The Last Mimzy? Just like in the movie, humanity is at a crossroads. In the movie, men from the future send back artificially intelligent dolls to help find and collect DNA from a pure human who has not been polluted. This DNA is needed to unlock the full potential of humanity and represents a cure for the future human civilization, enabling them to achieve a more fulfilling, peaceful world community.

The thing is, you are already there. You are already at that point where humanity is receiving DNA upgrades, where you are ALL unlocking your full potential. It is your world that is dying now, just as a new earth is emerging.

The biggest danger to your evolution at this moment is that too many of you will block your own progress. There is so much fear in your world that when wonderful new things appear you run and cower, scream and hide. Every small  instance of change is automatically perceived and presumed a hindrance, a step backwards, when almost always it is a step forward.

50 percent of the children born in developed countries this year will grow to reach the age of 100. Do you really think this sort of evolution is happening without any accompanying improvements to the body itself? Of course, it is not. Just as your minds are expanding, just as your children are being born with a more intuitive ability to use and understand technology, so are their bodies being born with the ability to withstand all the changes of their environment and their world. As the world changes, so do the generations. So don’t worry so much. Don’t fear so many events. Go with the flow. When you feel discomfort in your body, recognize that MOST of your pain and illness stems from your resistance to the changes in the core of your physical being. See if you can isolate your dis-ease, and then let it go. Recognize that you are shifting your very DNA and cellular makeup to create a new world. As the world changes, your physical body can and IS changing with it. You want to understand new technology? Your brain is rewiring itself at this very moment. You’re afraid of chemicals in your food? Your digestive system has always had the ability to mitigate harmful substances and raise the vibrational quality of your food. This was a fully human ability and power of Christ, something that you all can do. Intend your food to be a healing, ascension building tool, and so it shall be.

Be ready for change. MAKE your own change. Get clear about what you would like to happen, because more and more as you shift into a higher vibrational Earth reality, what you want will occur with less resistance and at a faster pace. In essence, not only is time speeding up, but the delay between thought-creation and thought-manifestation is shortening. Watch what you think about – get rid of those doubtful, negative images in your head or all you shall sow in your life shall be weeds. Surround yourself with positive imagery and feelings to help your earth-gardens grow. Plant your seeds carefully, and use only the best imaginations and visualizations be your fertilizers.

You shall be blessed. It is and always has been so.