Singing Bowls and Viral Frequencies

This message came in from Eden yesterday with a very urgent tone, breaking into the normal work day sounding a lot like one of those emergency broadcasts radio stations send out. While we try to focus here on the positive aspects of ascension, Eden was adamant that we post the message today:

Be alert. Be aware. The government is manipulating the populace with frequency emitters. If you hear a high pitched tone you must shield yourself, check your aura and your silver cord for damage. They are sending out frequencies that improve the health of bad bacteria and viruses. This is what has caused the Wuhan virus. This is what is causing such a virulent flu season in the US. This is why you are sick or with headaches or ear pressure.

Counteract the bad tones with good tones – singing bowls are best for this. Also 10,000 on the RIFE machines, tuning forks, and solfreggio tunes. Play them as much as you can.

We repeat, you are under attack. We repeat, you are under attack.

The government here knows no one will march if everyone is sick. The governments abroad are playing their own games, but they are ALL PLAYING with lives and wellness.

Countermeasures are being taken already to stop them, but you must each heal this on your own, too.

All will be well.
We are with you.