Transformational Services


Maya & Eden perform spiritual balancing work that helps you live a more fulfilled, comfortable life. We all have a hard time practicing self-care — Eden offers you a space where you will be nurtured as you travel towards JOY and BALANCE.

Our healing sessions can be received anytime, anywhere in the world — you do not need to be present, or sleeping, or meditating to receive your healing. They combine Pure Source Energy with Shamanic Journeywork, Distance Reiki Energies, Meditation, Elemental Polarity, the Iris Healing Method™ and Universal Source Balancing techniques. 

Everyone feels differently after a session. It may take minutes or days to feel the effects of the energies you receive. You may feel awakened and energized, or mellow and relaxed. You may experience sudden revelations or synergistic synchronicities in your daily life. Or you might simply experience a better sense of well-being. Everyone integrates source energies in their own way and time. Your soul knows the best way to incorporate and balance the energy in a way that will most benefit your body and mind. Do not worry or rush things. Know that everything you feel is right, and you are on the path to self-healing simply by being here, right now.

We offer both single sessions and “power packs”, subscription bundles that save you time and money*. Wish you could combine our services? Check out our bundled support programs!

with Silver Cord Tightening & Aura Cleansing

Get one of these mini-alignment sessions whenever you are feeling a little under the weather or out of balance. Often, your energy patterning is just slightly out of alignment, interfering with your connection to Source energy. This session will align your chakras and all your energy bodies as well as tighten your silver cord and clear your aura, re-setting your physical and spiritual self so you can flow with the true YOU, walk your path, and ascend.


12-pack subscription for weekly or monthly sessions (you decide).
$250 (valued over $400)

One-year subscription of 52 weekly sessions. $900 (valued over $1800)


Universal 5D Reiki aligns you with your higher mind, with the love of Source, and your full spectrum of light. Open to LOVE, to daily miracles, and get energized and clear. Universal 5D Reiki releases attachments and blockages in your energy fields and helps the body return to its natural, healthy state.


3-month subscription, 1 session per month. $220 (valued at $270)

9-pack subscription for weekly or monthly sessions (you decide).
$650 (valued over $800)


This is a complete energy healing session. You can be anywhere in the world to receive this healing source energy alignment. Fully Align to YOU. Eden works with your energy to clear energetic imbalances and personal dissonance that can effect your experience here on earth. Clear the way to the reality you are wanting and relax into life. Remove blockages, raise your vibration, and get on the path to healing.


3-month subscription, 1 session per month. $250 (valued over $425)

6-month subscription, 1 monthly session PLUS Chakra Balancing, Silver Cord Tightening & Energy Boost. $450 (valued over $1000)


Sometimes the problems we are having at work, home or in our relationships have nothing to do with US. Sometimes the problems stem from unresolved issues from other lifetimes, or even from our ancestors, fears that are encoded in our DNA and our etheric blueprint, the Akash. Maya & Eden can go into your Akash and help clear these issues. Let us know what the problem is, and we’ll find the root cause so you can easily shift your patterns and move joyfully forward with life.



Book a phone session with Maya today! We will email you to set up a convenient time for your reading. You can call with a specific issue in mind, or receive a general reading where the most important information will come through. Readings generally take 30-45 minutes.


3-month subscription, 1 session per month. $110 (valued at $150)


Your pets are important. They mirror and enhance your energies on a daily basis, and show you how to be directly in the flow of source energy. They can’t speak to us, but we can all tell when our animals need a little help getting through a physical or emotional issue. This session can help animals integrate traditional medicinal healings better, or even cross over in a more easy manner.


Have an animal in crisis or preparing to pass over? We will send daily energy alignment boosts for seven days for just $125 (a $245 value)


This session helps cleanse your home or property of heavy energies and negativity. We work with the elements and your own spirit guides and helpful spiritual “cleaners” to realign ley lines and grid patterns around and under your home, and help any present spirits or out-of-place beings move on to the next realm. This sort of work can be particularly helpful in moving stuck, stagnant energy from a property and help with property sales, or just create the peaceful energy you’ve been longing for in your home. Be more comfortable in your own home!


Essential Ascension Support

A Flower Essence Formulation From Earth Lodge
Allow your energy to rise to ascension levels on a clear, easy path. Toxins and shadow programming are gently released. Etheric shields are strengthened. The soul and body are able to embrace each other and be comfortable in this plane of existence. Guidance is received more easily, unconditional love and source energy unfolds with joy. Feel nurtured and at peace, not under attack or uncomfortable. Contains six stellar flower essences with one supporting stone elixir: Crown Vetch, Hot Pink Geranium, Miniature Pink Rose, Miniature Orchid, Meyer Lemon, Zinnia and Kunzite in a water and alcohol solution. 1 ounce bottle, $18

Need extra healing? Have a lot of questions? Join a Support Program and get all the guidance you need for a fraction of the price!

* The balancing and loving energy you will receive is free. What you are paying for is the time that we spend during these sessions, not the energy or information itself.