Questions & Answers

Singing Bowls and Viral Frequencies

This message came in from Eden yesterday with a very urgent tone, breaking into the normal work day sounding a lot like one of those emergency broadcasts radio stations send out. While we try to focus here on the positive aspects of ascension, Eden was adamant that we post the message today:

Be alert. Be aware. The government is manipulating the populace with frequency emitters. If you hear a high pitched tone you must shield yourself, check your aura and your silver cord for damage. They are sending out frequencies that improve the health of bad bacteria and viruses. This is what has caused the Wuhan virus. This is what is causing such a virulent flu season in the US. This is why you are sick or with headaches or ear pressure.

Counteract the bad tones with good tones – singing bowls are best for this. Also 10,000 on the RIFE machines, tuning forks, and solfreggio tunes. Play them as much as you can.

We repeat, you are under attack. We repeat, you are under attack.

The government here knows no one will march if everyone is sick. The governments abroad are playing their own games, but they are ALL PLAYING with lives and wellness.

Countermeasures are being taken already to stop them, but you must each heal this on your own, too.

All will be well.
We are with you.

Anger, Love, and Lyme Disease

Eden, I have neurological issues and anger that are so dissonant with the LOVE I feel for all. How can I resolve these issues? Thanks, R.

Hi R,

First, the neurological issues stem from underlying Lyme and its co-infections (which are really all parts of a whole, on an energetic level). Taking teasel root tincture at 5 drops a day, and cat’s claw tincture at 15 drops a day, until each 2oz. bottle is done, will help clear this out on the carbon, cellular level. (As always, research all medications, even herbal, and consult a health professional before taking anything new. Don’t trust us, do what feels right to you.)

This tick bite happened long ago, more than twenty years. The disease of Lyme is attracted to humans by weak spots in the aura that have been caused by anger and insecurity. That is where it enters, energetically, where it hooks into the auras, and where it must be rooted out. So engaging in activities like ho’oponopono and working on compassion and forgiveness will be beneficial for this on the spiritual level, the effects filtering slowly but surely into the physical in the form of healing.

In your specific case, the anger is deeply connected to feelings of unworthiness of love, or rather, a feeling of in-authenticity in the love you receive sometimes. People around you when you were young taught you that to be loved you must sit still, look presentable, look pretty, smile, be nice and sweet. But that did not fit with what you *knew*, with the grand scope of the love you wanted to share and receive. You knew real love was wild, huge, awesome and fierce. A pretty bow in the hair did not make you more worthy of love. Joy and truth and authenticity did. This is where your anger began. Anger at the un-truth of the teachings around you. Anger at the limitations put upon your body and heart. Anger at having to contain and leash the vast wild unconditional love you held within you, love you had brought with you from source, love you were meant to share.

So now, we have begun the work. We have worked on you in the chambers of light and sound in the etheric realms, and cracked this shell that has caged you. The shell of false fears which have contained you — from loving as you would, from traveling as you would, from dreaming as you would. When you have integrated your worthiness, when you know that YOU are the love you seek, then your anger will be only the anger of the righteous, or the archangels, the anger they feel when they see aspects of source who do not believe they are worthy of that source love. And it will only be expressed in the right ways for it will only and always be LOVE at its core.

For now, though, do not fear your anger. You will surely feel more of it as the weeks wear on — as you process your grief, and as you release these akashic issues. Allow the anger up and out, however it comes and flows and shows.

You do not have to try to be perfect — because you ARE perfect. You are the all, and the all is in you. So express yourself. Do not consider emotions to be worthy or unworthy. Release your fears and face the depth of your anger. Get creative. Smear your body with mud and paint if you need to. Get wild if you need to. Dance and wail if you need to.

You are the all.
And all is with you.
Blessings ~ Eden

Tween Moods Swings

Dear Eden, I am concerned about my tween. Her moods are difficult and her weight has increased suddenly. What is going on? How can I help her? I have made her a chiropractic visit for next week, that helped my first child so much. But is it enough? I worry sometimes that our relationhip will be troubled as we age and I don’t want that. I miss my happy girl who was always excited to do things. What do I do? Feeling Sad, J.

Dear Heart,

Be you. You know what to do. Continue to go on as you have. Try not to be triggered by your child but just SHOW her how to be at ease and at peace. Be unruffled. Her problems are NOT your problems.

Your daughter is gaining weight because she feels insecure and unsafe, mostly at school. This will change over the coming months, and the weight will come back off. Trim her hair and make it pretty every day, that will help her feel better. Get up earlier and take the time to make her feel good. That will help. The rushing in the morning is not healthy for her, she needs a slower pace to start the day. Get up a half hour earlier.

Just be. Let her swirl around you and let the worries go.

All is well.
You are blessed ~ Eden

An update: Thank you Eden! It’s been three weeks and the change in her has been dramatic. She has begun to shed the extra weight and is behaving much more rationally and pleasantly. Her smile is back!! What a relief it is to see her shift back to her center so easily. All my thanks, J.

Empath Problems & Politics

Dear Eden,
I feel terrible. Empathing so hard and everyone seems to be in the same boat and getting sick – again and again this month. I’m tired of it, tired of this empath program and now the impeachment process, which feels so partisan, instead of being conducted fairly and with decorum, it feels like a betrayal of the American people and our constitution. Please, tell me it gets better. No, just tell me the truth. What is up and coming our way? How can I feel better, do better? B.

Dear one,
The politics you see playing out is but a symptom of the corruption and misogyny in your world. And it’s there for all to see now – so many of you want it to end, and so as there is a majority who feels that way, it shall. The trial will be hit with a large bombshell of truth over the weekend, something will come out that NO ONE can overlook. Watch and wait. EXPECT the truth. This will take down all who have been party to the corruption of your systems. They will all be linked complicitly, including the senators who defend the corruption the most.

Watch and see.
So instead of empathing and feeling terrible things, EXPECT and feel joyous, for all will be well.
Your world has already shifted, and everybody is adapting and catching up. It’s a process.
All will be well for ALL IS well.


The ABCs of Living on the New Earth – A Channeled Message from Eden for 2020

As we move into the New Year, there is a buzz to the ethers, a lightness among hearts that has been lacking for some time. There has been a tremendous amount of shifting over the last year, as many of you have felt and seen. We counseled you in 2018 not to get sucked into the dramas and anger that would unfold throughout 2019. How did you do? Were you able to stay grounded, stay clear? We know it has been heavy, dense work, moving out of the old karmic boundaries and into the lighter dimensions. You have seen the timelines ripple and shift, predicted outcomes change in the blink of the eye.

So. What now? How do you greet this New Year, this new you?

We have counseled you so many times over past years to stay in a vibration of joy, to look at yourselves with love in your hearts and connect to the ALL of source so that you can reach for a better you. That has not changed. What has changed is that it is no longer a question of reaching, but a matter of allowing. Your crystalline body is here. A life unfettered by karmic tethers is ready for you. You’ve caught glimpses of it, we know you have. So why does it still feel so hard sometimes?

Many bodies are resisting the full release of carbon-based karmic programming. Eons of being worn down by the demands of living have made them distrustful, even of Source. Even of a life blessed by limitless potential. Your bodies have grown to expect pain. They anticipate betrayal and abuse. It is time to lift them up and let them know that expectations have changed and how they are now expected – allowed – to behave in this new timeline. Only then will the body allow itself to shift fully along with the soul here on the New Earth.

In order to do this, you need to build a new relationship with your crystalline aspects. Talk to your bodies every day. Let them know that they can heal. Tell your cells that you expect them to release and correct distorted programming. That the time for bondage to karmic patterning has ceased.

This is a new world, and it is time to claim your new bodies.

Claim your higher level of physical incarnation each day by saying your ABCs, the new alphabet for the New Earth: Activate, Align, Balance, Clear, Connect, and Stabilize the all the chakras and the aura. Tighten and stabilize your silver cord, anchoring your intention to be here in the physical, to live life joyfully and fully, here and now, in your crystalline body.

You’ve earned that right.
Claim it.
Claim your joy. Claim a life free of karmic bondage. It’s time to move forward and leave all your baggage behind.

What else can we tell you about the New Year? Like each of the last several years, there will be a lot of big changes. This year will be different though, because you’re there: you’re on the New Earth. You’ve made it. There’s still a lot of bleed through and merging of timelines going on, but for the most part things are settling down. Things are going to get better and better. There will be a general feeling of peace and calm that had been missing from the geo-political scene in recent years, and Gaia herself will start to restabilize, to get comfortable with herself, just as you are. Remember, what you do for yourself, you do for the world. When you say your ABCs, you are stabilizing the Earth and all of mass consciousness, not just your own body. This is especially true for the empaths out there – it is time to stop taking on the pain of the world, and to start handing out joy instead. The flow has shifted – instead of taking it all in, you will now begin handing it out. Not in an energetic sense, we would never counsel souls to give out their own energy, but through your natural gift of compassion, you will be lifting up the entirety of mass consciousness, instead of getting bogged down in the trenches.

You’ve gone to the mat. You’ve done the work. Now, it’s time to enjoy what you’ve created. The New Earth is still in its infancy, so you need to anchor that energy, stabilize your connection to source to help keep things vibrating on the highest levels, but you’ve done it.

You’re here.
It’s a new decade for a new you.
Enjoy the year. You’ve earned it.

Blessings ~ Eden