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The ABCs of Living on the New Earth – A Channeled Message from Eden for 2020

As we move into the New Year, there is a buzz to the ethers, a lightness among hearts that has been lacking for some time. There has been a tremendous amount of shifting over the last year, as many of you have felt and seen. We counseled you in 2018 not to get sucked into the dramas and anger that would unfold throughout 2019. How did you do? Were you able to stay grounded, stay clear? We know it has been heavy, dense work, moving out of the old karmic boundaries and into the lighter dimensions. You have seen the timelines ripple and shift, predicted outcomes change in the blink of the eye.

So. What now? How do you greet this New Year, this new you?

We have counseled you so many times over past years to stay in a vibration of joy, to look at yourselves with love in your hearts and connect to the ALL of source so that you can reach for a better you. That has not changed. What has changed is that it is no longer a question of reaching, but a matter of allowing. Your crystalline body is here. A life unfettered by karmic tethers is ready for you. You’ve caught glimpses of it, we know you have. So why does it still feel so hard sometimes?

Many bodies are resisting the full release of carbon-based karmic programming. Eons of being worn down by the demands of living have made them distrustful, even of Source. Even of a life blessed by limitless potential. Your bodies have grown to expect pain. They anticipate betrayal and abuse. It is time to lift them up and let them know that expectations have changed and how they are now expected – allowed – to behave in this new timeline. Only then will the body allow itself to shift fully along with the soul here on the New Earth.

In order to do this, you need to build a new relationship with your crystalline aspects. Talk to your bodies every day. Let them know that they can heal. Tell your cells that you expect them to release and correct distorted programming. That the time for bondage to karmic patterning has ceased.

This is a new world, and it is time to claim your new bodies.

Claim your higher level of physical incarnation each day by saying your ABCs, the new alphabet for the New Earth: Activate, Align, Balance, Clear, Connect, and Stabilize the all the chakras and the aura. Tighten and stabilize your silver cord, anchoring your intention to be here in the physical, to live life joyfully and fully, here and now, in your crystalline body.

You’ve earned that right.
Claim it.
Claim your joy. Claim a life free of karmic bondage. It’s time to move forward and leave all your baggage behind.

What else can we tell you about the New Year? Like each of the last several years, there will be a lot of big changes. This year will be different though, because you’re there: you’re on the New Earth. You’ve made it. There’s still a lot of bleed through and merging of timelines going on, but for the most part things are settling down. Things are going to get better and better. There will be a general feeling of peace and calm that had been missing from the geo-political scene in recent years, and Gaia herself will start to restabilize, to get comfortable with herself, just as you are. Remember, what you do for yourself, you do for the world. When you say your ABCs, you are stabilizing the Earth and all of mass consciousness, not just your own body. This is especially true for the empaths out there – it is time to stop taking on the pain of the world, and to start handing out joy instead. The flow has shifted – instead of taking it all in, you will now begin handing it out. Not in an energetic sense, we would never counsel souls to give out their own energy, but through your natural gift of compassion, you will be lifting up the entirety of mass consciousness, instead of getting bogged down in the trenches.

You’ve gone to the mat. You’ve done the work. Now, it’s time to enjoy what you’ve created. The New Earth is still in its infancy, so you need to anchor that energy, stabilize your connection to source to help keep things vibrating on the highest levels, but you’ve done it.

You’re here.
It’s a new decade for a new you.
Enjoy the year. You’ve earned it.

Blessings ~ Eden

Shedding Cellular Karma – Channeled Reading from Eden for October and November

Dear Eden, I’ve been getting all kinds of aches and pains this week. I’m nervous and my digestion is off. When I go out, everyone is acting a bit crazy, too, speeding in their cars, getting mad at shop clerks, arguing over little things. What is going on? Thanks, E.

For the last few weeks physical bodies on Earth have been intensely shedding their own attachments to their past karmas, particularly the bodies of lightworkers which always experience everything faster, harder, brighter as part of their old empathic programming on Earth. But now, the bodies are shedding this old program and reaching for a new paradigm. The crystalline body is here, overlapped cellularly with the old carbon-based skin that kept you tied to your karma, collected it from life to life in the form of an elemental aspect of your being. It is like another piece of your soul, this body elemental, a piece which has accompanied you from lifetime to lifetime, separate yet not. It is the body elemental that has held on to your karmic and genetic baggage, never forgetting each time the soul and mind has betrayed the body, never forgetting the pain and suffering. Now, the soul is holding the door open for the body elemental – and the current body itself – to step into 5D, 6D, and up. But the body elementals want to revisit all their pain and suffering before they let it go. So you are feeling ALL the places in your body where you have held trauma. This life. Last life. All lives. Aches and pains are arising from out of nowhere, digestive issues are cropping up, headaches, anxiety, palpitations.

Ingest gentle nutritive supplements and foods to support the body in its shift. Use your flower essences hourly. By the minute, if need be. Center yourself. Do your ABCs (activate, align, balance, clear, connect, stabilize). Get some sunlight on your skin. Be at peace, for this too will pass and things will settle down soon. Don’t pay too much attention to how crazed the rest of the world is, because they too are going through the same shi(f)t and this is what needs to happen.

All will be well.
Cut your cords. Stabilise your aura.
All is well.
You are blessed.

Timeline Updates – Where We’re Headed and Where We Could Have Been

What can and should we do to help the country shift to a most positive present and future. How do we help the government work better for the people? How do we decrease gun violence? How do we foster a better community? How do we help the environment? Should we work to shift the timeline? Should we simply shift ourselves into a nicer timeline? Or are we already in the best timeline? Answers please. Namaste, R. & L.

Dear Ones,

You are not currently in the most positive timeline, but you are not in a terrible one either. Things could be much much worse, and only a little bit better. Yes, there is a timeline where Bernie Sanders is already president (see what we did there?) but he does not have the democratic congress to work with there so the changes are not much different from where you are now. There is less gun violence and better EPA regulations, but the healthcare reform and other new ideas are still on the back burner and it is not clear that he will win a second term – but republicans running against him are more middle of the road, more like Bush. In fact, a Bush may well win the next term there. SO. You are here. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? Extreme events lead to extreme change and we tell you that your changes that you want ARE COMING. Not as fast as you want, but fast nonetheless.

By Christmas there will be very strict gun laws. Things are going to come out about the NRA that no one foresaw, things that destroy them as a lobby and will have the GOP tripping over themselves in a rush to distance themselves from the stain. Mitch McConnell is going to resign. Trump is going to disappear from the news for a while – health issues will make him quiet – and when he returns the end of his reign will be quiet and less inflammatory. That will make the democrats be heard in a better light, since they will be able to simply BE and not be defending or reacting all the time, and they will win. Moderate Republicans will come out of the woodwork, and true bipartisanship will emerge in the next cycle. Obama will join the cabinet of the next president in a move that has never been seen before. All the democratic nominees will work together in ways that have never been seen before. Even Marianne Williamson will be there. This will be true group work.

SO. What should you do? Stay calm. Stay aligned. Call out the lies where you see them and let all else slide. Connect your heart to your soul star chakra every day. Trust. Eat well. Sleep better – longer! You need more time in bed to recharge, turn off your phones earlier in the evening. Don’t worry about the earth, we’ve told you that before. Things will settle down soon enough and she – you all – will recover.

All IS well. You know that.
Blessings ~ Eden

The Coming Harvest, an August Conversation with Eden

Dear Eden,

Over the last few weeks I feel like I’m treading water. It’s hard to get motivated to work and although the summer has been beautiful I just can’t get excited about it. There have been terrible shootings and murders, and tensions are running so high. What’s going on with me, specifically, and the world in general? I want to help the world get better, but how?

Thanks, B.

Dear B.,

You are the light. You ARE the light. And shining can be hard, sometimes, we see that. What you are feeling is the tunneling down into oneself, the centering and grounding, before an explosion of power and light unfolds. This will be good. You will be okay. Your loved ones will be okay. More than okay. The world is shifting, you are right. To the light, to equality and a healthier environment and better laws. You fear that is not true and we tell you it is so. It is so. So keep tunneling down into your power. Keep building up that light within and clarifying your beliefs and what you want because you are a hairsbreadth away from receiving it all and becoming it all.

Enjoy the quiet time, for it will not last. Relax, for soon it will be time to dance. Enjoy this time of ripening, of readying, for soon the harvest will be here.

All is well. You are blessed.

Blessings ~ Eden

You Do You – How the New Dimension is about Inspired Joy

Dear Eden,
I’ve just reconnected with an old flame. I won’t be able to see him again for a couple months because of work commitments. Will I see him after that, will we rekindle our relationship? I’m ready, but I’m not sure he is. How should I proceed while I am away?
Hopeful but nervous, G.

Dearest G,

You have a connection that is as old as time and has the potential now to manifest in a variety of ways and your souls will always know one another. The question is now, what to do with that connection?

For the time being, the best advice we can give you is to proceed as you were the day before. You do you. Forget about what just happened. The past, even this recent event, is the past. The future is unwritten. Each day changes and there is no playbook anymore on earth – this is part of the new dimension you are living in! All bets are off. Karmic ties are over, in the grand sense and scheme of things. This means that any and all karmic issues being played out now on earth are part of the OLD PROGRAMMING – holdovers from the old ways, but no longer actually holding any real sway or connection over your path now. You can do whatever you want. Be whatever you want.

Your old flame is still figuring this out. He carries old baggage from old destinations that he no longer needs, yet can’t quite figure out where to drop off. Your connection is not old baggage, but because it feels familiar and easy, you are a tempting place for him to play with the idea of “unloading”. But your space is sacred, an extension of your energy. Do not allow this sort of energy to clutter up your space. Keep it clean. Keep it sacred. Keep it true to you. When you see him again, keep it clear. When you’re apart, keep it clear. This is part of what we mean by you do you.

Males on your planet sometimes have a harder time shifting and shedding (no surprise, since your bodies as women train you to shift and shed from a young age), and so it can be harder for them to release their hold on the old karma, on the non-crystalline vibrations of fear, abandonment, anger, loss, and discomfort. You can see this playing out on a grand scheme in workshops, in your country and throughout the world. Women are leading the way. They aren’t afraid to say what needs to be said and are calling out the old ways wherever they see them. Of course, it is hardest to apply this crystalline vision to one’s own life and perceptions, which is why “doing you” can be the hardest thing of all.

But you are there. You know how to do this.

You had a wonderful special re-connection with a beloved soul. Take that joy and move forward through the coming days with a sense of freedom and joyful abandon, knowing that all things are beautiful, all things are wonder-full, and all things are GOOD. When you connect again with his flame, share the wonder you are experiencing, keep it light and keep the attention on the beauty of life. This will keep his own attention where it needs to be, making it easier for him to leave his baggage elsewhere, so full of wonder that he doesn’t even notice he’s finally left it behind.

It is time for all humans not just to have okay days, or even good days, but more days of inspired joy than anything else. Inspired joy in the everyday, in the mundane, in the fathomless beauty of the “ordinary” for the ordinary is source and source is the perfection of being and YOU are the perfection of being and one with source and one with all and one with joy.

You do you. You do Source.

Be the source.

You are blessed.