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HOW to ASCEND – Advice for May 2019 and the Summer Months

This Spring has seen a massive uptick in your planet in available LIGHT frequencies. So much so, that the collective consciousness has chosen to activate the kundalini energy, unleashing the fire from the heart of the feminine (did you watch the cathedral burn? did it shatter your hearts and bring up old pain? this is preparing you for the rising.)

Throughout the next four months, your kundalinis will wake and rise with a clarity and heat few have experienced before. Some of you will revel in sexual pleasures, others will feel the itch to dance, run, walk. Still others will feel creative urges. All will experience a heart opening. You will care more deeply about your causes. You will struggle with the heightened energies as your souls learn how to stay in balance while you walk through fire.

There is only one thing you must learn to do, but we warn it will not be easy.

You must learn to stay in balance. If you are angered, you are not in balance. If you are sad, you are not in balance. If you are hurt, you are not in balance. Each emotional offset will illuminate the dissonance within your chakras, dissonance that must be harmonized before your kundalini can run properly. Before your heart chakras can fully burst open. Before the positive changes you all yearn for can be unveiled.

You stand on the other side of the curtain from a world of beauty and freedom, a world of improved health, environment, love and joy. If you were to pull the curtain aside now, the dissonance within you would blow you to pieces. First, you must align.

So there will be some very tough days for you now. Tears. Harsh words. Do not wallow in disappointment or grief or shock – look at why you feel wounded. Trace the dissonance back to its point of origin and RESET THE VIBRATION to the new higher frequency. Sing. Tone. Dance. Balance your chakras and the five elements. Clear your signals.

You can do this.

You’ve got this.

You will see real, meaningful changes by the fall and All Souls Day will mark the end of this large upgrade, giving you all some rest through the winter months so that you can enjoy the new dimensional reality you’ve birthed (before the next big upgrade begins!)

You are collectively releasing reams of karma into the flames of kundalini. Watch it burn and rejoice, for the real show is about to begin.

You are loved, and you are blessed.

Blessings ~ Eden

PS: Remember to practice your ABCs every day!

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Finding Space to Shift – Raise Your Vibration by Changing Your View, Literally

Dear Eden, I woke up this morning far from home on a work trip, and for the first time since I received bad news a month ago, I felt a significant easing on my heart. Has something shifted? Love, K.


You are experiencing a shift into your most natural state of being-ness. Your vibration is back where it naturally resides, because you have removed yourself from the external factors that were pulling your aura out of shape, lowering your vibration. Now, in a neutral environment, you can again feel how it is you are really ARE. Sometimes, moving the body to a different environment allows the mind and emotions to reset itself and the vibration to naturally align with soul, connecting more easily to source.

Why? Because when you are in a new location you stop experiencing what you expect, and instead begin to seek your highest vibration – the path of greatest ease, the experiences of most joy. When you are in a home environment, you settle with what you are used to, thinking within the box, so to speak. While one can not run from one’s troubles, sometimes a temporary shift in location is just what you need to trigger a different point of view.

We are glad that you have experienced this shift upwards. Things will only get better from here. Do not be surprised if loved ones also experiences their own shift “up” as well. A shift up for one propels entire soul groups forward, upward. A shift for one can shift the entire planet to nirvana, if it’s done right. This is why you must never despair, for yourself, for humanity, for the earth.

Miracles happen every day with ease, it only takes one.

You are well.

You are blessed.

You are one with all and all is one with you.



Thinning Veils and Crossing the Realms, A Message from Eden for the New Year 2019

Dear Eden, Your last message spoke about the thinning of the veils. How can I learn to cross dimensions? I’d love to figure this out this year. Speaking of which, how does 2019 look for us all? Thanks, P.

Dearest P.,

The coming year looks good! There is uncertainty in many people’s faces, and it is not for you to reassure them, nor should you take on their fear or uncertainty. Know that all WILL be okay. The world shall right itself. The light shall prevail. It simply takes time. The pot is simmering, sometimes under pressure, but simmering, and all will be well. All will get better. All shall be blessed, and joyous.

As to the realms… Ah, but it is not for us to tell you how to cross the realms. It is not something we can teach you – it is an experience that needs to be had. That is the only way for you to produce the desired effects. But we CAN give you the first steps: to sit in the light, gaze at the light. Bask in the sun and connect with the photons streaming through you – photons which exist not just here, but there, and there, and here, and there. Practice feeling the light on your skin, the photons flowing through you.

Gradually, you will become more sensitive to the photons here and there and everywhere. You will feel yourself here, and you will feel yourself there, and then you will see the there while you are here, and eventually, you will also BE the there while you are here, and be the here while you are there. Yes, we know that sounds crazy, but there it is!

When you hear a noise, practice discerning where that noise came from. Was it the here? Or the there? When you see movement around you, is it from the here? Or the there? When you feel suddenly uplifted, is it because of a song you hear in the now, the beauty that surrounds you in the here? Or are you joyous because you are crossing through a high-energy photonic bridge in the there as you drive your car down the thoroughfare here?

Watch the light. Feel the light. Practice discerning. Expand your senses and your be-ing and you will begin to touch the there, right here, right now.

What else do you need to know for 2019? Eat more carefully – extend your senses to your food – bring the best aspects of the there into your platters. Connect with the aspects of your food that are still connected to other planes of existence, planes where pesticides do not exist, where nutrients are dense and healthful in the soils, where food is happy and good for you. This will work best with foods that are more vital and lively. Pick the foods that appeal to you, the naturally colorful and appealing. Those are the ones. The ones which bring you joy.

As always, sing and dance. Be joyful. Be in the light, be of the light, and you will be at peace.

All is well.


Full Disclosure, Inter-dimensionality and a Thinning of the Veils – A Message from Eden for December 2018

So many of you have been asking for full disclosure – well, it’s coming, though perhaps not in the way you were expecting. The veil between dimensions is thinning. You will hear talk about portals, vortexes, ley lines, visitations – but in reality, everything is just where it always was, but now you will be catching more and more glimpses of the other layers of reality that have always been there. Other beings you didn’t realize were living with you, side by side. Other timelines you had no idea existed. First, you will catch glimpses from the corner of your eye. Then, you will be able to interact – small-ly at first, so that you can learn to choose what you want to allow in your personal reality and what you don’t. And then, you will be able to transfer into other timelines, or pull in aspects you want to experience. This will affect your layer of reality only, not the global consciousness, unless it is something set for the highest good of all.

What does that mean? It means you should practice discernment, learn to ask yourself if something comes from a place of light and is meant for your highest good. Learn to reach for your highest good and you will improve the entire condition of the world. Everything you do ripples outward. Everything you do has the potential to heal humanity. Conversely, if you feel discomfort with a new dimensional aspect, if it does not feel uplifting or positive, move it through and out of your experience. Remember that you hold full dominion over your reality and that nothing may enter your presence WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Remember that nothing holds power over you but your own self. Whatever does not resonate, move it into the light and claim dominion over your own space. Sage alone is not enough. You must employ the light and use your intention and your will.

This is how you welcome the light of source into your life.

This is how you open to the universe and experience the fully of reality.

Align with your higher self and you will be able to discern that which if of the light, love and your highest good.

Align, and all will be well.

You are well.

You are loved.

This is the month of love – open your heart and let it in!

Blessings ~ Eden

Co-Creating with the Fae, A message from Eden about the Environment

Dear Eden, Do you have any words of encouragement? A young deer I tried to help last weekend with apples, I found her curled up on the exterior wall of my bedroom, nestled close to the house where she must have died. I am feeling quite full of emotion. Hugs, T.

Dear Heart,
We know that as a physical being it is difficult not to mourn when another being leaves its body. But we want you to know that the young deer did not come to you as a sign of sadness, but as hope. She was born only to experience this realm for a short time. She was no physical being, but a fae spirit wanting to see what this world was like. She wondered if humans really deserved the help of her people, and had made a vow to only be in a body for so long as it took  to confirmation of humanity’s goodness. YOU, deer one, provided that confirmation. Now she has returned to her own community, and she will speak on humanity’s behalf. The fae in her area of the world – California, a place hotter and drier than yours, a place that needs the help of water fae to keep it alive and healthy – will now come together, because of her words and what she has seen, and they will begin co-creating a better environment both with and for humans. They will now feel more positive about doing so, whereas before their efforts were a bit half-hearted. They have seen and felt the environmental work going on and were not sure if they should support  it, as they were not sure about any human’s motives and if it was worth it. Now they KNOW. You will have support. The environment will have support. Word of this will ripple throughout the fae communities and co-creating will become easier still for humans wanting to work with the environment. She chose to die near you because she wanted you to know that you have her at your back, you have her support. And also that if there is anything you DO need help with environmentall, to intend to work on it before you sleep, and that she will work with you in the astral realm to provide an energy boost to your manifestation process. This is, indeed, a crucial second step to co-creating with the fae, the nature devas – first you make an appeal, outdoors is best. Second, you make an offering, showing your word is your bond. Finally, you work together in the astral to co-create your vision.

You are loved.