LOVE and Universal 5D Reiki

We are excited to introduce Universal 5D Reiki services, sending love and light across any distance direct to YOU. We now offer single sessions and value packs, as well as a special new 12-week support program: LOVING.

Universal 5D Reiki aligns you with your higher mind, with the love of Source, and your full spectrum of light. Open to LOVE, to daily miracles, and get energized and clear. Universal 5D Reiki releases attachments and blockages in your energy fields and helps the body return to its natural, healthy state.


3-month subscription, 1 session per month. $220 (valued at $270)

9-pack subscription for weekly or monthly sessions (you decide).
$650 (valued over $800)

LOVING -This 12-week program is a high energy boost that aligns you with the love of Source and your FULL spectrum of light. Get ready to open to real LOVE, recognize daily miracles, and reach optimum levels of energy and health.

Your 12- week LOVING experience includes:

  • 12 Weekly Universal 5D Reiki Sessions 
  • 12 Weekly Readings answering up to 2 questions per week

Your Cost – $995.00 (valued over $1450)