HOW to ASCEND – Advice for May 2019 and the Summer Months

This Spring has seen a massive uptick in your planet in available LIGHT frequencies. So much so, that the collective consciousness has chosen to activate the kundalini energy, unleashing the fire from the heart of the feminine (did you watch the cathedral burn? did it shatter your hearts and bring up old pain? this is preparing you for the rising.)

Throughout the next four months, your kundalinis will wake and rise with a clarity and heat few have experienced before. Some of you will revel in sexual pleasures, others will feel the itch to dance, run, walk. Still others will feel creative urges. All will experience a heart opening. You will care more deeply about your causes. You will struggle with the heightened energies as your souls learn how to stay in balance while you walk through fire.

There is only one thing you must learn to do, but we warn it will not be easy.

You must learn to stay in balance. If you are angered, you are not in balance. If you are sad, you are not in balance. If you are hurt, you are not in balance. Each emotional offset will illuminate the dissonance within your chakras, dissonance that must be harmonized before your kundalini can run properly. Before your heart chakras can fully burst open. Before the positive changes you all yearn for can be unveiled.

You stand on the other side of the curtain from a world of beauty and freedom, a world of improved health, environment, love and joy. If you were to pull the curtain aside now, the dissonance within you would blow you to pieces. First, you must align.

So there will be some very tough days for you now. Tears. Harsh words. Do not wallow in disappointment or grief or shock – look at why you feel wounded. Trace the dissonance back to its point of origin and RESET THE VIBRATION to the new higher frequency. Sing. Tone. Dance. Balance your chakras and the five elements. Clear your signals.

You can do this.

You’ve got this.

You will see real, meaningful changes by the fall and All Souls Day will mark the end of this large upgrade, giving you all some rest through the winter months so that you can enjoy the new dimensional reality you’ve birthed (before the next big upgrade begins!)

You are collectively releasing reams of karma into the flames of kundalini. Watch it burn and rejoice, for the real show is about to begin.

You are loved, and you are blessed.

Blessings ~ Eden

PS: Remember to practice your ABCs every day!

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