Healing with the 5th Dimension

What does healing look like from the 5D perspective?
No guilt, no karma, no blame.
Love unlocks the door, the key to undoing all suffering.

Judgment and karma are but two sides of one coin, neither of which exist in truth. In the 3D and 4D realities, judgment facilitates the idea that one is separate from one another, and encourages the collection of guilt and shame and fear and anger and blame and in other words karma. This is why so many are releasing karmic burdens and deep issues now so that the world may shift upwards into the 5th dimension. For so long, your people have looked forward to the Age of Aquarius, never guessing that this was what it is really all about. It has been a long time coming, and the transition may feel slow and painful but we tell you that it is really going quite fast! As you learn to tap into the loving energies of Universal 5D Reiki, things will become even easier.

A 5D planet does not look so very different from your 3D planet, but it feels very different. There is more comfort and joy, more relaxation and very much less worry. There is much forgiveness and ease, and little blame and judgment. It is an easier world for all to succeed in, for everyone in 5D wants to help everyone else succeed. Your planet has been evolving toward 5D, very quickly lately, and yes there are some who still hold tight to the drama and excitement of 3D, for survival can SEEM exciting, can’t it, by a race which confuses excitement with terror – but it will not last forever – it cannot. The 3D world is fading, a dream held on to by fewer and fewer every year, month, day. As souls help the world transition, some will not stay to see 5D, for they only came here to help with the shift. Others will be reborn in 5D. And some of you will simply shift effortlessly into the new world, shifting timelines along with the planet. You already have one foot over the threshold. Breathe, and know that you are GOD, you are GOOD, you are divine and all is WELL.

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