Empath Problems & Politics

Dear Eden,
I feel terrible. Empathing so hard and everyone seems to be in the same boat and getting sick ā€“ again and again this month. Iā€™m tired of it, tired of this empath program and now the impeachment process, which feels so partisan, instead of being conducted fairly and with decorum, it feels like a betrayal of the American people and our constitution. Please, tell me it gets better. No, just tell me the truth. What is up and coming our way? How can I feel better, do better? B.

Dear one,
The politics you see playing out is but a symptom of the corruption and misogyny in your world. And it’s there for all to see now ā€“ so many of you want it to end, and so as there is a majority who feels that way, it shall. The trial will be hit with a large bombshell of truth over the weekend, something will come out that NO ONE can overlook. Watch and wait. EXPECT the truth. This will take down all who have been party to the corruption of your systems. They will all be linked complicitly, including the senators who defend the corruption the most.

Watch and see.
So instead of empathing and feeling terrible things, EXPECT and feel joyous, for all will be well.
Your world has already shifted, and everybody is adapting and catching up. It’s a process.
All will be well for ALL IS well.