Shine, Stabilize, Release, Love, Evolve, Transform, Ascend

Transitioning into a soul-centered lifestyle and embodying our dreams isn’t always easy.  Sometimes, we need extra love and support. During these times, it’s more important than ever to stay energetically aligned with our higher self and practice self-care.

With this in mind, we offer six customized support programs designed to help you maintain high levels of energy and move through life comfortably. Ascending, Transforming, Evolving, Loving, Releasing, Stabilizing, Shining: Life on earth is busy and exciting, and sometimes hard! Each of our program bundles combine Eden’s most powerful services for a fraction of the price to offer you all the help you need.

Become who you were meant to be and live a life of joy!  

SHINING – Maintain a higher vibration no matter what life throws at you and get the advice you need to shine your brightest.

Your 3-month Shining experience includes:

  • 12 Weekly Chakra Alignments with Silver Cord Tightening & Energy Boost
  • 3 Monthly Readings answering up to 5 questions per month

Your Cost – $495.00 (valued over $840)

STABILIZING – Sometimes all you need is a little extra support. You know what you’re doing and your progress is on track, but it’s nice to know someone has your back. That’s where we come in.

Your 6-month STABILIZING experience includes:

  • 6 monthly Full Source Energy Alignment & Balancing Sessions
  • 6 Monthly Energy Boosts with Chakra Balancing & Cord Tightening

Your Cost – $695 (valued over $1000)

RELEASING -This 6-week program is a spiritual deep cleanse that will help you break through obstacles and kickstart your life. Try it and see how your life shifts in just that short time.

Your 6- week RELEASING experience includes:

  • Akashic Sessions to Clear Issues and Retrieve Lost Soul Pieces (week 1 & week 4)
  • Source Energy Alignment and Distance Balancing Session (week 1)
  • 6 Weekly Readings answering up to 3 questions per week
  • 6 Weekly Chakra Alignments

Your Cost – $795.00 (valued over $1100)

LOVING -This 12-week program is a high energy boost that aligns you with the love of Source and your FULL spectrum of light. Get ready to open to real LOVE, recognize daily miracles, and reach optimum levels of energy and health.

Your 12- week LOVING experience includes:

  • 12 Weekly 5D Universal Reiki Sessions 
  • 12 Weekly Readings answering up to 2 questions per week

Your Cost – $995.00 (valued over $1450)

EVOLVING – This 4-month program provides monthly counseling and significantly boosts your energetic connection to Source to help you release past life and karmic issues so you can level up.

Your 4-month EVOLVING experience includes:

  • 4 Monthly Source Energy Alignment and Distance Balancing Sessions
  • 4 Monthly Akashic Sessions to Clear Issues and Retrieve Lost Soul Pieces
  • 4 Monthly Readings to answer up to five questions each month

Your Cost – $1100.00 (valued over $1525)

TRANSFORMING – This 6-month program works supports you closely with weekly counseling and energy alignments, and helps resolve karmic issues and lets you move forward into the life you are wanting.

Your 6-month TRANSFORMING experience includes:

  • Weekly Readings answering up to 2 questions per week
  • Weekly Chakra Alignments
  • Akashic Sessions to Clear Issues and Retrieve Lost Soul Pieces (Months 2, 4 and 6)

Your Cost – $1600.00 (valued over $2800)

ASCENDING – The Cadillac of our ascension programs, this 6-month intensive goes deep: boosting your vibration as high as it can go, keeping your energy aligned on a weekly basis, releasing past life and karmic issues, answering your deepest questions, and allowing you to stay in full energetic alignment with your truest self, source, and all its glory.

Your 6-month ASCENDING experience includes:

  • 6 monthly Source Energy Alignment and Distance Balancing Sessions
  • 6 monthly Akashic Sessions to Clear Issues and Retrieve Lost Soul Pieces
  • Weekly Readings answering up to 3 questions per week
  • Weekly Chakra Alignments

Your Cost – $2800.00 (valued at over $4900)

Essential Ascension Support

A Flower Essence Formulation from our partners at Earth Lodge
Allow your energy to rise to ascension levels on a clear, easy path. Toxins and shadow programming are gently released. Etheric shields are strengthened. The soul and body are able to embrace each other and be comfortable in this plane of existence. Guidance is received more easily, unconditional love and source energy unfolds with joy. Feel nurtured and at peace, not under attack or uncomfortable. Contains six stellar flower essences with one supporting stone elixir: Crown Vetch, Hot Pink Geranium, Miniature Pink Rose, Miniature Orchid, Meyer Lemon, Zinnia and Kunzite in a water and alcohol solution. 1 ounce bottle, $18