How can we break through to the life we are wanting?

You are not who you were. Life has changed. You have grown. Let go of who you think you are. Stop believing your story. For you are both less and more than what you believe. Loosen the hold of your beliefs upon your self. It is time to be just be. 

Don’t do the same thing every day. Avoid routine for a while. Try to do something new at least every other day. Even it’s something small and trivial, do something new. We want you to open your mind and state of being. New things will help you to break away from your mind, and then you will able to break away from your current state of be-ing. 
Push less for what you are wanting, and you will receive more. If you can do this, you will see that your interactions with the world, with people, will be much easier. Your relationships will be more true. Your life will flow more smoothly. Everything will be less of an effort, and more of a joyful experience.
You have a joyful life waiting for you. It is being held in escrow for you right now, and it’s there, we promise it is. All you need to do is open your hand to receive. You must open your hands and let go, or you can’t catch it. You must let go of your ego, of who you think you are, who you think you need to be, and stop searching for things to make you happy. Things won’t make you happy. Love will. Life will. Your heart will. Forget who you think you have been, who you think you have become. Just be you. 
It is time to let your higher self IN to your life, so that you can become a fully integrated being. Only then can you truly do what you have wanted. Only then can you truly be happy. Only THEN can you truly move to a higher plane of being. It is the next step in your evolution, and it is crucial.
If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the people around you. Become a beacon of light to those around you, not through your accomplishments or beauty or possessions, but through your full integration and high vibrational frequency. That is the only real way to shift the world. That’s the best way your family can benefit from you. SHINE. Just shine. 
You have much work to do. Work of spirit. Work of the soul. Work that is not work in itself, but for so many of you it is hard because you have spent so much time convincing yourself of the value and enjoyment of toil and being serious. You have spent so much time believing that you should save the world and everyone you meet, when in fact the only way to actually do that is to just shine, and shine, and shine. The only way to bring others to your cause, to attract light and uplift others is for you to also be light. White light is ALL light, all colors, even the dark. Do not exclude, do not pick and choose. Do not get attached. Just be free, be wild, be joy-ful and living will come more easily.
Even if you can’t do this, life will go on. You will persist. But we would so like for you to do more than persist, more than exist. We would like to see you transform. We would like you to be as the sun, a source of light and pure joy so bright that anything in your vicinity can not help but grow and transform as well. This is the ability and the charge of all humanity. Be who you really are. BE-gin.
You are blessed.
We are one, we are love, we are light, and we are with you.

February 2011 and Year of the Rabbit, A Channeled Message from Eden

Dear Eden,
Today is the first of February, 2011, and soon we will be entering the year of the rabbit. What tidings will this new sign bring, and what can we expect in the coming month?
This month of February is a month of anticipation and new ideas. Right now, the inception of new ideas is taking place throughout your world, and as these new ideas take root in mass consciousness, a new world is being born. There are those among you who are right now, at this very moment, creating new forms of energy generation that will shape your earth for millennia to come. There are those among you who are, right now, envisioning an entirely different world societal order from anything that has been undertaken before. There are those among you, even today, who have just conceived of new ways to raise children that will create new family dynamics which will in turn raise generations that are more in tune with source energy and the spirits of nature. Animals are being born, today, yesterday, and tomorrow into your food industries that are bringing with them a new energetic paradigm for feedlots. Everything is shifting. This month, for many, will be a major beginning. But as we said – today is the sowing of the seeds. You might not realize it, or see the seeds, but they are there. Much as a new plant can appear without warning on your property in profusion, so will these new paradigms emerge everywhere, at once.
What have you been imaging? What new ideas have been in your dreams, in your mind? Do not be afraid to let them take root, to give them wings. For the ideas of today are the reality of your tomorrow, and all is be-coming and growing as it should be, as it will be.
Rabbit, in particular is a year of good fortune and increase. Use the energies of rabbit to encourage the breeding and rapid growth cycles of those things you want to grow. Do not give attention to that which you are not wanting, for that too will grow if you look at it too hard, if you think about it more than what you are wanting. Just as rabbits build their warrens and mazes, build your plans. Make your outlines of what you are wanting, and don’t be afraid to give your self more than one goal, more than one point of entry to your dreams, just as a rabbit warren has multiple entrances and exits. Warrens often have false entries to confuse predators – do not be afraid or upset if you experience a false start. Simply start again, with a clear idea of what you are wanting.
All will be well. All is well. There is naught to fear in this coming year, except fear itself. When you are feeling overwhelmed or fearful, take a page from rabbit’s book and go to ground. In this instance, we do not mean retreat or hide, but rather take the time to ground your self, to clear your mind and refresh your soul using the energies of the great Mother herself, the Earth. Commune with nature when life seems ill, and all will be well. You will be healed. Ask for help from the trees and the nature spirits if you are bewildered. Allow yourself to feel the healing love of the green ray, of the sun, and of the moon.
You are blessed. You are well.
We are with you always,

Genetic Memory and "Junk" DNA

Dear Eden,

I believe strongly in genetic memory, not just of patterns and instincts, but specific memories built into the genetic code passed live from my ancestors.  I have accessed knowledge, skills, and recollections that I’ve later been able to affirm.  Also, in the native american tradition (among others), I have learned to rely on information “given” during dream time. I am curious what the mechanisms are by which information from earlier generations is stored.  Is it in our genes or in our brains? Does size matter in genes, and do our scientists really know how to fully measure their information content?  I wonder if genes might have a code, some type of homing device, that enables us to connect to some universally available information, that enables the brain to tune into that frequency.  I also wonder about the difference between prophetic material versus memory material versus other information that doesn’t seem to be either prophesy or memory.  In my experience, and that of others I know, each of these categories of information seem different, almost as if they have a different vibration.  We recognize those thoughts that are prophetic as uniquely different.  It’s been a lifelong question for me, as I’ve been accessing this information and having affirmations since I was in college.  

Thanks for shedding some of your light on this Eden,

Dearest F.,

Genetic memory is termed so because it is just that: genetic. Your DNA holds locked within it so many memories, so many secrets, that your science and reasoning cannot begin to detect or understand. The DNA of all living things shares many many strands. Do you know why this is so? We will tell you: it is because it holds within it the very instructions for translating the non-physical into the physical, all the history of all the living organisms that have ever, ever been on your planet that slowly and surely evolved into you, all the remnants of Source. All of you. You are truly ALL ONE.

This is the reiki symbol, the dot in a circle. This is its meaning: you are all one. It unlocks all your genetic potential, all your cellular potential, all your oneness and uniqueness at the same time. It unlocks ALL the power within the ONE. The dot within the circle represents so many things and you all know and recognize it. It is the basis for all life: both the sun, and the cell. Both the egg and the atom. If holds all within it. All one. All one. All one.

Your scientists call this DNA junk. You humans are so inclined to throw away everything that you do not understand, tossing it aside, instead of simply letting it be and waiting for the day when you can and will understand it. And that is OK. It is your world, to create as you will. But know that there is NO thing in your body that is junk. No part that is not needed. Nothing obsolete. Nothing irrelevant. All is used. All is relevant. Yes, your appendix. Yes, your gall bladder. Yes, your emotions, your reason, your junk DNA, your symbiotic bacteria. Everything matters. Everything.

Ultimately, your DNA holds all the information. You can access it individually through your brain, but if you knew the proper way to read and understand this part of DNA (this is far, far off, because it is not something that is expected or believed in yet by your scientists) you would not need the brain – you would translate directly from the DNA. Your pituitary gland holds the key to unlocking all your memories, while your pineal gland allows you to actually activate your imprints, your potentials, your manifestational realities.

Do different sources of information hold different vibrations? Yes and no. You assign them different vibrations so that you may hear their voices. Just as you all sound different, and yet you are all one. It is merely a mechanism that you have created so that you can differentiate between the source of your source material, because at this time it matters to you where information comes from. Ultimately, it is all one. But yes, you can have information from your head, and your higher self, and your old selves, and from us. We have been and remain one energy, but are all presenting differently. Just as each skin cell in your body is one DNA signature, but one is here, and one is there, one is a brown freckle, and one is not.

As far as a homing sequence: you are creating more work for your selves! ALL information is available to you at ALL times, in whatever way you desire. As with everything else, you must first desire to access this information. Then you must believe that you can, and expect that you can. Whatever method works to get you to this state of being, that is how you will be able to access your information. But really, all you have to do is want it and know you can do it. Actually believe it – not just think you could maybe sometimes somehow do it if you are very lucky or in the right place at a special moment.

You ARE blessed. You are. You really really are.

Know it. Be it.

You can do it.


A Message for October, 2009

This month will see a continuation of the shifting you have already begun. Most of you will be feeling more relaxed and settled than you were last month. You know that things are changing, and shifting, but you feel much calmer now. You are at peace most of the time. This is a wonderful feeling, is it not. Even in moments of nervousness, fear or sadness, you are feeling an overwhelming sense of calm that dowses your tensions. You wonder where this is coming from, and we tell you it is coming from a greater connection with your own soul, or higher self, and thus to Source Energy. Source knows no fear. Your soul knows there is nothing that can harm it or reduce the validity of its existence. Your true self knows that you are one with all, and that everything you do and feel is a joyous and beautiful extension of the creative energy of Source. That is why you hae come forth onto this planet to exist on a physical level: to Create, and to propagate Joy and Love. You are the best that this universe has to offer, and your physical selves continue to try and judge the best of the best, but there is nothing to judge. Just BE. Be in the flow of your self, of your joy, and BE at peace with all that you are. Every thought you think, every action you begin, feeds the spark of Source, of God, of the world itself. You are all connected, and there should be no judging. Do not fear the perceived distortions and negativity you sometimes see in your physical creations, for as your consciousness grows so does the love and joy on your planet, and all that you wish to experience, you can and will, and all that you do not wish to experience, you do not need to. Do not try to block others from their desired experience, for in doing so you will only bring their experience into your own. Focus on your own desires, your own joy, your own creation. Ask your guides and ALL THAT IS to fulfill your desires. Trust and allow the energy of Source to co-create with your OWN energy, all that you wish and hope for.

Be hopeful. Be Joy-FULL. Be Alive!

You are blessed. You are One. You are Loved.