A Channeled Message for July 2011, from Eden

Hello World!
Are you fully tuned in to your surroundings? Are you paying attention? If you are, you should be feeling rather well. There are signs and good vibrations everywhere these days, most days. If you are not tuned in,  or if you are focusing on old fear-based patterning, than you will not be feeling so well. The radiation that was released over your world has been transmuted and released, and geopathic interferences are currently at a minimum, as Mother Earth and her Angels are working hard to benefit the physical realms. Now it is your turn. Are you working hard to benefit the physical realm? Are you striving to benefit and improve your surroundings? Do not confuse this idea with a message to do good deeds and services. This is a message to be a t your best, at your most positive, at your most ardently PRESENT, so that those around you can benefit from your good energy. The better you are feeling, the better the world becomes.
Be at peace. Do what brings you joy. Be in love. Be a love. Be joy-fully, present in the world and spread that light!
You are blessed.

Genetic Memory and "Junk" DNA

Dear Eden,

I believe strongly in genetic memory, not just of patterns and instincts, but specific memories built into the genetic code passed live from my ancestors.  I have accessed knowledge, skills, and recollections that I’ve later been able to affirm.  Also, in the native american tradition (among others), I have learned to rely on information “given” during dream time. I am curious what the mechanisms are by which information from earlier generations is stored.  Is it in our genes or in our brains? Does size matter in genes, and do our scientists really know how to fully measure their information content?  I wonder if genes might have a code, some type of homing device, that enables us to connect to some universally available information, that enables the brain to tune into that frequency.  I also wonder about the difference between prophetic material versus memory material versus other information that doesn’t seem to be either prophesy or memory.  In my experience, and that of others I know, each of these categories of information seem different, almost as if they have a different vibration.  We recognize those thoughts that are prophetic as uniquely different.  It’s been a lifelong question for me, as I’ve been accessing this information and having affirmations since I was in college.  

Thanks for shedding some of your light on this Eden,

Dearest F.,

Genetic memory is termed so because it is just that: genetic. Your DNA holds locked within it so many memories, so many secrets, that your science and reasoning cannot begin to detect or understand. The DNA of all living things shares many many strands. Do you know why this is so? We will tell you: it is because it holds within it the very instructions for translating the non-physical into the physical, all the history of all the living organisms that have ever, ever been on your planet that slowly and surely evolved into you, all the remnants of Source. All of you. You are truly ALL ONE.

This is the reiki symbol, the dot in a circle. This is its meaning: you are all one. It unlocks all your genetic potential, all your cellular potential, all your oneness and uniqueness at the same time. It unlocks ALL the power within the ONE. The dot within the circle represents so many things and you all know and recognize it. It is the basis for all life: both the sun, and the cell. Both the egg and the atom. If holds all within it. All one. All one. All one.

Your scientists call this DNA junk. You humans are so inclined to throw away everything that you do not understand, tossing it aside, instead of simply letting it be and waiting for the day when you can and will understand it. And that is OK. It is your world, to create as you will. But know that there is NO thing in your body that is junk. No part that is not needed. Nothing obsolete. Nothing irrelevant. All is used. All is relevant. Yes, your appendix. Yes, your gall bladder. Yes, your emotions, your reason, your junk DNA, your symbiotic bacteria. Everything matters. Everything.

Ultimately, your DNA holds all the information. You can access it individually through your brain, but if you knew the proper way to read and understand this part of DNA (this is far, far off, because it is not something that is expected or believed in yet by your scientists) you would not need the brain – you would translate directly from the DNA. Your pituitary gland holds the key to unlocking all your memories, while your pineal gland allows you to actually activate your imprints, your potentials, your manifestational realities.

Do different sources of information hold different vibrations? Yes and no. You assign them different vibrations so that you may hear their voices. Just as you all sound different, and yet you are all one. It is merely a mechanism that you have created so that you can differentiate between the source of your source material, because at this time it matters to you where information comes from. Ultimately, it is all one. But yes, you can have information from your head, and your higher self, and your old selves, and from us. We have been and remain one energy, but are all presenting differently. Just as each skin cell in your body is one DNA signature, but one is here, and one is there, one is a brown freckle, and one is not.

As far as a homing sequence: you are creating more work for your selves! ALL information is available to you at ALL times, in whatever way you desire. As with everything else, you must first desire to access this information. Then you must believe that you can, and expect that you can. Whatever method works to get you to this state of being, that is how you will be able to access your information. But really, all you have to do is want it and know you can do it. Actually believe it – not just think you could maybe sometimes somehow do it if you are very lucky or in the right place at a special moment.

You ARE blessed. You are. You really really are.

Know it. Be it.

You can do it.


A Message about Cellular DNA Healing from the North Wind

For those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, the North wind is one of your most easily accessed and greatest resources for healing and rejuvenation of the physical body, particularly on a cellular level and for your DNA. The North wind, originating far in the snowy realms of the North Pole, carries with it all the energies and ions of the aurora borealis, which is sent to earth by the healing intent of the Sun. These ions have the ability to pass through clothes and even your body, and activate your DNA to heal your physical body on a cellular level.

When the North wind blows, sand outside and lift your arms over your head, and turning slowly this way and that, and allow yourself to be bathed in its healing energies. This only need be done for one to two minutes to acheive beneficial results, though of course the more often it is done the better you will feel.

For those of you living in the Southern hemisphere, the South wind carries your healing ions. The closer you live to the poles, the more ions you winds carry, and the greater the healing effect of the Wind.

How and why did Astrology come to be?

Dear Eden,

I recently requested a comprehensive and computerized astrological psychological reading. It was amazing. I don’t understand how a computerized reading system like this can be so accurate. It certainly makes me believe that the science of astrology can be very precise and accurate when done by a skilled practitioner. Could Eden shed some light on whether astrology was created by Source to provide these insights. I’m also curious if all of this astrology was created before there were humans wanting an analytical framework for assisting in our free choices and our understanding of ourselves, or whether it evolved through the desires of humans or other analytical beings from other places. I realize we have free choice, but wonder if this is provided for us to use as part of the framework of our choices and the framework for the physical aspects that we came into in our incarnation?

With gratitude and appreciation, S.

Dearest S.,

You come into the world as a physical being with an unlimited connection to your higher self and Source. Over the course of human physical history, man has become more shielded from Source information by the imprints of mass consciousness: Although you are born with full connection, you quickly adjust to the same level of connection as your parents and mass consciousness in general, which means, at this time, that there is not nearly as much communication between your physical consciousness and Source as there should be. You know that you have the “emotional guidance system” of which Abraham speaks, which at least offers some communication. This was created at the same time as physical incarnation. And, so, was astronomy and astrology. The two coexist and evolved together simultaneously. For the universe itself has NOT disconnected itself from source. It’s patterning and design is plainly exposed for all to see, to read, to understand, to know. It does not hide from itself. And as IT (the universe) is one with Source, and as YOU one with source, so are you one with it. Which means that your pattern and plans and desires and inclinations are also plainly written there for all to see… if they know how to look.
So, no, humans did not create astrology. It merely IS. The information exists because you and the stars are one, because you and source are one, because source and the stars are one. If you knew how, you could read the same information in the light of the sun, the wind, the plants, the flow of the river, the sound of silence. Anywhere. Everywhere.
The science of astrology, the ability to read the stars, humans re-opened, re-developed, re-activated, that ability because they were dissatisfied with their disconnection from Source. They yearned to reconnect. And so the early pioneers of connectivity developed dream walking, astrology, shamanic techniques, and other “magic.” These were not “new abilities” but rather a reawakening. And there is SO much more, human! Still, with all this progress, you are barely connected as a group. But everyday more are reconnecting, and developing greater understanding of their true selves and potentials.
The newer computer programs that have been developed are accurate in their divinations because they are merely “computing” the data that the universe is putting forth. They are as good or as bad as the astrologers that design them to begin with. If the astrologer who designs a program has deep insight and understanding when reading a conjunction or a planetary position, and records it properly in the computer program, then the program will forever be endowed with the same height of understanding and insight. This is not magic. This is science being used to translate Source information for the human mind.