How can we break through to the life we are wanting?

You are not who you were. Life has changed. You have grown. Let go of who you think you are. Stop believing your story. For you are both less and more than what you believe. Loosen the hold of your beliefs upon your self. It is time to be just be. 

Don’t do the same thing every day. Avoid routine for a while. Try to do something new at least every other day. Even it’s something small and trivial, do something new. We want you to open your mind and state of being. New things will help you to break away from your mind, and then you will able to break away from your current state of be-ing. 
Push less for what you are wanting, and you will receive more. If you can do this, you will see that your interactions with the world, with people, will be much easier. Your relationships will be more true. Your life will flow more smoothly. Everything will be less of an effort, and more of a joyful experience.
You have a joyful life waiting for you. It is being held in escrow for you right now, and it’s there, we promise it is. All you need to do is open your hand to receive. You must open your hands and let go, or you can’t catch it. You must let go of your ego, of who you think you are, who you think you need to be, and stop searching for things to make you happy. Things won’t make you happy. Love will. Life will. Your heart will. Forget who you think you have been, who you think you have become. Just be you. 
It is time to let your higher self IN to your life, so that you can become a fully integrated being. Only then can you truly do what you have wanted. Only then can you truly be happy. Only THEN can you truly move to a higher plane of being. It is the next step in your evolution, and it is crucial.
If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the people around you. Become a beacon of light to those around you, not through your accomplishments or beauty or possessions, but through your full integration and high vibrational frequency. That is the only real way to shift the world. That’s the best way your family can benefit from you. SHINE. Just shine. 
You have much work to do. Work of spirit. Work of the soul. Work that is not work in itself, but for so many of you it is hard because you have spent so much time convincing yourself of the value and enjoyment of toil and being serious. You have spent so much time believing that you should save the world and everyone you meet, when in fact the only way to actually do that is to just shine, and shine, and shine. The only way to bring others to your cause, to attract light and uplift others is for you to also be light. White light is ALL light, all colors, even the dark. Do not exclude, do not pick and choose. Do not get attached. Just be free, be wild, be joy-ful and living will come more easily.
Even if you can’t do this, life will go on. You will persist. But we would so like for you to do more than persist, more than exist. We would like to see you transform. We would like you to be as the sun, a source of light and pure joy so bright that anything in your vicinity can not help but grow and transform as well. This is the ability and the charge of all humanity. Be who you really are. BE-gin.
You are blessed.
We are one, we are love, we are light, and we are with you.

Integrating new chakras: a dream and a meditation

Dear Eden, I have had dreams about being knocked off balance, objects missing their tip, and finding lizards without their heads and tail — what do they mean? Thanks, P.

The dreams all carry the same message: your crown and root chakras are out of balance with the rest of your body. They are, so to speak, cut off. They are as if they have been removed from your body, so shut down are they. Lizard is coming to you because it actually wants you to build a new root chakra for yourself, rather than reactivate your old one: just like a lizard can and does, so do you have this chance to create and integrate new chakras into your physical being. Anyone can integrate new and improved chakras into their being this way, at this time. A simple meditation begun with the following intention is all that is needed to begin the process:

“I intend to build and integrate new and improved root and crown chakras into my physical, mental, etheric, light and energy bodies. These new chakras will work more efficiently and at a higher level of vibration than the chakras they are replacing. They will allow me to integrate more of my own soul energy into my physical existence, more source energy, and more light, for my highest good and the good of all. Any adjustments which need to be made will occur easily and effortlessly while I am sleeping.”

Congratulations! You are choosing evolution, creation and growth, and only good things can come of it!

You are blessed.


Breathing in the Garden: A Coughing Cure

Dear Eden, My mother has been coughing and feeling low on energy for several months now. The doctors have tried various medical approaches and diagnoses (viral infection, bronchitis, etc.) but she is still coughing and sleeping more and more. I am beginning to worry about her long-term health and what this is doing to her mental state to be ill for so long. What is going on? What can she do to get better? Hugs and blessings, V.

Dearest V.,

Your mother is settling well into her new life as a retiree, but because her heart chakra is consistently disconnected from her lower chakras, her lungs and throat are not well. She is tired because she is not grounded or drawing energy from her lower chakras as she should be, but relying merely upon her upper chakras, which cannot fuel the whole body effeciently. She needs to meditate and breathe through her feet. When she is in her sacred garden she should sit with her feet on the ground and breathe through her feet, as if she is one of the trees of the garden. If she finds this boring, as she tends to find all grounding exercises, she can also invite the fairy spirit and tree spirit of the garden to enter her body and fill her with their radiance. She will be well in no time if she makes this a nightly part of her routine. She should face east, for that is where she draws her energies best, and breathe through her feet for at least 5 minutes at a time.

She will be well, as are you.

Meditating with the Mudras

Dear Eden,

What do you think of me meditating daily with the mudras? [Mudras are symbolic hand gestures used in spiritual practice to convey meaning or intent.] Is it a good idea? Do they really do anything, and is there something to be gained by using them every day?

Namaste, M.

The mudras are sensational tools – meaning they actually bring the physical (sensation) in contact with the divine spiritual, and merge the two. They allow you to focus intent in a very good way. As we have said before, anything which focuses intentions is useful, and the more something has been used, the more people it has been used by, the more powerful it becomes. Thoughts have mass, and when you bring them together they coalesce into something more powerful than they were when they were just one single thought. This is why group prayer is so powerful. This is why mass hysteria is so damaging. This is why chants used over and over over the centuries carry so much raw potential. In the same way, mudras have been used for thousands of years, the symbols have become as homing beacons for universal energy. Merely make the gesture of desire, and immediately the desire is being fulfilled.
Must you use them every day? Surely the longer you hold a thought, the more often you hold an intent, the stronger Source’s response will be. But if it does not bring you joy, do not do it.
Meditate every day if you love it, if it is fun, if it challenges you in a way which makes your heart sing. When it becomes a chore, stop. And when you want to begin again, begin.