How can we break through to the life we are wanting?

You are not who you were. Life has changed. You have grown. Let go of who you think you are. Stop believing your story. For you are both less and more than what you believe. Loosen the hold of your beliefs upon your self. It is time to be just be. 

Don’t do the same thing every day. Avoid routine for a while. Try to do something new at least every other day. Even it’s something small and trivial, do something new. We want you to open your mind and state of being. New things will help you to break away from your mind, and then you will able to break away from your current state of be-ing. 
Push less for what you are wanting, and you will receive more. If you can do this, you will see that your interactions with the world, with people, will be much easier. Your relationships will be more true. Your life will flow more smoothly. Everything will be less of an effort, and more of a joyful experience.
You have a joyful life waiting for you. It is being held in escrow for you right now, and it’s there, we promise it is. All you need to do is open your hand to receive. You must open your hands and let go, or you can’t catch it. You must let go of your ego, of who you think you are, who you think you need to be, and stop searching for things to make you happy. Things won’t make you happy. Love will. Life will. Your heart will. Forget who you think you have been, who you think you have become. Just be you. 
It is time to let your higher self IN to your life, so that you can become a fully integrated being. Only then can you truly do what you have wanted. Only then can you truly be happy. Only THEN can you truly move to a higher plane of being. It is the next step in your evolution, and it is crucial.
If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the people around you. Become a beacon of light to those around you, not through your accomplishments or beauty or possessions, but through your full integration and high vibrational frequency. That is the only real way to shift the world. That’s the best way your family can benefit from you. SHINE. Just shine. 
You have much work to do. Work of spirit. Work of the soul. Work that is not work in itself, but for so many of you it is hard because you have spent so much time convincing yourself of the value and enjoyment of toil and being serious. You have spent so much time believing that you should save the world and everyone you meet, when in fact the only way to actually do that is to just shine, and shine, and shine. The only way to bring others to your cause, to attract light and uplift others is for you to also be light. White light is ALL light, all colors, even the dark. Do not exclude, do not pick and choose. Do not get attached. Just be free, be wild, be joy-ful and living will come more easily.
Even if you can’t do this, life will go on. You will persist. But we would so like for you to do more than persist, more than exist. We would like to see you transform. We would like you to be as the sun, a source of light and pure joy so bright that anything in your vicinity can not help but grow and transform as well. This is the ability and the charge of all humanity. Be who you really are. BE-gin.
You are blessed.
We are one, we are love, we are light, and we are with you.

Feeling Stuck? You're not.

Dear Eden,
I feel like I”m stuck. What should I do?
Thanks, N.

Dearest N.,

Your question comes at a time when most of the world is feeling the same way. You are not stuck. We promise you. You are not where you are forever. Right now the energies of the world continue to build and grow, but at this point it is an internal process. You are developing the inner resources, the energetic vibration and the ideas you will need to leap forward when it is time.  We know you will not casino slots like to hear this (what human does?) but do nothing. Just be you. Do what makes you smile. Do what makes you laugh. Look at things that make you joy-full. Allow the goodness of life to fill you like a balloon. Don”t make any major decisions for a few weeks. Allow your self time to think, to relax, to process and filter. All will be better, best, blessed.

For you ARE blessed with Source,

A Message from the Deva of the Hummingbird Kingdom

The Deva of the Hummingbird has a message. Do not be afraid of starting small. Small things often have more power and stamina than large things. Small things can burst into action and be full of life faster than large things. Small things are full of vigor, and joy, just as large things are, and you can grow a small thing into a large thing as easily as a large thing into a larger thing. Seeds are small, but within mere hours or days they can transform into powerful, growing plants that are more than 10 times their size. Know that anything small can do this, just as we the hummingbirds can fly farther than any other in relation to our size. Small things have the ability to hover, stationary, and take off at great speed. Do not be afraid of small things.

Global Warming and Endangered Species

Dear Eden,
My heart is sad to think about how global warming is changing the ocean temperatures and the food chain for its aquatic life, and how it is affecting the ice caps and the animals that live on the ice. And as I see development, I am always saddened to think of the loss of habitat for wildlife. Can you help me to see these changes more clearly and be more easy with the projections of some species experiencing major mortalities and possible extinction?
Light and Blessings, C.

You humans are so reactive, we enjoy watching you sometimes. It is very silly, and yet also sad to see that you forget so easily what you know in your soul-heart. Extinction is impossible. All exists for all time. You may not see it or feel it, but it is there. Just as every word you utter goes on for all time, so do the thought-forms and feelings of the animals, and so do ALL souls. Do you think that these animals are leaving without a choice? Do you think that they did not help create the world we live in? Again you humans give yourselves more power than the other beings on your planet. The earth is ascending. It is improving. Some species are choosing to end because the experience which they offer is no longer to be relevant on your sphere. Some species are choosing to move to another earth which is similar, but farther behind in its evolution, so that they can help there. Some species are moving ahead and holding the space on the new earth for the rest of you. And some species are simply choosing to move on to other experiences. All life is wild. All life is equal. You humans are tearing down plants and trees to be in your current experience, but new experiences which you can not imagine will blossom out of the manure you create from the dead.

All About Intent

Dear Eden, When you write about intent, I am confused. What is intent, what does it mean? Thank you for clarifying! X.

Intent, or will, is the most important thing you can learn in this lifetime. In any situation, your intent is always what will determine the outcome. When you are clear about what you want, and do not dwell on that which you do not want, you will always attract that which you do want. There is no difference between what you intend, or will, and what you receive. That which you fight against, you only make stronger: far better then, for you to focus your intent and will upon that which you do want. Know what you want, and then allow yourself to receive it. Expect to receive it.

Do not worry about how to make what you want happen. Just be clear in your heart about what you desire, and trust that the universe will help you manifest that desire in an easy and expedient manner.
Good books for to read about this are “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay and the “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham.

Do not focus on that which makes you unhappy. Do not participate in conversations which make you unhappy or fear-full. Change the direction of your thoughts and words towards the light, and the dark will recede. Do only those things that make you feel joy, love, and fulfillment, and you will soon see the world around you begin to change to meet your desires, and to bring you more joy.