The Earth was Rumbling, Tumbling

Several of you have asked the question: Yesterday there was an earthquake in Virginia that was felt up and down the coast of the East of the US. This is so unusual. What does it mean?

Let us start with the obvious. The world is not ending. You are not all going to die. It is not the rapture, or armageddon, or whatever you like to call it. But yes, changes are coming, you are in the middle of a massive shift in consciousness, a global evolution of spirit that is shifting your very DNA and the world around you.

The Earth is excited! She is glad that you are finally catching up with the shift she began preparing a thousand years ago. The earthquakes in the US were important reminders to your country that their is no one that is immune to these changes. Things cannot stay the way they are. You must shift. You must awaken.

How to embrace this shift? Open your hearts. Be ready for all blessings. Take nothing, no one for granted. Be aware of your effects of your interactions on others, and on the world around you.


You are blessed, Eden

About the Earthquakes

Hi Eden! I just read today that an earthquake hit Eastern Turkey Monday morning and I was wondering why all of these major earthquakes are happening in the world? Do you have anything to communicate about this? Thanks:) C.  XOXOX
We told you there would be more “small ones” 😉

The earth is waking up, waking up, and she is calling out to all her peoples: wake up! Wake up! Wake up! There will be similar quakes in every major region, so that everyone may hear her calls. These are simple reminders to be more alert, and to participate more consciously in life. LIVE your life. Do not let it roll by without jumping in with both feet. Don’t get to the end of your physical incarnation and realize that you missed it. Yes, you can always begin again, and start a new life, but why not live your life right NOW, right where you ARE?

There are, of course, a lot of you who do not want to participate, who do not want to wake up. When directly presented with the question, “do you wish to stay here on Earth?” some of you will answer: “”No! Get me out of here!” And so those people will be “checking out.” Still more of you want to start fresh, and grow up completely in the New Age rather than in the older body and mind which you have. Those, too, will be checking out. Your bodies are temporary, and your stay is voluntary. Return anytime, leave anytime, that is the agreement.

Blessings, Eden

A Channeled Message for March, 2010 about CHANGE!!!

There are no messages for the month that will change what is going to happen. You are on a collision course with change. That is what is happening on earth this month. It is good change, but it is change, and that is not something most of you welcome with open arms. What is going to happen, you ask? You sound afraid when you ask this question. We say: do not be afraid. Open your arms. Open your hearts. Be ready to shift gears quickly, to do whatever needs to be done.

No, there is no great cataclysm coming, but you have already seen two small ones recently, and more small ones will come in the coming weeks and months. The earth is waking up. Her days are getting shorter, the cycle is speeding up, there is a quickening occurring. Evolve, she says, evolve! You have all been yearning for a new earth, well here it is, it is here, and you are still acting as though you are on the old earth. Wake up! WAKE UP! Behave impeccably, live with joy and purpose, do not allow fear into your hearts or minds, for you are living in the new earth, in the eden you all so desired, and yet still you complain and cower in fear waiting for bad things to happen.

The wait is over. Joy is here. Now open your hands and take it!