Why does our dog lick himself so much at night? Channeled Advice from Eden

Dear Eden,
My dog licks and licks at the end of the evening when we go to bed, and again when he wakes up in the morning. My spouse and I find it very disruptive to the restful atmosphere we prefer for our sleeping and waking. What on earth is he doing? He doesn’t do this the rest of the day, and he doesn’t have any fleas or allergies (that we know of).
Thanks and blessings,

Dear sweetness,

Your dog licks at these times of day to clear his auric energy body. He is clearing it at the end of the day so that he can better journey and travel and disconnect from his physical body while he is sleeping. He does the same thing at the end of the day, but to root himself in the physical. If you pay more attention you will see that in the evening he licks all over his body, all the parts he can reach, whereas in the morning he primarily licks his root chakra areas, which are most effectively grounding. If this bothers you an your spouse, you might talk with the dog and ask him to complete his rituals outside of the bedroom, so a bit earlier in the evening and a bit later in the morning. Also, you might take some lessons from your dog, and do a bit of “auric brushing” yourselves!
You are most fortunate and blessed,

March 2011, A Channeled Message from Eden. Are you ready?

Dear One,

This month is the month of joy and growth and new beginnings. It is the month that will let you know all your hard work, all your hard winters, are over. The rewards begin to pour in. The new times become evident. Much is shifting, and you will KNOW it. You will see it. You will feel it all around you.

You have all been working so very hard. You have all been trying to become better people, to live better lives, to have better days. It has not been easy, this winter of clearing and working, clearing and working. There has been much detoxing, manifesting throughout you all as colds and viruses. There has been much snow and wind and weather, as nature decided to help you all with your shifting. There has been much anger and fear and sadness. And joy, many of you have felt joy, too. But also so much pain this winter.

We want you to know that now, this time of intense clearing is coming to an end. Of course, you may each choose to do more work and clear, but it will become easier, much easier. Each day forth, it will be easier to clear you DNA, your karma, your reality. It will become easier and easier to shift your realities and become the people you are wanting so badly to be.

Thus, now is the time for you to decide: what do you want? Are you sure? Are you ready? Because whatever you focus your mind on now, it will be so much easier to achieve than ever before. This month is just the beginning.

Be ready. Be clear.

You will be blessed.


Metaphysical Night Terrors

Dear Eden,

I’m having night terrors and nightmares and I feel presences in the room. It’s physically painful and I can feel touch me. The next day I wake up with cramps. Its beginning to wear me down. I have tried crystals, salt rings, gold protection, Archangel Michael, prayers, violet flames,name it. Is this kind of thing common when you are developing?

Many Thanks, x.

Dear x.,

What you are experiencing is certainly not a necessary “step” in one’s spiritual development. Part of what is happening is that souls which you were connected to in a past life are connecting to you once again, and while they are not inherently evil (there is no such thing), their vibration is no longer compatible with yours and so they are creating severe disharmony in your environment, your body and your psyche. They are merely trying to connect with you again, but it is bringing up memories which you do resonate with anymore, and their vibration is so different than yours that your energetic body finds itself exhausted and in pain after each of their attempts.

What you have been lacking in your own attempts to keep the room clear is both conviction and intent. You do not really believe that you have the power to banish any presence from your reality. You do not believe that you ALWAYS have the power. Nothing can harm you or remain in your presence unless you allow it. You are the creator of your reality, and you have the power to remove these souls from your reality.
And now that you have a clearer idea of who and what these beings are, we are confident that you can and will make the next leap to simply instructing them to leave.

In the meantime, we would like to introduce you to the Sweepers and the Blue Triangle Beings (as Maya and her friends call them, they have other names, too, but these will do.)
The Sweepers are a collection of angels that you can visualize with large brooms who literally come in and “sweep” a room, energetically clearing it of any and all disharmonious energies or beings that do not “belong” there.

The blue triangle beings or “Merkaba People” help the deceased and those of other dimensions pass along to their next point of light, to return to the place they are most in vibrational alignment with. They clear the earth’s atmosphere of the soul debris left by the many souls which are choosing not to reincarnate again on earth. This clearing is helping lighten and lift Earth’s vibration. They are available to all people, at all times, you simply need to call them in and ask them to remove the being or soul which is bothering you and take it to where it needs to go. Some souls require more convincing than others – the process can take anywhere from moments up to several weeks. Sometimes the Blue Triangle People (who are composed of two three-sided pyramids, like a merkaba or 3-D Star of David, but often they appear in photos simply as triangles) are more of a purplish hue: both colors work equally well.

Blessings ~ Eden