A Message for May 2020 about Karma Drama, a Virus, and BEing You

At THIS time the entire planet is working on leveling up and releasing karma, whether they are going from 3 to 4d or 4 to 5d. If you want to go to your next level of dimensional living – to a more joyful experience and easier living – you need to accept the release of karma. The body does not want to do this, humans have been living with this program for a long long time, but it IS time. The big difference between the 3/4d and 5d earths is that there is NO karma in 5D. None. So every choice is yours, in the moment, without any weight attached to it, and consequences are more immediate and do not linger. THIS is why 5D is perceived as so much more joyful, because there is this lack of heaviness to the heart and soul.  People talk about 5D being a world without an empath program, built on compassion instead, where each person takes on their own healing and responsibility, and this is because of the lack of karma drama.

SO. What now?

As your dimension bleeds into 5D, reach always for the higher vibration and that is what you will have more of. 3D was about karma and survival. It was a blame game and there was a lot of anger and drama there. It was hard to catch a breath! 4D struggles to leave to the 3D behind. You feel the higher mind, you hear it, but it is still hard not to judge, to feel sadness and failure for every little opportunity lost. The humans of 4D like to say “it is what it is” and let go, but they also spend a lot of time crying “why me?!” The shift to 5D is painful, because it is such a big shift – you cannot bring any karma with you there, because it doesn’t exist. Does that mean humans just get to transition up and say bon voyage to their karma? Alas, no! That is why your planet is in the throes of a “virus” now. The virus is mechanism to force the masses to confront their deepest, darkest karmas. Most of the Akash has been cleared, so what’s left is the most resistant, the heaviest, the darkest, the most insidious infectious burdens on the soul. Those are the karmic pieces that must be rooted out and dispelled, the self-inflicted curses that must be lifted, the banes that need be released.

When you go to sleep each night, ask your higher mind to help you unveil and discard another layer to your karma drama. Every evening, see clear and stabilise your aura and call in your higher mind (your soul or higher self) to watch over you while you sleep. Then, every morning when you wake remind yourself that it’s a new day and you are entering a karma free world. This can be as simple as saying to yourself “No karma” when you wake. Make sure your higher mind knows that you are no longer engaging in false programs anymore, not while you are waking, and not while you are sleeping. If you need to, if you feel you cannot trust your spirit guides, FIRE THEM ALL and call in new ones. You are not required to work with the same team forever, not ever.

Too often, you have given away your power, allowed others to lead and make decisions for you in many lifetimes. This is no longer necessary or recommended, and you are ready to say “I TAKE MY POWER BACK!” Say it each morning and night when you wake and sleep, and remind yourself that there is “NO MORE KARMA.”

Pay particular attention this week to deepening your breathing and connecting your solar plexus, diaphragm, and heart chakra when have a moment each day to pause and do this for a moment.

Many of you have noticed that while the world has slowed down time feels different and your body is wanting to keep different hours, whether early or late. Don’t worry about this. Let your body do what it wants, so much as you can. All bodies have their own rhythms and each, left to its own, will find theirs. As long as you are getting enough cumulative sleep, it does not matter when you are getting it. Sometimes, souls need to be awake when others are sleeping because it is a quieter time which requires less empathing – the air is “cleaner” so to speak. Or perhaps a body wants to stay awake through early morning because it is shielding the rest of the house on an etheric level from less harmonious energies passing by.

It does not matter — YOU do YOU! Be Yourself, Be free and joy-full, and KNOW that all is well.

You are blessed, you are loved and you ARE the LIGHT and the SOURCE and the deliverance of your people.

Be at peace and know you ARE well.

Blessings ~ Eden

A Message for April – Dimensional Shifts, 5D, Positive Boundaries, Joy and YOUR Voice

So many of you have been singing and toning and working with beautiful frequencies and we are seeing the energetic shift manifesting dimensionally and it is a stunning achievement, now and always.

The shift is here. The world is moving into 5D and a split is happening between those who want to stay in 3D/4D and those who are moving timelines dimensionally into what will be for them, a new earth. All dimensions of earth already exist in layers, as some of you truly understand, but many now are ready to make the jump. You should know now that each dimension, each timeline, they all exist in tandem, right here right now, for all times are as one. In the true aspect of source, there can be only one reality, which is the existence of ALL realities and ALL times as one at all times. So yes, even now as you are shifting “upwards” towards the fifth dimension, you are also already there, in another aspect of your truest self. A bodily version of you and your loved ones is there, waiting to embrace this piece of your soul which is now ready to witness a higher plane of existence.

Keep singing. Stay light. Reach for joy and KNOW all will be well.

Know that even as you are holding the light and raising your vibration that it is also helping the planet rise and shift, helping humanity rise and shift, helping each person rise and shift. Yet, each person must also do their own work for this shift, no one can “pull” another along through the ascension process. Persist in releasing your genetic and karmic heaviness, persist in creating positive boundaries, persist in seeking the light and releasing fear, anger, despair, grief, denial. Do not allow yourself to be lowered in any way, and know that this is the work that translates to the shift of all humanity and to the shift of your own soul into 5D. Just as there is a boundary of light and love vibrational understanding between the 5D and 4D, so too must there be boundaries maintained on the personal levels. If one does not have good boundaries on the personal level, they cannot go to 5D, for that would weaken the boundaries of the 5D from the lower dimensions. Each person is a part of the whole experience – you will see this become ever more prominent and pertinent with each level you ascend – so make sure that YOU are doing YOU.

Everyone will shift in their own time. Now is yours.
All will be well.
You are light.

Blessings ~ Eden

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A channeled message for March, on coronavirus, politics, and dragons.

Dear Eden,
I’m worried about the world, about the direction of the democratic nomination, about our geo-politics and COVID-19. I had such hopes for Bernie Sanders and other candidates that dropped out, and now worry that the country will not evolve as it should if it is governed by someone like Biden or Republican leadership. What can I do for the world to clear these old programs we are shedding and welcome the changes I yearn for? I am working hard with my crystals and guides to clear and heal the fear in the world, but I feel it, too, creeping in on my peace sometimes. Should I call on more powerful beings, dragons perhaps?

Namaste, H.

Dearest H.,

Do not fret about politics or the world. All will be well. Do not worry about who the nominee may be, because no matter who wins, there is massive change coming. The world is rising up to ASK for what they want, and people will not sit quietly any longer when they know others are in need. Social change is storming the castles, so to speak, and governments will have to adjust how they behave and treat the people, because the people will accept nothing less than grace and fairness and caring. Will Biden be the nominee? He may be, eventually…but he may not. Bernie still has a shot, from where we stand. So much can still change. Still, as we said, even if Bernie is not the nominee, much of what he stands for WILL come to BE.

Continue your work of disconnecting and distancing, and enjoy the rising you are experiencing as your being expands. Continue working with the guides you have. The dragons are not working with this virus, but some are singing in the skies to match the tones and howls of the thunderbirds and sky people and together they are working to counteract the harmful frequencies we discussed in January. If you would also tone and sing that would help your work, and the dragons will surely come, along with the skypeople, to sing with you.

All is well. Follow your joy. Fly with it, soar with it, like an eagle, and JOY will join with you.
Blessings, Eden

Singing Bowls and Viral Frequencies

This message came in from Eden yesterday with a very urgent tone, breaking into the normal work day sounding a lot like one of those emergency broadcasts radio stations send out. While we try to focus here on the positive aspects of ascension, Eden was adamant that we post the message today:

Be alert. Be aware. The government is manipulating the populace with frequency emitters. If you hear a high pitched tone you must shield yourself, check your aura and your silver cord for damage. They are sending out frequencies that improve the health of bad bacteria and viruses. This is what has caused the Wuhan virus. This is what is causing such a virulent flu season in the US. This is why you are sick or with headaches or ear pressure.

Counteract the bad tones with good tones – singing bowls are best for this. Also 10,000 on the RIFE machines, tuning forks, and solfreggio tunes. Play them as much as you can.

We repeat, you are under attack. We repeat, you are under attack.

The government here knows no one will march if everyone is sick. The governments abroad are playing their own games, but they are ALL PLAYING with lives and wellness.

Countermeasures are being taken already to stop them, but you must each heal this on your own, too.

All will be well.
We are with you.

Anger, Love, and Lyme Disease

Eden, I have neurological issues and anger that are so dissonant with the LOVE I feel for all. How can I resolve these issues? Thanks, R.

Hi R,

First, the neurological issues stem from underlying Lyme and its co-infections (which are really all parts of a whole, on an energetic level). Taking teasel root tincture at 5 drops a day, and cat’s claw tincture at 15 drops a day, until each 2oz. bottle is done, will help clear this out on the carbon, cellular level. (As always, research all medications, even herbal, and consult a health professional before taking anything new. Don’t trust us, do what feels right to you.)

This tick bite happened long ago, more than twenty years. The disease of Lyme is attracted to humans by weak spots in the aura that have been caused by anger and insecurity. That is where it enters, energetically, where it hooks into the auras, and where it must be rooted out. So engaging in activities like ho’oponopono and working on compassion and forgiveness will be beneficial for this on the spiritual level, the effects filtering slowly but surely into the physical in the form of healing.

In your specific case, the anger is deeply connected to feelings of unworthiness of love, or rather, a feeling of in-authenticity in the love you receive sometimes. People around you when you were young taught you that to be loved you must sit still, look presentable, look pretty, smile, be nice and sweet. But that did not fit with what you *knew*, with the grand scope of the love you wanted to share and receive. You knew real love was wild, huge, awesome and fierce. A pretty bow in the hair did not make you more worthy of love. Joy and truth and authenticity did. This is where your anger began. Anger at the un-truth of the teachings around you. Anger at the limitations put upon your body and heart. Anger at having to contain and leash the vast wild unconditional love you held within you, love you had brought with you from source, love you were meant to share.

So now, we have begun the work. We have worked on you in the chambers of light and sound in the etheric realms, and cracked this shell that has caged you. The shell of false fears which have contained you — from loving as you would, from traveling as you would, from dreaming as you would. When you have integrated your worthiness, when you know that YOU are the love you seek, then your anger will be only the anger of the righteous, or the archangels, the anger they feel when they see aspects of source who do not believe they are worthy of that source love. And it will only be expressed in the right ways for it will only and always be LOVE at its core.

For now, though, do not fear your anger. You will surely feel more of it as the weeks wear on — as you process your grief, and as you release these akashic issues. Allow the anger up and out, however it comes and flows and shows.

You do not have to try to be perfect — because you ARE perfect. You are the all, and the all is in you. So express yourself. Do not consider emotions to be worthy or unworthy. Release your fears and face the depth of your anger. Get creative. Smear your body with mud and paint if you need to. Get wild if you need to. Dance and wail if you need to.

You are the all.
And all is with you.
Blessings ~ Eden