Montagem_Sistema_SolarWant to see what’s in your stars? We offer a variety of astrology services via email. All reports are clear and detailed, benefiting from two decades of astrology charting experience.

All we need is a full name, birth date and time, plus birth location (city/state/country) – make sure to include the information during the paypal checkout process. Charts can be done without an exact time of birth, but the closer the time is, the more accurate your reading will be. Charts are ready in 2-5 days.

Natal Birth Chart w/ Report
What does your soul have planned for you in this life? Learn where the planets were at your time of birth, and find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. You will receive your birth chart and a detailed celestial report (generally around 30 pages, inlcudes all major aspects). Great gift for new babies. Planning to buy a home or start a new business? You can also do a chart for the closing or incorporation date, to see what sort of energy that location holds.

Astro Compatibility Chart w/Report
Have you really met your soul mate? Know somebody who’s getting married? Compatibility charts map out how two charts intersect, where the connection comes from and points out potential issues. A fun gift for valentine’s day or anniversaries. (Reports average 12-18 pages)

Personal Astrology Forecast
Our enchanted forecasts use your chart to see how upcoming celestial transits will affect you personally. Order a 3-month forecast or take a look a the year ahead. (Reports are generally 5-15 pages)
Quarterly $25

Yearly $55