Anger, Love, and Lyme Disease

Eden, I have neurological issues and anger that are so dissonant with the LOVE I feel for all. How can I resolve these issues? Thanks, R.

Hi R,

First, the neurological issues stem from underlying Lyme and its co-infections (which are really all parts of a whole, on an energetic level). Taking teasel root tincture at 5 drops a day, and cat’s claw tincture at 15 drops a day, until each 2oz. bottle is done, will help clear this out on the carbon, cellular level. (As always, research all medications, even herbal, and consult a health professional before taking anything new. Don’t trust us, do what feels right to you.)

This tick bite happened long ago, more than twenty years. The disease of Lyme is attracted to humans by weak spots in the aura that have been caused by anger and insecurity. That is where it enters, energetically, where it hooks into the auras, and where it must be rooted out. So engaging in activities like ho’oponopono and working on compassion and forgiveness will be beneficial for this on the spiritual level, the effects filtering slowly but surely into the physical in the form of healing.

In your specific case, the anger is deeply connected to feelings of unworthiness of love, or rather, a feeling of in-authenticity in the love you receive sometimes. People around you when you were young taught you that to be loved you must sit still, look presentable, look pretty, smile, be nice and sweet. But that did not fit with what you *knew*, with the grand scope of the love you wanted to share and receive. You knew real love was wild, huge, awesome and fierce. A pretty bow in the hair did not make you more worthy of love. Joy and truth and authenticity did. This is where your anger began. Anger at the un-truth of the teachings around you. Anger at the limitations put upon your body and heart. Anger at having to contain and leash the vast wild unconditional love you held within you, love you had brought with you from source, love you were meant to share.

So now, we have begun the work. We have worked on you in the chambers of light and sound in the etheric realms, and cracked this shell that has caged you. The shell of false fears which have contained you — from loving as you would, from traveling as you would, from dreaming as you would. When you have integrated your worthiness, when you know that YOU are the love you seek, then your anger will be only the anger of the righteous, or the archangels, the anger they feel when they see aspects of source who do not believe they are worthy of that source love. And it will only be expressed in the right ways for it will only and always be LOVE at its core.

For now, though, do not fear your anger. You will surely feel more of it as the weeks wear on — as you process your grief, and as you release these akashic issues. Allow the anger up and out, however it comes and flows and shows.

You do not have to try to be perfect — because you ARE perfect. You are the all, and the all is in you. So express yourself. Do not consider emotions to be worthy or unworthy. Release your fears and face the depth of your anger. Get creative. Smear your body with mud and paint if you need to. Get wild if you need to. Dance and wail if you need to.

You are the all.
And all is with you.
Blessings ~ Eden