A Message for April – Dimensional Shifts, 5D, Positive Boundaries, Joy and YOUR Voice

So many of you have been singing and toning and working with beautiful frequencies and we are seeing the energetic shift manifesting dimensionally and it is a stunning achievement, now and always.

The shift is here. The world is moving into 5D and a split is happening between those who want to stay in 3D/4D and those who are moving timelines dimensionally into what will be for them, a new earth. All dimensions of earth already exist in layers, as some of you truly understand, but many now are ready to make the jump. You should know now that each dimension, each timeline, they all exist in tandem, right here right now, for all times are as one. In the true aspect of source, there can be only one reality, which is the existence of ALL realities and ALL times as one at all times. So yes, even now as you are shifting “upwards” towards the fifth dimension, you are also already there, in another aspect of your truest self. A bodily version of you and your loved ones is there, waiting to embrace this piece of your soul which is now ready to witness a higher plane of existence.

Keep singing. Stay light. Reach for joy and KNOW all will be well.

Know that even as you are holding the light and raising your vibration that it is also helping the planet rise and shift, helping humanity rise and shift, helping each person rise and shift. Yet, each person must also do their own work for this shift, no one can “pull” another along through the ascension process. Persist in releasing your genetic and karmic heaviness, persist in creating positive boundaries, persist in seeking the light and releasing fear, anger, despair, grief, denial. Do not allow yourself to be lowered in any way, and know that this is the work that translates to the shift of all humanity and to the shift of your own soul into 5D. Just as there is a boundary of light and love vibrational understanding between the 5D and 4D, so too must there be boundaries maintained on the personal levels. If one does not have good boundaries on the personal level, they cannot go to 5D, for that would weaken the boundaries of the 5D from the lower dimensions. Each person is a part of the whole experience – you will see this become ever more prominent and pertinent with each level you ascend – so make sure that YOU are doing YOU.

Everyone will shift in their own time. Now is yours.
All will be well.
You are light.

Blessings ~ Eden

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