A channeled message for March, on coronavirus, politics, and dragons.

Dear Eden,
I’m worried about the world, about the direction of the democratic nomination, about our geo-politics and COVID-19. I had such hopes for Bernie Sanders and other candidates that dropped out, and now worry that the country will not evolve as it should if it is governed by someone like Biden or Republican leadership. What can I do for the world to clear these old programs we are shedding and welcome the changes I yearn for? I am working hard with my crystals and guides to clear and heal the fear in the world, but I feel it, too, creeping in on my peace sometimes. Should I call on more powerful beings, dragons perhaps?

Namaste, H.

Dearest H.,

Do not fret about politics or the world. All will be well. Do not worry about who the nominee may be, because no matter who wins, there is massive change coming. The world is rising up to ASK for what they want, and people will not sit quietly any longer when they know others are in need. Social change is storming the castles, so to speak, and governments will have to adjust how they behave and treat the people, because the people will accept nothing less than grace and fairness and caring. Will Biden be the nominee? He may be, eventually…but he may not. Bernie still has a shot, from where we stand. So much can still change. Still, as we said, even if Bernie is not the nominee, much of what he stands for WILL come to BE.

Continue your work of disconnecting and distancing, and enjoy the rising you are experiencing as your being expands. Continue working with the guides you have. The dragons are not working with this virus, but some are singing in the skies to match the tones and howls of the thunderbirds and sky people and together they are working to counteract the harmful frequencies we discussed in January. If you would also tone and sing that would help your work, and the dragons will surely come, along with the skypeople, to sing with you.

All is well. Follow your joy. Fly with it, soar with it, like an eagle, and JOY will join with you.
Blessings, Eden