A Channeled Message for June, 2010

There is no end. There is no tomorrow. There is only now. Stop living for the future, for without attention to the now, you have no future. You will go nowhere. You will do nothing. You will advance none of what you are yearning for. See the beauty around you. Feel the beauty of the moment. There is so much for you to appreciate. About your self, about your friends, about your work, about your government, yes, even that. There is so much good in your lives. Let yourselves see it. Now let your selves FEEL it. Open your heart and learn to trust again. Trust that you are OK. Trust that you are in the right place, right now. Only then can your future be something that you determine.

You are one with Source. Source is answering your every need, your every dream. Let it in. See how source surrounds you. See how you are loved.