Thinning Veils and Crossing the Realms, A Message from Eden for the New Year 2019

Dear Eden, Your last message spoke about the thinning of the veils. How can I learn to cross dimensions? I’d love to figure this out this year. Speaking of which, how does 2019 look for us all? Thanks, P.

Dearest P.,

The coming year looks good! There is uncertainty in many people’s faces, and it is not for you to reassure them, nor should you take on their fear or uncertainty. Know that all WILL be okay. The world shall right itself. The light shall prevail. It simply takes time. The pot is simmering, sometimes under pressure, but simmering, and all will be well. All will get better. All shall be blessed, and joyous.

As to the realms… Ah, but it is not for us to tell you how to cross the realms. It is not something we can teach you – it is an experience that needs to be had. That is the only way for you to produce the desired effects. But we CAN give you the first steps: to sit in the light, gaze at the light. Bask in the sun and connect with the photons streaming through you – photons which exist not just here, but there, and there, and here, and there. Practice feeling the light on your skin, the photons flowing through you.

Gradually, you will become more sensitive to the photons here and there and everywhere. You will feel yourself here, and you will feel yourself there, and then you will see the there while you are here, and eventually, you will also BE the there while you are here, and be the here while you are there. Yes, we know that sounds crazy, but there it is!

When you hear a noise, practice discerning where that noise came from. Was it the here? Or the there? When you see movement around you, is it from the here? Or the there? When you feel suddenly uplifted, is it because of a song you hear in the now, the beauty that surrounds you in the here? Or are you joyous because you are crossing through a high-energy photonic bridge in the there as you drive your car down the thoroughfare here?

Watch the light. Feel the light. Practice discerning. Expand your senses and your be-ing and you will begin to touch the there, right here, right now.

What else do you need to know for 2019? Eat more carefully – extend your senses to your food – bring the best aspects of the there into your platters. Connect with the aspects of your food that are still connected to other planes of existence, planes where pesticides do not exist, where nutrients are dense and healthful in the soils, where food is happy and good for you. This will work best with foods that are more vital and lively. Pick the foods that appeal to you, the naturally colorful and appealing. Those are the ones. The ones which bring you joy.

As always, sing and dance. Be joyful. Be in the light, be of the light, and you will be at peace.

All is well.