Can you tell me some information about elves? How are they different from fairies? -L

Dearest L.,
Elves are not different from fairies. They are part of the fae community. What you think of as fairies, small twinkly lights and beings, they are not like that. They are like fairies in that they are multi-dimensional and able to shift in and out of your reality. They can be large or small, tho generally they are human like in shape and size. They are more serious. Less dramatic. More protective of the wild lands. Less involved with people. They feel and act more removed from humanity’s current world. You have been sent to seek this information because you have one child who is fairy-like, mostly incarnating on other planets, and one who is elf-like, from this planet. Yes, he has always an affinity for plants, wild plants, and for being outside. He is fun and goofy and wild and also very, very serious inside. Much of his silliness is to hide the serious nature he contains within, like two-sides of a coin. A book about elves for him would be good. Your cousins, they, too are of the elf community. You all are, to some degree, because the elf blood runs within your family line, diluted but still there, and often you still connect with them and your souls return to that dimension when you sleep and between your human lives. Your elf side is what draws you to the land, and why you see the truth of all things.
Be in beauty. Draw it in.
All is well.

You are loved.

Blessings ~ Eden

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