Go out and LIVE! Eden speaks on following your soul purpose.

Dear Eden,
I’ve always naturally been a spiritual person and attracted to the unknown…I worked really hard and felt like my life was in alignment. However, since my father and my youngest brother passed a few years ago, my life seems like it’s turned upside down. I began questioning my life’s path, professional choices, my health, my relationship with others, and my purpose. This year, I began experiencing an awakening and I feel like I need help in what my purpose is and how/where I should be focusing my energy right now to maximize this lifetime. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Dearest R.,
You have always been awake. It has been painful for you when others around you are not, and sometimes you feel like you alone can see the beauty and wonder that surrounds people in your world, that everyone else is blind, asleep. You have often felt alone and saddened because you have so few people to share your truth with.

What we would like to tell you today is that you are not alone. You are never alone. You have come here to being in the strength and courage of other races, from other times, where you have lived. To help this planet adjust and evolve. Your guides are not your typical earthly guides. You are literally surrounded by fairies. All the time! And some “alien” lifeforms who are non-corporeal, these too, often check in on you to try and lend their comfort. You miss the full pleasure of these entities company – they are your home, your family. Not this planet, not these humans, and sometimes you feel their absence like knife in the heart.

You must remember your life purpose.
You came here to be strong.
You came here to be fearless.

You came here, to show others the way so that they too could align with the frequency of strength which you emit. Not everyone can, or will, when you are watching. But you ARE making a difference, just by being you.

We know that you have been wallowing for the last few years. We see how hard it has been for you.

But now is the time to shake off your pain and fear and get on with the business of living. You won’t be here forever, and you have things to do. People to meet. Places to travel.

If there was one thing that is most important for us to tell you today, it is to stop being afraid. You can not fail. You have already succeeded. Even the moments you see as failure, we see as success. You do not know what an impact you have had on the world. Literally, every where you go, your vibration of strength is left behind, imprinted, for others to pick up like a beacon.

You are a lion among sheep.
Start acting like it.

You say you do not know what to do, but we all know that is not true. You know exactly what you would like to do, where you would most like to do, and how you would do it. You dream of it. You’ve journaled about it. You’ve imagined it so many times. What are you waiting for?

Go out and LIVE.

Whatever you are doing that is killing you slowly, day by day? Stop. Do what makes you laugh. What makes you smile. What makes your heart beat.

Do that.
All will be well.
You are blessed.
In light and love, we are one.

Elves, family connections and the fae.

Can you tell me some information about elves? How are they different from fairies? -L

Dearest L.,
Elves are not different from fairies. They are part of the fae community. What you think of as fairies, small twinkly lights and beings, they are not like that. They are like fairies in that they are multi-dimensional and able to shift in and out of your reality. They can be large or small, tho generally they are human like in shape and size. They are more serious. Less dramatic. More protective of the wild lands. Less involved with people. They feel and act more removed from humanity’s current world. You have been sent to seek this information because you have one child who is fairy-like, mostly incarnating on other planets, and one who is elf-like, from this planet. Yes, he has always an affinity for plants, wild plants, and for being outside. He is fun and goofy and wild and also very, very serious inside. Much of his silliness is to hide the serious nature he contains within, like two-sides of a coin. A book about elves for him would be good. Your cousins, they, too are of the elf community. You all are, to some degree, because the elf blood runs within your family line, diluted but still there, and often you still connect with them and your souls return to that dimension when you sleep and between your human lives. Your elf side is what draws you to the land, and why you see the truth of all things.
Be in beauty. Draw it in.
All is well.

You are loved.

Blessings ~ Eden

More information about fairies and the fae community can be found in the 2007 July & August Archives.