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Ascension into the Sixth Dimension

Have you felt the energies shifting, the glimmerings of a new dynamic?

You are not alone! A new chapter IS beginning. Humans have taken to 5D like fish to water, and are moving through the energies in amazing ways. Humans (lightworkers especially) have really upped their vibration game far past where we were expecting humanity to be by this time. We know sometimes it looks bleak out there, but the reason SO much is happening and crashing down is that you have all risen and the wave of fifth dimensional energies is cresting over your planet. Fifth dimension, when the channels speak of it is NOT dimensional in the way physics understands it, but rather more of a frequency system. In the fifth dimension we begin to take true responsibility for ourselves, to walk more in our truths and shine much brighter. Healing takes place not just on the physical, but on the emotional (4th dimensional layer of reality) and spiritual (5th dimensional layer of reality) planes. From here, ALL healings reach back and forwards through time and space and into the Akash. ALL healings affect ALL beings. To get to the 5th dimension, the energy shift was so heavy and dense that you (lightworkers) all had to carry the weight together. Everyone would work on the same issue for weeks or months at a time. Sometimes years! Clearing grief. Clearing sadness. Clearing anger. Lifting the heart chakra. You remember the drill. Now, as you slide into the sixth dimension, your higher self draws nearer. You no longer speak or walk your truth. You become your truth. Spirit and Physical become more aligned. Much more. Manifestation comes faster, with more peace to the process. Where once you all rushed and worries, now there is understanding and ease. If you want to get in shape, it happens quickly. If you want to move, it happens quickly. If you want to rest, it happens in the moment. It is easier now to be present. To be easy. And with that ease, you (lightworkers) can each pull more weight without feeling the strain. You each now work on a different aspect of the ever upward shift on your own, you each take a piece of the whole, and hold it for a day, a week, a month but no more. One breathes light, one balances ether and fire, one settles the earth, one flows with water, one brings peace to strife, once illuminates darkness – and so one. The work is fast and effective and (almost) effortless.

So yes. Much is happening!

When you feel moved to sit and meditate, sit and meditate. When you feel moved to stand and laugh, stand and laugh. When you feel moved to run like a child, to skip and dance, skip and dance. It is the energy moving through you that demands these actions, let yourself flow with the demands and you will remain comfortable and the energy will only climb further.

You are exceptionally well.
You are blessed.
You are loved.
Blessings ~ Eden

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Getting Rid of Spiritual Entities

Dear Eden
I have evil spiritual entity’s that are around me holding me down. How do I get rid of them?

Dear C.,
Intention is everything. The method does not matter. What matters is your attention and your focus. There are many ways to cast them out, but with each method you must understand that you are the supreme power in your reality. You determine what can and can not be in your space. You determine what is allowed to siphon off your aura (nothing should!) You determine who and what can connect with you.
We sense that at least one of these beings has been with your family for a very, very long time, through generations. They made a contract, so to speak, to exchange energy with an ancestor and its kin and so they are now with you. To remove that entity, you should perform a vow breaking ritual. This is very simple, just write out your intention to rescind and break all vows, oaths, and contracts you or your ancestors have made that no longer serve your highest good, and also revoke and sever any vows or contracts that were placed upon you that no longer serve the highest good. Then read your statement of intent aloud, and burn the paper (burning is both symbolic and beneficially transmutational as it turns the statement to prayer on the air, releasing your intent direct directly to ether/spirit/source/us.)
For the other entities, use whatever tools you like to clear your space and focus your intention and state with authority that you are casting these entities into the light. There is no place for them here, they do not belong in this dimension, and you send them with love into the fire of creation, into the light of source. In reality, there is no such thing as evil beings, only beings which operate on a different frequency than you and interact poorly with your energy field. This is because they truly do not belong in your physical realm, and must return to source to be returned to their own true homes.
Tools you might use for clearing are smudge, incense, candles, singing bowls, drums, rattles, bible psalms, etc. Salt around the boundaries of the home helps bring in the earth element and clear and protect the space. Black tourmaline and selenite carried on your person will help keep you clear until your aura is stronger.
All is well. You are one with source and you are blessed.
Blessings of Light,