September Outlook – A Channeled Message from Eden for the Coming Month

Dear hearts,

It is good to be with you, good to be full of life and love. There is so much light and life on your planet right now, so many layers and layers of beings, both physical and non-physical. You really are surrounded by such blankets of love, you have no idea. When you resist receiving the full love, you will feel tired and drained. At those times, do whatever you can to quiet your mind, to unplug from your fears (and TVs!!) and find music in your silence. For there is great harmony and rhythm to be found in your quieting. It is here, connecting with the metronome of your heart that you will reconnect with your soul and be recharged by full source energy.

Find ways to find peace, to find quiet, only then shall you hear the music of the spheres, the symphonies of source.

This September things will seem quiet on a global and national scale. Little new will happen with your investigations and governments. But oh, that is only on the surface! Use September to recharge, for in October ALL will change! Everything will come out and paradigms shall fall and fail. So use September to find your true comfort zones, to learn how to relax into life, for in October you will need those skills. Not that disasters are coming, in no way so, but simply that changes will be had and the excitement will be disruptive for many of you. Better, yes, to already know what peace is before you must look for it.

Many of you are changing jobs, homes, relationships now and now you know why. You are all getting to where you will need to be to be happiest, healthiest and most source-aligned so that when things shift on a major scale, you can simply look back and say “Ah, about time the rest of the world caught up. Isn’t life wonderful?”

And yes, yes it is. And yes, yes it will be.

All is well. You are blessed.