Questions & Answers

A Channeled Message for February 2010

This month, we ask you to relax. We ask you to ride the waves of glory that are coming to shore. We ask you to be easy and free and full of joy. You are all beginning to feel the astrological and energetic influences that are raising the planetary vibrations this month, this season and this year. Do not become overwhelmed or whipped into a frenzy. Take time each day to breathe deeply and remember who you are. Remember what you want. Remember how you would like to BE. Relax. Be easy. And after you have breathed and relaxed and been let yourself be raised by the higher planetary vibrations. Let yourself crest the waves, and be invigorated, energized and reborn.

You are so blessed!
With all the love of ALL that IS ~ Eden

Messages from Eagle

Dear Eden, I have seen bald eagles twice this week soaring overhead. What is it trying to tell me? When I have seen eagle, I have been worrying about my next home or feeling badly/guilty about things. Thanks for any insight you can provide, B.

Dearest B.,

Eagle is coming to you this week to remind you to remain centered. Eagle is in your center – your animal of Spirit, the one that connects you Source. Eagle flies above you when you are worrying about things that you should not be worrying about: all has occurred as it should, all will be better than fine. All will be blessedly perfect. Eagle is showing you that you need merely ride the air currents to soar: just hold steady, relax, and let Source carry you to where you need to go.


The Sick Room — Dream Interpretation

Dear Eden,

I had a strange dream last night that many people in a countryside medical clinic were sick with a flu-like illness, and a about half of the people there were psychics, along with quite a few old people. I helped my parents, the doctors, but they wanted me to go home so I would not get sick. I knew I was OK but I decided to go along with what they wanted once I had made sure an old man was comfortably settled in one of the back rooms and then left through the back. What does it mean?

Thanks L.

Dearest L.,

This dream was about fear, yours and that of the people around you. This dream was about your growing ability to know that everything will be OK, and to do what you need to do and not worry about how others are worrying. You were very relaxed about the illness in the dream, you knew you would not get sick. The psychics that were sick, that was a manifestation of the spiritual people around you who are, indeed, not healthy in their current thinking. They are all attached to their infirmities, and not wanting to let in a feeling of well-being. Your response in the dream is to make them comfortable, while knowing that their dis-ease cannot infect you, because you are whole, and you are well. Which you are! You ARE WHOLE. You ARE well. You went out through the back because you do not need to flash you well-being in their faces. You do not need to change their minds. You do not need to heal them, or change them, or show them the way. You are best off doing what you like, whether it is out in the open, or a little more hidden it does not matter, so long as you are being true to your self and your beliefs, your truths, your joy.


Metaphysical Night Terrors

Dear Eden,

I’m having night terrors and nightmares and I feel presences in the room. It’s physically painful and I can feel touch me. The next day I wake up with cramps. Its beginning to wear me down. I have tried crystals, salt rings, gold protection, Archangel Michael, prayers, violet flames,name it. Is this kind of thing common when you are developing?

Many Thanks, x.

Dear x.,

What you are experiencing is certainly not a necessary “step” in one’s spiritual development. Part of what is happening is that souls which you were connected to in a past life are connecting to you once again, and while they are not inherently evil (there is no such thing), their vibration is no longer compatible with yours and so they are creating severe disharmony in your environment, your body and your psyche. They are merely trying to connect with you again, but it is bringing up memories which you do resonate with anymore, and their vibration is so different than yours that your energetic body finds itself exhausted and in pain after each of their attempts.

What you have been lacking in your own attempts to keep the room clear is both conviction and intent. You do not really believe that you have the power to banish any presence from your reality. You do not believe that you ALWAYS have the power. Nothing can harm you or remain in your presence unless you allow it. You are the creator of your reality, and you have the power to remove these souls from your reality.
And now that you have a clearer idea of who and what these beings are, we are confident that you can and will make the next leap to simply instructing them to leave.

In the meantime, we would like to introduce you to the Sweepers and the Blue Triangle Beings (as Maya and her friends call them, they have other names, too, but these will do.)
The Sweepers are a collection of angels that you can visualize with large brooms who literally come in and “sweep” a room, energetically clearing it of any and all disharmonious energies or beings that do not “belong” there.

The blue triangle beings or “Merkaba People” help the deceased and those of other dimensions pass along to their next point of light, to return to the place they are most in vibrational alignment with. They clear the earth’s atmosphere of the soul debris left by the many souls which are choosing not to reincarnate again on earth. This clearing is helping lighten and lift Earth’s vibration. They are available to all people, at all times, you simply need to call them in and ask them to remove the being or soul which is bothering you and take it to where it needs to go. Some souls require more convincing than others – the process can take anywhere from moments up to several weeks. Sometimes the Blue Triangle People (who are composed of two three-sided pyramids, like a merkaba or 3-D Star of David, but often they appear in photos simply as triangles) are more of a purplish hue: both colors work equally well.

Blessings ~ Eden

A Channeled Message for January 2010 about Renewal

Dear Ones,

The time of renewal is approaching! Even though it is the middle of the winter for many of you, and not what you perceive of as a time to plant, sow or reap, indeed this is what the time is that is fast approaching. Soon, you will be entering a new paradigm where you will feel completely rejuvenated. Most of you will begin experiencing small bursts of energy over the month, followed by a feeling of perceived laziness, where all you want to do is rest for a day or two (or three or four). Then you will be ready to jump into action again. Renewing the space around you, the thoughts in your head, the visions before your eyes, everything. Everything.

By the beginning of the next month, the majority of you will feel like you have emerged from a chrysalis, ready to take flight and explore the bright new world around you. In part, this transition is being eased for you by the approach of the Tiger, the new animal for the next year according to Chinese Astrology. This Tiger energy raises the stakes and brings with it a more pronounced bounce in one’s step (remember Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh?) It bestows stamina and inspiration, two prerequisites of renewal.

Spring may not be here by the end of the month, but part of you will feel like it is. Take advantage of your increased energy and work on strengthening your visualization techniques. Don’t just dwell in the imagination: create something tangible that you can touch and feel that will remind you of what you are trying to create in your life. Seeing is believing, and believing is having.