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A Channeled Message for January 2010 about Renewal

Dear Ones,

The time of renewal is approaching! Even though it is the middle of the winter for many of you, and not what you perceive of as a time to plant, sow or reap, indeed this is what the time is that is fast approaching. Soon, you will be entering a new paradigm where you will feel completely rejuvenated. Most of you will begin experiencing small bursts of energy over the month, followed by a feeling of perceived laziness, where all you want to do is rest for a day or two (or three or four). Then you will be ready to jump into action again. Renewing the space around you, the thoughts in your head, the visions before your eyes, everything. Everything.

By the beginning of the next month, the majority of you will feel like you have emerged from a chrysalis, ready to take flight and explore the bright new world around you. In part, this transition is being eased for you by the approach of the Tiger, the new animal for the next year according to Chinese Astrology. This Tiger energy raises the stakes and brings with it a more pronounced bounce in one’s step (remember Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh?) It bestows stamina and inspiration, two prerequisites of renewal.

Spring may not be here by the end of the month, but part of you will feel like it is. Take advantage of your increased energy and work on strengthening your visualization techniques. Don’t just dwell in the imagination: create something tangible that you can touch and feel that will remind you of what you are trying to create in your life. Seeing is believing, and believing is having.


New Environmental Essence: Super Solstice Eclipse 2010

Check out our website in January for our newest environmental essence, super solstice eclipse 2010. This essence was made out in the snow and ice under the light of the full moon and full lunar eclipse in December 2010 which occurred on the Yule solstice: a rare event that hadn’t happened in over 300 years, and won’t occur again for more than 80 years! It was a supremely powerful celestial event that heralded a massive releasing and banishing of negative enegies, and ushered in the new 2011 creative energies. The essence contains Himalayan and Sea salts, to enhance it’s clearing and protective powers. Use this essence to sanctify new endeavors and end old cycles.
“This Lunar Eclipse will shine a light on our spiritual resources that can be used in building a community of Spirit, and externalize as a new standard of measurement about how our ideas can be used to further our Souls expression. We can see higher and wider truths, and come to both intellectual and philosophical fulfillment as a prelude to entering a wider world of effectiveness.
So like most Lunar Eclipses, this one also ushers in a transitional period of about 5.5 months that will clear things out of our lives, and especially our past (the Moon). The space created can attract circumstances and people through which we can develop skills helping us ascend.” 
– Robert Wilkinson, The Aquarius Papers.

Help — I Can’t Hear My Guides!

Dear Eden,
I feel so lost and down. How can I connect to my spirit guides and hear them clearly? I’m trying and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Is it not trusting enough?
Thank you, S.

Dearest S.,

You are not doing anything wrong. It is not that you do not trust enough, but that you are not quite listening. The very fact that you feel lost and down is a very clear indicator that you are not hearing or following your own guidance. If you are feeling down, then you are not in alignment with your true self. If you are sad or angry, your predominant thought pattern is in direct opposition to what your true self and your guides would have you do or feel: which is always, at its root, to BE IN JOY.

Everyone receives messages from their guides in a different manner. Some people hear voices, some people find small visual messages through out the day (omens, or confirmations, such as hawks flying overhead when they have a certain thought, or the wind blowing just a bit harder at a particular moment, or a compelling ad on the TV.) Some people experience physical sensations such as a tap on their hand, or a tickle in their ear. And still others experience things in their gut, or just a simple “knowing”. For all, though, the emotions are a powerful indicator which allow one to see when they are on the right path or not. If you cannot sustain happiness, then you are not on the right path. Period.

And when you are persisting in doing and thinking that which draw you away from your self, that which makes you unhappy and joy-less, then you are distancing yourself from your guides, from your guidance system.

So the first thing we would tell you is to do something that makes you feel better. Do something that makes you smile. And then do it again. And then ask yourself and your guides what you can do to keep that feeling. And do that. And do it again. Everything will be as it will be. Trust your self. Trust your joy.

Blessings, Eden

Meditating with the Mudras

Dear Eden,

What do you think of me meditating daily with the mudras? [Mudras are symbolic hand gestures used in spiritual practice to convey meaning or intent.] Is it a good idea? Do they really do anything, and is there something to be gained by using them every day?

Namaste, M.

The mudras are sensational tools – meaning they actually bring the physical (sensation) in contact with the divine spiritual, and merge the two. They allow you to focus intent in a very good way. As we have said before, anything which focuses intentions is useful, and the more something has been used, the more people it has been used by, the more powerful it becomes. Thoughts have mass, and when you bring them together they coalesce into something more powerful than they were when they were just one single thought. This is why group prayer is so powerful. This is why mass hysteria is so damaging. This is why chants used over and over over the centuries carry so much raw potential. In the same way, mudras have been used for thousands of years, the symbols have become as homing beacons for universal energy. Merely make the gesture of desire, and immediately the desire is being fulfilled.
Must you use them every day? Surely the longer you hold a thought, the more often you hold an intent, the stronger Source’s response will be. But if it does not bring you joy, do not do it.
Meditate every day if you love it, if it is fun, if it challenges you in a way which makes your heart sing. When it becomes a chore, stop. And when you want to begin again, begin.

A channeled message for the month of December, 2009, about the heart of winter, giving and receiving.

Dear Eden,

Do you have a message for us this month? What do we need to know to advance better, what do we need to know to stay in Joy?

Thank you!

Ah, we come to the heart of the matter. To the heart of all matter, we should say. The time of the deepest dark has always been one of mystery and ritual, one of both fear and rejoicing, one of power and powerlessness. Your people, the humans, have rarely been able to reconcile themselves to the shortened days of December, or winter. When the sun, your guiding angel, begins to retreat, you feel much like a reluctant babe being weaned from its mother”s breast. You yearn for the warmth, the growth, the reassurance and feelings of safety that the Sun usually brings you. This is because you know, on a spiritual level, that the Sun is the Earth”s greatest guardian, that it holds the consciousness of all within it, that it does indeed light the flame within every cell of life on your planet.

You have so little trust within you, because you are not connected to this energy as you should be. You do not know that it will return in full force soon enough, and that this small retreat that best online roulette casino the sun makes is actually your will on earth, that it is Gaia who is retreating from the Sun, and that it is you who are retreating from the Sun, from the brightness of Source Energy, because your fear and your dis-trust pushes your self away.

You yearn to create more comfort on your planet, and yet when it begins to warm a little, you cry out in fear of global warming. So in response the Sun tunes itself down, and then others cry in fear of an ice age. You must trust. Trust that the darkness of winter will not last forever. Trust that you will have all the warmth you need. All the food you need. All the fun you need. If you want to see growth, focus on growing your soul within your breast. Focus on growing your heart, so large that it fairly bursts from your chest, so open and full it is with love. Be as the sparrow who stays behind in winter, trusting that there will be food when it needs it, a warm perch to sleep on when the snows blow.

You are blessed. The spirit of giving and receiving is upon you. You have created Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and all manner of rituals and stories to remind you of what the deep winter is really about. Let the love flow through you. Give and give and give, and know that you can not possibly give more that you are receiving.

You are loved. You are love. You love.