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A Conversation with Eden about Orb Photos, Nature Spirits and Devas

S: What are orbs? I have a couple of photos of unusually large orbs or balls of light near the ground where my dogs have just chased after something, but nothing is physically there. I have also seen them in photos taken at celebrations, weddings, and spiritual gatherings. Are the dogs seeing the orbs and chasing them, or are the large orbs the luminous bodies of animals that are in that area. Would that then mean that the smaller orbs might be the luminous bodies of other animals, such as birds, that are in the area. Perhaps luminous bodies floating out of the body in the sky above the birds?

E: The souls who speak through Maya and Esther are not all non-returners. If there were, Maya and Esther would not be on Earth, for they are connected to those souls, at one with them when they speak. Many souls advise prophets when they are on Earth, and many return. Often, we choose to do so to keep our knowledge and advice sound and current with your reality. As Maya has learned before, Lorraine was a soul that advised Christ as a “greater self” when he was incarnated. Maya was Simon, and advised Christ on Earth and worked to save him from the Crusifixtion. Prophets are no better than other humans, the only difference is that they have remembered what they knew before they incarnated, or that they are able to hear their guides and greater selves more clearly than the rest of you humans.

S: As Maya also knows, animals and humans are the same. They are not different soul groups, they all come from the same place, and yes they can cross over between species. They often do not, but this is because the souls are particularly attuned to particular species vibrations.

E: The orbs you see are not nature spirits per se, or animals either. They are soul pieces sent to earth to watch over the planet and different physical activity. They are pieces of souls like us, and like you, which allow us to SEE what is going on in your physical reality. They are not wholly un-physical, which is why you can photograph them, but neither are they incarnated or tangible. Some are higher or greater selves, some are guides, some are visitors. Some play with the winds and the plant kingdoms, and are what you would call your nature devas. They are all related to source. They are all ONE. You are all ONE. We are all ONE. We are all together all the time in all ways, you have but to see and hear it.
S: Eden has mentioned that some orbs are guides and some are nature divas, but I do not really understand what a nature diva is. Is a nature diva the same as a fairy or gnome? If fairies and gnomes are different from nature divas, would Eden please explain what they are and how I could learn to see them? Do they have a role in our lives, if they exist, or are they simply living their own lives?

E: Nature Devas are the elements, the creative energy of nature, that which keeps nature flowing and in flow. They work and play with the chi of the Earth, and they ARE the chi of the earth. They are many things. They keep the plants growing and the flowers flowering and the wind blowing and sometimes they ARE the wind and the plant and flowers. They work with the rocks and sometimes they ARE the rocks. Some powerful devas and groups of devas have named by humans GODS and NYMPHS and SYLPHS. Sprites and fairies. Many fairies work with the devas and are ONE with devas but they are not always the same thing. In the beginning the fairies and gnomes were creatures just like you and the animals. No different. But they chose to become less physical than your physical and more than our non-physical. They had interacted with the orbs and devas and decided that they wanted to incarnate as beings closer to that. So they are on a very high vibration, almost impossible to see, like the orbs, for most humans. But they ARE there. Nothing you do can harm them, for they exist next to you, but not with you. They play with the elements and the orbs but are physical enough that they can enjoy the physical aspects of your reality as much as they wish and choose. Thus the stories of their very long life spans, for time takes very little toll on their light-bodies.

S: Eden seems to imply that the orbs are observers. The orbs seem to come when called, and seem most evident when I have been drumming or am very present in the moment and asking them to come. Often the first few photo flashes at night have no orbs, but then they seem to rush in. Are they simply curious about flashlight, or do they respond to my calling. I am feeling that they are responding to the calling, with a desire to reveal themselves. I am also feeling protected and reassured that we are never alone. But, mostly, I am feeling LOVE.

E: Yes, they will come sometimes when called, and also if they feel the presence of joy, laughter, passion. Both Orbs and Fairies enjoy LIFE. Most fairies are filled with LOVE. Some are not, and play tricks and meddle too much. Hence the warnings in your fairyfolklores. All orbs are filled with love. They are watching, observing and partaking. There are many ways of beings and orbs, just as there are many ways of being human.

S: Not everyone that is photographing the same scene obtains orbs in their photos. Is it possible that the orbs decide whether to reveal themselves, based on the person doing the photographing, or is it simply a technical difference between cameras.

E: It is not the orbs choice to reveal themselves, they are always there to see, but rather the viewers level of vibration to SEE. Some do not wish to, or are not ready to, consciously or unconsciously. The photos capture what you are seeing inside, even what you do not KNOW you are SEEING.

S: Eden, Can you tell us more about devas, and overlighting angels?

E: Devas and angels watch over the land and the earth. They play with the wind and the trees, the skies and the waters. Devas are more intimately involved in the workings of the nature of the earth, it is they that the fairies and gnomes patterned themselves after when they decided to become less physical, and more non-physical, and to become more ONE with the energy play of the earth and the devas. Devas have been called nature spirits, sprites and sylphs for many years. Overlighting angels are a bit more removed. They watch. They help channel energy to the areas they watch. They speak with the devas and feel empathy for all living creatures in their area but they do not intervene on a physical level as much as the fairies or the devas. They will and do help the devas and the humans clear negative energy from areas when they are called in, and they do help connect humanity to Source. But they do not shift the winds or the rains or the sun or make the plants grow swifter or taller. That is the work and the play of the devas and the fairies. Every piece of earth has an overlighting angel. Some watch small areas of earth, and some watch very large pieces of earth. Most pieces of earth have several overlighting angels watching over them, at different levels, feeling different levels of connection and inter-personal connectedness. So, as your home or street has an overlighting angel, so does your city, and the general area of your state, and the area of your country, and also your entire country. Your entire planet has an overlighting angel called the Sun, and also the Moon.

About the Earthquakes

Hi Eden! I just read today that an earthquake hit Eastern Turkey Monday morning and I was wondering why all of these major earthquakes are happening in the world? Do you have anything to communicate about this? Thanks:) C.  XOXOX
We told you there would be more “small ones” 😉

The earth is waking up, waking up, and she is calling out to all her peoples: wake up! Wake up! Wake up! There will be similar quakes in every major region, so that everyone may hear her calls. These are simple reminders to be more alert, and to participate more consciously in life. LIVE your life. Do not let it roll by without jumping in with both feet. Don’t get to the end of your physical incarnation and realize that you missed it. Yes, you can always begin again, and start a new life, but why not live your life right NOW, right where you ARE?

There are, of course, a lot of you who do not want to participate, who do not want to wake up. When directly presented with the question, “do you wish to stay here on Earth?” some of you will answer: “”No! Get me out of here!” And so those people will be “checking out.” Still more of you want to start fresh, and grow up completely in the New Age rather than in the older body and mind which you have. Those, too, will be checking out. Your bodies are temporary, and your stay is voluntary. Return anytime, leave anytime, that is the agreement.

Blessings, Eden

A Channeled Message for March, 2010 about CHANGE!!!

There are no messages for the month that will change what is going to happen. You are on a collision course with change. That is what is happening on earth this month. It is good change, but it is change, and that is not something most of you welcome with open arms. What is going to happen, you ask? You sound afraid when you ask this question. We say: do not be afraid. Open your arms. Open your hearts. Be ready to shift gears quickly, to do whatever needs to be done.

No, there is no great cataclysm coming, but you have already seen two small ones recently, and more small ones will come in the coming weeks and months. The earth is waking up. Her days are getting shorter, the cycle is speeding up, there is a quickening occurring. Evolve, she says, evolve! You have all been yearning for a new earth, well here it is, it is here, and you are still acting as though you are on the old earth. Wake up! WAKE UP! Behave impeccably, live with joy and purpose, do not allow fear into your hearts or minds, for you are living in the new earth, in the eden you all so desired, and yet still you complain and cower in fear waiting for bad things to happen.

The wait is over. Joy is here. Now open your hands and take it!


How can I inspire others to change?

Dear Eden, I am yearning to change certain aspects of my life, but my family is resisting change and I am getting tired putting on a good show for their benefit, while I wait for them to want what I want. I have chronic back pain, and would also like to release that. What should I do? Thanks, D.

Dearest D.

You are so blessed, and we want you to know that, feel it, believe it. Your chronic backpain is linked to the issues you are having with your family, and with all those you care about. You have the mistaken belief that you are there on Earth to take care of others. No no no. That is not the way. That is not why you incarnated! You went into the physical wanting to inspire and lead, to be on Earth at an exciting time of spiritual expansion and technological wonderment. You were excited to be able to always radiate your own creative, joyous light to all those you know and love so that they could do the same right back to you.

You are that person. You do do that. But at some point you began to believe that not only must you radiate your own light, but that you must be responsible for the light of others as well. This self-imposed responsibility has created a heavy weight upon your shoulders, the more-so because you cannot ever possibly fulfill it. You CANNOT be the light of others. You cannot be responsible for their own creation of joy and light. You simply cannot. Each must make their own light, joy, creative happiness, love, etc. You are taking on too much now!

The only way to release your pain is to release your burden. Stop worrying about carrying others on your back. Let them carry themselves. Hold hands if you like, but only so long as you are not dragging them along, nor they you. This goes even for your pets. ALL beings have free-will. All beings must be responsible for their own reality: for their own health, wealth and well-being.

The first step to change is what we call “the opening.” Open your mind and heart to all possibilities. Then imagine the reality you wish you were living. You can be very specific, or more general. Put yourself “out there” and be ready for whatever may come. Do not think about the problems you have, only their positive aspects: possible solutions! See what happens. You are a miracle maker. You can do whatever you want. Spend some time looking and imagining the various possibilities, and soon opportunities will begin to present themselves. When you find what you want, allow yourself to be excited about it and put things in motion. Don’t wait for others to have a breakthrough – have your own. They will be swept along with your enthusiasm and joy as they watch you create something truly magnificent.
You know what you want. You know what to do. What is holding you back is the false idea (false, because you do not believe in it, but yet you are living it) that you must subjugate your light for the good of those around you. That’s not helping anyone. Let your light shine, not to cheer up others, but to cheer up you! Let your light blaze forth not because you are forcing it, but because you are so full of joy you can’t possibly hold it back!

You are ready for change. Be it. Do it. Breath it.

You are ready.


Working with the Fairies

Dear Eden,
I would like to work the fairies more closely. What is a good way for me to do this?
Thanks, C.
Dearest C.,
Working with the fairies is little different from working with the angels, your guides, or various gods. You merely need to ask for assistance, and they will rise to the challenge.
Fairies are part of the elements, of nature, and so they are all around you. With you, they were designed by Source to protect and nurture your physical reality. They are creative creatures, molding and directing energy on your plane at all levels, and so they are particularly well-suited to help you with manifesting your desires and dreams. They have no problem bringing creative thoughts into the physical realm as real and tangible results. So fear not, and have faith. That is the first requirement. The second requirement to working with fairies is that you do not abuse the natural world. Pick up trash, be kind to plants and animals, do not waste resources or pollute.
To ask your local fairies for help, go outside, or position yourself near a houseplant or crystal if you are indoors. Call on the fairies and state what you are wanting, and ask for their assistance. If you are a friend of the fairies, a friend of nature, they will joyfully assist you. Because they are part of the physical, they do appreciate physical gifts: leave the fairies a token of thanks, such as a shiny crystal or object, a floral candle, yummy treat (make sure you unwrap any candy or chocolate!) Then sit back, and allow yourself to believe that all will be well: that is your half of the work. If you feel the urge to do something nice for nature, do it right away: the fairies will be very appreciative: pick up trash on the road, donate money to an animal shelter, volunteer at a park. Soon you will see positive results.