Finding Space to Shift – Raise Your Vibration by Changing Your View, Literally

Dear Eden, I woke up this morning far from home on a work trip, and for the first time since I received bad news a month ago, I felt a significant easing on my heart. Has something shifted? Love, K.


You are experiencing a shift into your most natural state of being-ness. Your vibration is back where it naturally resides, because you have removed yourself from the external factors that were pulling your aura out of shape, lowering your vibration. Now, in a neutral environment, you can again feel how it is you are really ARE. Sometimes, moving the body to a different environment allows the mind and emotions to reset itself and the vibration to naturally align with soul, connecting more easily to source.

Why? Because when you are in a new location you stop experiencing what you expect, and instead begin to seek your highest vibration – the path of greatest ease, the experiences of most joy. When you are in a home environment, you settle with what you are used to, thinking within the box, so to speak. While one can not run from one’s troubles, sometimes a temporary shift in location is just what you need to trigger a different point of view.

We are glad that you have experienced this shift upwards. Things will only get better from here. Do not be surprised if loved ones also experiences their own shift “up” as well. A shift up for one propels entire soul groups forward, upward. A shift for one can shift the entire planet to nirvana, if it’s done right. This is why you must never despair, for yourself, for humanity, for the earth.

Miracles happen every day with ease, it only takes one.

You are well.

You are blessed.

You are one with all and all is one with you.