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Eden delivers source wisdom channeled straight from Spirit to help you transform your life. We have been helping people shift their vibration upwards and reach their full potential for over a decade. Our new book distills the best of our advice and messages into an easily accessable format that is great for reading through or using in daily meditations.

Let us help you learn how to SHINE.

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244 pages, 6×9″, Glossy Paperback with Cream Pages


Wish you could connect with your own guides and higher self more easily? This book chronicles psychic medium and Intuitive Art Academy Founder Rachel Archelaus’ journey of making life-changing decisions with the aid of Intuitive Art and she teaches you how to do it, too.

Rachel gives every reader the tools to directly connect with their intuition and make all of their decision making easier and more effective. Super easy, no art skills necessary and best of all — IT’S FUN!

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