Why so much Snow?

Dear Eden,

We are being buried by snow this winter. What is going on, is there an energetic purpose to this wacky weather??

Thank you

Dearest J.,

Well, the snow is as you know very clearing and beneficial. It is important that you all rest and relax and the snow is helping you to clarify what you are wanting: to work, to not work, to play, to not play. It helps so much. When one is repeatedly missing work because of the snow, one is able to really see how one actually feels about their work situation. Is one relieved? Is one sad to not be at work? Is one happier when they return to work? Are you better armed to meet the day after shoveling, after some physical work? These are the sorts of things you are learning from the snow, which these days is working as a great reflector of emotions and motivations.

Also, the snow is a tool of the nature devas to bring about balance for the plants and animals in their care. You humans are but a small part of that contigent, and the devas have much on their minds lately, trying to keep the peace between all the different kingdoms of beings..

Soon enough, the snow will melt. You will miss it! You will be surprised, but it is so.


A Message about Cellular DNA Healing from the North Wind

For those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, the North wind is one of your most easily accessed and greatest resources for healing and rejuvenation of the physical body, particularly on a cellular level and for your DNA. The North wind, originating far in the snowy realms of the North Pole, carries with it all the energies and ions of the aurora borealis, which is sent to earth by the healing intent of the Sun. These ions have the ability to pass through clothes and even your body, and activate your DNA to heal your physical body on a cellular level.

When the North wind blows, sand outside and lift your arms over your head, and turning slowly this way and that, and allow yourself to be bathed in its healing energies. This only need be done for one to two minutes to acheive beneficial results, though of course the more often it is done the better you will feel.

For those of you living in the Southern hemisphere, the South wind carries your healing ions. The closer you live to the poles, the more ions you winds carry, and the greater the healing effect of the Wind.