Follow your Bliss and Manifest Abundance

Dear Eden,
I am feeling like I need to take more time out, relax more, work less. How do I do this, with all that i do? Also, how can I welcome more abundance into my life? I would love to have homes and spaces that I could invite large groups into for workshops and retreats. How can I manifest my vision?
Thanks, H.

Dear H.,
There is so much in this lifetime that you are meant to do, so much that your soul and your guides are driving you to do, that slowing down is hard for you. Striking a balance between self-nurturing and work is a balancing act. Especially because your work, for you, is so rewarding. Sometimes it feels like play. Sometimes it feels like rejuvenation. And sometimes, it is.
So what are you to do? It’s not always going to be easy. We can tell you that right now. We see many years of busy-ness and activity for you. You will have so many ideas, you will never really slow down. Not even at the end. But you will learn how to recharge in a moment. You will learn how to achieve an afternoon of relaxation – in 30 minutes. We’re not saying you will always have to go go go. But often, yes,  it will remain the case. So what would serve you best is to experiment with the things that bring you the greatest joy and learn to be an EXTREME-relaxer. Find the methods that put you in a deep trance in two minutes (Some people find drumming works for this, others Transcendental Meditation or binaural beats. Find yours) Is there is a food that completely blisses you out? Incorporate that into your life regularly. Because for you, it isn’t going to be so much about slowing down, but about trancing out, blissing out, tuning in so completely every day that when you “return” you are humming at a vibration that sees time in a completely different way and revels in every single instant of being-ness that you are experiencing.
Abundance is calling to you, too. When you have achieved what we are talking about, when you are able to go in to yourself at a moment’s notice and reach that peace and inner power cell that you have and are, then you will naturally have something that calls others in. The spaces will manifest naturally around you, because you will BE the space. You do not need money or abundance for this. You need only to become the space you are seeking. Then, you will naturally align with the physical embodiments of those spaces.
We see this emerging slowly, possibly beginning first with you leading seasonal retreats to beautiful places and lands near bodies of water that need healing. Group meditations, hiking, education, relaxation will all be incorporated. This would be easy for you to do, a natural extension of who and what you are.
You are the mastermind. You will bring it all together.
Do not worry. Be ecstatic. Enjoy the whirlwind.
It only gets more exciting from here.

Go out and LIVE! Eden speaks on following your soul purpose.

Dear Eden,
I’ve always naturally been a spiritual person and attracted to the unknown…I worked really hard and felt like my life was in alignment. However, since my father and my youngest brother passed a few years ago, my life seems like it’s turned upside down. I began questioning my life’s path, professional choices, my health, my relationship with others, and my purpose. This year, I began experiencing an awakening and I feel like I need help in what my purpose is and how/where I should be focusing my energy right now to maximize this lifetime. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Dearest R.,
You have always been awake. It has been painful for you when others around you are not, and sometimes you feel like you alone can see the beauty and wonder that surrounds people in your world, that everyone else is blind, asleep. You have often felt alone and saddened because you have so few people to share your truth with.

What we would like to tell you today is that you are not alone. You are never alone. You have come here to being in the strength and courage of other races, from other times, where you have lived. To help this planet adjust and evolve. Your guides are not your typical earthly guides. You are literally surrounded by fairies. All the time! And some “alien” lifeforms who are non-corporeal, these too, often check in on you to try and lend their comfort. You miss the full pleasure of these entities company – they are your home, your family. Not this planet, not these humans, and sometimes you feel their absence like knife in the heart.

You must remember your life purpose.
You came here to be strong.
You came here to be fearless.

You came here, to show others the way so that they too could align with the frequency of strength which you emit. Not everyone can, or will, when you are watching. But you ARE making a difference, just by being you.

We know that you have been wallowing for the last few years. We see how hard it has been for you.

But now is the time to shake off your pain and fear and get on with the business of living. You won’t be here forever, and you have things to do. People to meet. Places to travel.

If there was one thing that is most important for us to tell you today, it is to stop being afraid. You can not fail. You have already succeeded. Even the moments you see as failure, we see as success. You do not know what an impact you have had on the world. Literally, every where you go, your vibration of strength is left behind, imprinted, for others to pick up like a beacon.

You are a lion among sheep.
Start acting like it.

You say you do not know what to do, but we all know that is not true. You know exactly what you would like to do, where you would most like to do, and how you would do it. You dream of it. You’ve journaled about it. You’ve imagined it so many times. What are you waiting for?

Go out and LIVE.

Whatever you are doing that is killing you slowly, day by day? Stop. Do what makes you laugh. What makes you smile. What makes your heart beat.

Do that.
All will be well.
You are blessed.
In light and love, we are one.

Release Fear and Embrace Who You’re Meant To Become

Hello Eden,
I feel so blessed to have been guided to your website! Thank you so much for all that you do, the healing, answers, and transformations that you guide others to experience.
My question is this – I am very in touch with my guides and am on a spiritual path to have a full time intuitive healing business. I love the work and feel the messages I receive are guided and true. As part of this work I am also being directed to heal myself – my health, my relationships, etc. I feel I am purposely blocking the efforts needed to achieve this through being unmotivated, or fear of doing the work, or possibly just fear of change. How can I move past the blocks I am setting up and fully embrace who I am meant to become?
With much gratitude, love and light,

Dearest O.,
Everything you are experiencing right now is part of the process. The healing you are going through will allow you to help others more effectively. Do not worry about how your life is going to change. Set aside all thoughts of the future. It is time for you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment. Learn how to be fully present and joyful right here, right now, and everything else will proceed exactly as it should. Stop living in the future and just enjoy this moment. Some of the work you are not doing is actually getting done in the astral realm while you sleep. Some of it simply isn’t meant to be done right now. In both cases, you don’t need to worry about it. What may feel like a lack of progress to you is actually a gestation period where your future is being built among the ethers with the help of spirit. Everything will manifest here in the physical when it is the right time. What time is that? When you are ready. When you are present.
Here is what we want you to do. Every moment of every day we want you to pay attention to how you are feeling. Does your action (or inaction) fill you up with light? Does it make you happy? If not, stop what you are doing and turn to something that does light you up. Yes, of course, sometimes you humans must do things you don’t love, like taxes! But Trust us – if you are spending the majority of your time doing the right things at the right moment, even the completion of something as dreary or stressful as taxes can become a fulfilling, happy experience. Yes, it can and it does. SO. Do what brings you joy. Joy is a signal from your soul that you are on the right track. Fear, anxiety and stress are all signs that you are either doing the wrong things, or you are approaching them from the wrong angle or mindset.
It is not selfish to pursue your joy. You cannot do anyone any good if you are not filled up with light and happiness yourself. You’ll soon be running on empty that way, and shutting down. So light yourself up. Fill yourself up. If there are tasks that must be completed that you are dreading, such as paperwork, etc, do something you really like first, or promise yourself (and deliver) a reward later. If you continue in this way, you will soon find yourself in the future, happy and fulfilled, and hardly any idea how you got there, because it was such an easy, happy process.
We do not get the sense that there are old vows of poverty blocking you, or anything like that. There are no grand rituals you need to do, other than the ritual of enthused, ebullient self-worship. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Be there, now, for you. You need you.
All will be well.
You are blessed.
We are one and you are loved.
Blessings of Love and Light,

Getting Rid of Spiritual Entities

Dear Eden
I have evil spiritual entity’s that are around me holding me down. How do I get rid of them?

Dear C.,
Intention is everything. The method does not matter. What matters is your attention and your focus. There are many ways to cast them out, but with each method you must understand that you are the supreme power in your reality. You determine what can and can not be in your space. You determine what is allowed to siphon off your aura (nothing should!) You determine who and what can connect with you.
We sense that at least one of these beings has been with your family for a very, very long time, through generations. They made a contract, so to speak, to exchange energy with an ancestor and its kin and so they are now with you. To remove that entity, you should perform a vow breaking ritual. This is very simple, just write out your intention to rescind and break all vows, oaths, and contracts you or your ancestors have made that no longer serve your highest good, and also revoke and sever any vows or contracts that were placed upon you that no longer serve the highest good. Then read your statement of intent aloud, and burn the paper (burning is both symbolic and beneficially transmutational as it turns the statement to prayer on the air, releasing your intent direct directly to ether/spirit/source/us.)
For the other entities, use whatever tools you like to clear your space and focus your intention and state with authority that you are casting these entities into the light. There is no place for them here, they do not belong in this dimension, and you send them with love into the fire of creation, into the light of source. In reality, there is no such thing as evil beings, only beings which operate on a different frequency than you and interact poorly with your energy field. This is because they truly do not belong in your physical realm, and must return to source to be returned to their own true homes.
Tools you might use for clearing are smudge, incense, candles, singing bowls, drums, rattles, bible psalms, etc. Salt around the boundaries of the home helps bring in the earth element and clear and protect the space. Black tourmaline and selenite carried on your person will help keep you clear until your aura is stronger.
All is well. You are one with source and you are blessed.
Blessings of Light,

How do I Shield Myself from Taking On Negativity?

Hi Eden,
I came across your site and as always this is where spirit lead me. I have a question, not sure how to word it, but I have been on the spiritual path for quite some time and I feel as I am accelerating then all of a sudden I am overcome by negative thoughts and physical issues. As of now I have gotten extremely heavy and my digestion, hormones, thyroid etc. is all off balance, and have become allergic to food and supplements that might actually help me. I have a tendency to be a sponge for others which I thought I healed but I guess not. My passion is to step full time into energy work but for now I stay at a corporate job that brings no joy and am surrounded by very dense people. I have had a full open radiation of my crown only for it to be closed and I would feel others energies and as they spoke of negativity I would get hit above my head etc. and now that open radiation feeling has been gone since 2013.
What can I do to help myself to go forward and not absorb others energies, I feel there is something always stopping me like I was tricked into some sort of contract, (not sure). Or maybe none of this and you sense something else.
Thank you so much for any insight.
Love, Light & Laughter

Dear D.,
We do not see a karmic contract that is hindering you. You are a lightworker, an earth angel and so you do have a natural tendency to take on the pain of others. Most lightworkers work in some capacity or another to help transmute and process clearings for all of mass consciousness, and this can manifest as physical disease. It is important to recognize that this is what is happening, that this is a global phenomenon, and not to focus on the individual negativity or angst that you feel from one person or another. Begin to view these negative people or situations simply as triggers or signposts from the universe. When one pops up, say to yourself, “oh, here is something I need to clear.” Shield yourself, and clear the energy. There are many, many ways to do this, but one of the simplest is bathing yourself in an orb of light of the color(s) of your choosing, pushing it out from yourself to create a buffer zone of comfort. Visualize the clearing, and then let it go, knowing you are protected.
In terms of the allergies, these pop up when we are sensitive to a situation, not the item itself. Sometimes, it is a past or parallel life trauma that is triggering our discomfort. Meditate on the situation and try to see the root of it. Seeing and knowing is understanding, and understanding brings release and clearing.
When one’s soul consciously identifies a situation that is unpleasant, and one persists within it, the discomfort will only grow worse. It is one thing to remain in a situation that is not so great, but not fully realize, but once the soul knows that you know, both the body and the soul will feel somewhat betrayed by the mind/ego that is ignoring them and what it knows, and so they will work together to change your mind. Your willingness to surround yourself with negativity at work and in life is another component to why your body is having issues, basically attacking itself to get your attention.
Be gentle with your self. Take time to nurture yourself. Be compassionate with your self above all others, only then can you truly be of service.
You are blessed.
Blessings of Love and Light