On getting older…

Eden, I am getting older and feel I will never finish all I want to do. Do you have advice for me?

You feel as if you are rushed, as if you have to get this work done before you retire or before you finish this life. This belief will not help you finish your work any faster, or any better. You will never finish your work, for there will always be more you want to do. There will always be more that you can do. Your reality has been designed this way by you on purpose, so do not feel badly, and when you feel you are running out of time, remember that there is no such thing as time, except as a tool to help your elemental body translate the energy around you into a physical reality. You have all the time in the world, because you are all the time in the world. There is nothing you can dream of that you can not do, and there is nothing you can desire that you do not have time to achieve. And if you decide you want to come back in another life so you can “have time” to do more, you will. Let go, and enjoy your time.

Just BE it.

You can do anything you want. Anything you desire. Know what you want, feel it, breathe it, think it. Do not allow negative thoughts into your mind, focus only on the reality you want to create and it will be here soon enough. What you want is but a moment away from you. You always have more options than you know of, more possibilities than you can dream, more miracles to behold. Begin your journey. Take step after step, and your desires will unfold before you as a flower in bloom. As you do so, a new life, full of new desires, will unfold as well: this is life on earth, this is the way it should be. Be open to all possibilities, be joyful and positive, and the universe will return unto you tenfold what you dream of. ~Eden