A Channeled Message for June, 2010

There is no end. There is no tomorrow. There is only now. Stop living for the future, for without attention to the now, you have no future. You will go nowhere. You will do nothing. You will advance none of what you are yearning for. See the beauty around you. Feel the beauty of the moment. There is so much for you to appreciate. About your self, about your friends, about your work, about your government, yes, even that. There is so much good in your lives. Let yourselves see it. Now let your selves FEEL it. Open your heart and learn to trust again. Trust that you are OK. Trust that you are in the right place, right now. Only then can your future be something that you determine.

You are one with Source. Source is answering your every need, your every dream. Let it in. See how source surrounds you. See how you are loved.


A Channeled Message for April, 2010

There is an awakening going on.

You know that.

Do you also know that everything you think you know is wrong? And do you also know that everything you believe is right? Do you understand that your concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, are not mutually exclusive?

ALL is one. ALL is the same. ALL is part of source. You still do not see that, you truly don’t.

And do you understand that lack of seeing, lack of understanding is OKAY?

You are in this world, right here, right now, to live! You are here now to be just as you are. Nothing you desire is bad. Nothing you hate is wrong. Everything is the same. This is why the Buddhists speak of detachment. This is why Christ tells you to judge not. Attachment, judging: these are a waste of time and of energy.

BE. Believe. Be alive! That’s it. That is the tall order of the day. THAT is why you incarnated.

Your experience, every little bit of it, is feeding source, fueling the creative power of all that is. Source wants you to want, source wants you to continue to desire and be joyful, for when you do, you are creating more of your self for you, for source, for all.

Be Alive.

Be in Joy.

You are One-der-full!


A Channeled Message for January 2010 about Renewal

Dear Ones,

The time of renewal is approaching! Even though it is the middle of the winter for many of you, and not what you perceive of as a time to plant, sow or reap, indeed this is what the time is that is fast approaching. Soon, you will be entering a new paradigm where you will feel completely rejuvenated. Most of you will begin experiencing small bursts of energy over the month, followed by a feeling of perceived laziness, where all you want to do is rest for a day or two (or three or four). Then you will be ready to jump into action again. Renewing the space around you, the thoughts in your head, the visions before your eyes, everything. Everything.

By the beginning of the next month, the majority of you will feel like you have emerged from a chrysalis, ready to take flight and explore the bright new world around you. In part, this transition is being eased for you by the approach of the Tiger, the new animal for the next year according to Chinese Astrology. This Tiger energy raises the stakes and brings with it a more pronounced bounce in one’s step (remember Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh?) It bestows stamina and inspiration, two prerequisites of renewal.

Spring may not be here by the end of the month, but part of you will feel like it is. Take advantage of your increased energy and work on strengthening your visualization techniques. Don’t just dwell in the imagination: create something tangible that you can touch and feel that will remind you of what you are trying to create in your life. Seeing is believing, and believing is having.


A Channeled Message for November, 2009 about the immune system and new alignments

Dearest Eden, Do you have a message for us this month?

We always have messages for you! Last month everyone’s physical immune systems received an “upgrade” along with the hormonal secretion areas of the body. There will be a period of adjustment for most of you after such an intense physical change. Many of you are feeling poorly as your body naturally detoxes and shed the old cells, and as it adjusts to the new levels, vibrationally realigning itself. Do not worry. Do not fear. All is well. You are well. You are not being invaded by diseases, and no one is going to die whose time has not come. Be easy. Rest when you can. There are more changes coming, and you will need all your energies for them! More physical alignments, more vibrational upgrades, more energetic surges in your bodies.

Eden, Where do these surges and upgrades come from? Who is inputting and initiating the new information, so to speak?

No one other than your own souls, you own higher selves and inner beings. You are aligning with your true selves, and coming into the reality you have so much desired. You are ready. The time is here. You are in the birthing process, and your new selves and new lives are being assembled right before your very eyes. Do not despair when things do not appear to be going your way: trust that all is going to be exactly as it should be, as you would want it to be, and be JOY-FULL. When you are in that mind-set, when your mind is tuned into that joyful frequency, that eternal vibrational setting of creative acceptance, then you are naturally aligned with everything that you desire. Manifestation is but a trick of the mind: believe, and you will make it so.

You are blessed. You are loved. You are one with everything you want to be.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chest Cold Sweeping the Northeast

The feverless respiratory cold which is going around the Northeast US and rapidly spreading through schools and travel areas is actually a very, very mild form of the new flu. This “cold” has arisen in response to the overwhelming creative desire of the you, the people. Your mass consciousness has created your own healthy, no-need-to-be-tested, vaccine for the flu. This cold will make future cases of the flu you all fear even more mild than it has already become.