Multi and Single Tasking

Dear Eden, I have been interested in the idea of single purpose-ness, instead of multi-tasking. What is the value in this? Thanks, J.

The value in single-tasking is that you are focusing all your will and intent on one idea or thought, and so you are empowering it with a clearer, greater burst of energy. This gives the thought a greater chance at becoming full reality, than if you are multi-tasking and not focused anywhere. However, there are different ways of multi-tasking. One can multi-task by doing many things for short bursts of time, focusing intently on each one at the time, this is the same as single-tasking. The key is to be aware of what you are thinking while you are doing something: for your thoughts and your actions should be as much in tune as possible for the greatest success.

Hathor, Mother of Creation

Dear Eden, Hathor came to me last night and spoke to me of creation. Can we speak of that here? Blessings, M.

The great mother goddess Hathor is the ultimate creator. She is shown with two cow-horns on her head, and a sun disc between them. But this is not how these things were always known. She did not become associated with cows until much later in her god-hood, and yet the horns were always there. The horns are not animal parts, but are physical manifestations of the two-pronged approach to CREATION. These two prongs are WILL and INTENT. Without both, there can be no purposeful creation. The “sun disc” between them, is the manifested energy of creation as it takes form, as it becomes. It is a THOUGHTFORM, a thought or idea become reality. One way to help understand this is to visualize the exhibits at a science museum, where they show two metal rods inches apart, and send electricity up between them. Bzzt. It climbs back and forth, upwards between the rods and is released into the atmosphere. Bzzt. So it is with the act of purposeful creation. Thoughts are energy. Your thoughts, channeled up and out through the top of the head with strong will and directed intent, become reality. WILL + INTENT + THOUGHTFORM = CREATION.

Working with the Fairies

Dear Eden,
I would like to work the fairies more closely. What is a good way for me to do this?
Thanks, C.
Dearest C.,
Working with the fairies is little different from working with the angels, your guides, or various gods. You merely need to ask for assistance, and they will rise to the challenge.
Fairies are part of the elements, of nature, and so they are all around you. With you, they were designed by Source to protect and nurture your physical reality. They are creative creatures, molding and directing energy on your plane at all levels, and so they are particularly well-suited to help you with manifesting your desires and dreams. They have no problem bringing creative thoughts into the physical realm as real and tangible results. So fear not, and have faith. That is the first requirement. The second requirement to working with fairies is that you do not abuse the natural world. Pick up trash, be kind to plants and animals, do not waste resources or pollute.
To ask your local fairies for help, go outside, or position yourself near a houseplant or crystal if you are indoors. Call on the fairies and state what you are wanting, and ask for their assistance. If you are a friend of the fairies, a friend of nature, they will joyfully assist you. Because they are part of the physical, they do appreciate physical gifts: leave the fairies a token of thanks, such as a shiny crystal or object, a floral candle, yummy treat (make sure you unwrap any candy or chocolate!) Then sit back, and allow yourself to believe that all will be well: that is your half of the work. If you feel the urge to do something nice for nature, do it right away: the fairies will be very appreciative: pick up trash on the road, donate money to an animal shelter, volunteer at a park. Soon you will see positive results.

How and why did Astrology come to be?

Dear Eden,

I recently requested a comprehensive and computerized astrological psychological reading. It was amazing. I don’t understand how a computerized reading system like this can be so accurate. It certainly makes me believe that the science of astrology can be very precise and accurate when done by a skilled practitioner. Could Eden shed some light on whether astrology was created by Source to provide these insights. I’m also curious if all of this astrology was created before there were humans wanting an analytical framework for assisting in our free choices and our understanding of ourselves, or whether it evolved through the desires of humans or other analytical beings from other places. I realize we have free choice, but wonder if this is provided for us to use as part of the framework of our choices and the framework for the physical aspects that we came into in our incarnation?

With gratitude and appreciation, S.

Dearest S.,

You come into the world as a physical being with an unlimited connection to your higher self and Source. Over the course of human physical history, man has become more shielded from Source information by the imprints of mass consciousness: Although you are born with full connection, you quickly adjust to the same level of connection as your parents and mass consciousness in general, which means, at this time, that there is not nearly as much communication between your physical consciousness and Source as there should be. You know that you have the “emotional guidance system” of which Abraham speaks, which at least offers some communication. This was created at the same time as physical incarnation. And, so, was astronomy and astrology. The two coexist and evolved together simultaneously. For the universe itself has NOT disconnected itself from source. It’s patterning and design is plainly exposed for all to see, to read, to understand, to know. It does not hide from itself. And as IT (the universe) is one with Source, and as YOU one with source, so are you one with it. Which means that your pattern and plans and desires and inclinations are also plainly written there for all to see… if they know how to look.
So, no, humans did not create astrology. It merely IS. The information exists because you and the stars are one, because you and source are one, because source and the stars are one. If you knew how, you could read the same information in the light of the sun, the wind, the plants, the flow of the river, the sound of silence. Anywhere. Everywhere.
The science of astrology, the ability to read the stars, humans re-opened, re-developed, re-activated, that ability because they were dissatisfied with their disconnection from Source. They yearned to reconnect. And so the early pioneers of connectivity developed dream walking, astrology, shamanic techniques, and other “magic.” These were not “new abilities” but rather a reawakening. And there is SO much more, human! Still, with all this progress, you are barely connected as a group. But everyday more are reconnecting, and developing greater understanding of their true selves and potentials.
The newer computer programs that have been developed are accurate in their divinations because they are merely “computing” the data that the universe is putting forth. They are as good or as bad as the astrologers that design them to begin with. If the astrologer who designs a program has deep insight and understanding when reading a conjunction or a planetary position, and records it properly in the computer program, then the program will forever be endowed with the same height of understanding and insight. This is not magic. This is science being used to translate Source information for the human mind.