Why so much Snow?

Dear Eden,

We are being buried by snow this winter. What is going on, is there an energetic purpose to this wacky weather??

Thank you

Dearest J.,

Well, the snow is as you know very clearing and beneficial. It is important that you all rest and relax and the snow is helping you to clarify what you are wanting: to work, to not work, to play, to not play. It helps so much. When one is repeatedly missing work because of the snow, one is able to really see how one actually feels about their work situation. Is one relieved? Is one sad to not be at work? Is one happier when they return to work? Are you better armed to meet the day after shoveling, after some physical work? These are the sorts of things you are learning from the snow, which these days is working as a great reflector of emotions and motivations.

Also, the snow is a tool of the nature devas to bring about balance for the plants and animals in their care. You humans are but a small part of that contigent, and the devas have much on their minds lately, trying to keep the peace between all the different kingdoms of beings..

Soon enough, the snow will melt. You will miss it! You will be surprised, but it is so.


A Channeled Message for September, 2010 : A Time of Building Energies

This remains a time of building. Building energies, building strengths and expectations. While most of you are feeling like you are in a lull and not much is happening, in fact you are all storing up your energies while your inner selves fine tune their expectations. You are perfecting your selves. You are growing, expanding, in thought and in energy, so that when the time is perfect to move forward you will not crawl, you will not walk, you will LEAP!

Be at Peace. Be a builder. Be in Joy.


On finding and following your path:

Quiet yourself. Let yourself be at peace. See what comes into your minds eye. Where do you see yourself next? There is no wrong decision. As our channel, Maya, always reminds herself “You are always in exactly the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” We find it very amusing that you humans have to constantly remind yourself of what is such a basic truth. We are glad that you are beginning to REMEMBER this basic truth. We are even happier that you are beginning to LIVE this basic truth. This is not a test. There are no wrong choices. You have always done what is right, just as you will now choose what is right. Go forward, in joy, and at peace that you are on the right path, just as you have always been on the right path. There is nothing that you can think of that you are not allowed to do, that you should not do, that you must not do. All thoughts are an act of creation, all deeds are a manifestation of creation, and all creation is GOOD. You are good, you are whole, and it is TIME for you to be responsible to your own self and create what you desire. Communicate with your higher self, and be that kind of selfish. Higher-selfish. Greater-selfish. Perfectly-selfish. This kind of self-ish-ness will manifest in a way that will benefit you, and in turn, all of mankind, all of earth, and all of creation. Be open. Be ready. Good things surround you. Every day remind yourself to open to all the wonderful ways the universe is expanding to meet your desires. There is nothing you want that is selfish, there is nothing you can do that will harm another, there is nothing you desire that will not be good for you. All your desires are healthy, and are part of the blessed connection and One-ness you have with source. CREATE. LIVE. Be in JOY. These are your directives as a creative aspect of source. These are the reasons you are on your planet. Let your love pour out of you, and into your creations. Let it fill your days and your heart with joy and wonder, and drive you to experience the full-ness of life. Receive love, for you ARE love and what you are returns to you. Receive and BE in joy, for you are joy.

A Channeled Message for April, 2010

There is an awakening going on.

You know that.

Do you also know that everything you think you know is wrong? And do you also know that everything you believe is right? Do you understand that your concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, are not mutually exclusive?

ALL is one. ALL is the same. ALL is part of source. You still do not see that, you truly don’t.

And do you understand that lack of seeing, lack of understanding is OKAY?

You are in this world, right here, right now, to live! You are here now to be just as you are. Nothing you desire is bad. Nothing you hate is wrong. Everything is the same. This is why the Buddhists speak of detachment. This is why Christ tells you to judge not. Attachment, judging: these are a waste of time and of energy.

BE. Believe. Be alive! That’s it. That is the tall order of the day. THAT is why you incarnated.

Your experience, every little bit of it, is feeding source, fueling the creative power of all that is. Source wants you to want, source wants you to continue to desire and be joyful, for when you do, you are creating more of your self for you, for source, for all.

Be Alive.

Be in Joy.

You are One-der-full!


A Message for October, 2009

This month will see a continuation of the shifting you have already begun. Most of you will be feeling more relaxed and settled than you were last month. You know that things are changing, and shifting, but you feel much calmer now. You are at peace most of the time. This is a wonderful feeling, is it not. Even in moments of nervousness, fear or sadness, you are feeling an overwhelming sense of calm that dowses your tensions. You wonder where this is coming from, and we tell you it is coming from a greater connection with your own soul, or higher self, and thus to Source Energy. Source knows no fear. Your soul knows there is nothing that can harm it or reduce the validity of its existence. Your true self knows that you are one with all, and that everything you do and feel is a joyous and beautiful extension of the creative energy of Source. That is why you hae come forth onto this planet to exist on a physical level: to Create, and to propagate Joy and Love. You are the best that this universe has to offer, and your physical selves continue to try and judge the best of the best, but there is nothing to judge. Just BE. Be in the flow of your self, of your joy, and BE at peace with all that you are. Every thought you think, every action you begin, feeds the spark of Source, of God, of the world itself. You are all connected, and there should be no judging. Do not fear the perceived distortions and negativity you sometimes see in your physical creations, for as your consciousness grows so does the love and joy on your planet, and all that you wish to experience, you can and will, and all that you do not wish to experience, you do not need to. Do not try to block others from their desired experience, for in doing so you will only bring their experience into your own. Focus on your own desires, your own joy, your own creation. Ask your guides and ALL THAT IS to fulfill your desires. Trust and allow the energy of Source to co-create with your OWN energy, all that you wish and hope for.

Be hopeful. Be Joy-FULL. Be Alive!

You are blessed. You are One. You are Loved.