channeled advice

Chickens in the Afterlife

Dear Eden, All our chickens were viciously attacked and killed by a racoon a few nights ago. They were freerange during the day, and after sunset we would close their coop so nothing could get in, but that night we didn’t lock them up until 5 hours after sunset and they were all killed. I feel guilty and badly that they met such a violent end. Are they OK? Have they moved on? Why did this happen? In 5 years we have never had a racoon on our property, or any predators, but our dog passed on two months ago and now animals are coming around. I feel like I should have been more vigilant now that the dog is gone. Thank you, D.

Dearest D.

Your chickens are OK. They do not mourn the loss of their life. They enjoyed being chickens very much, and plan to be chickens again and again. They do not care so much where they are chickens again, though their experience with you has made them decide to be only on farms that allow pastured or free-range chickens from now on. They like being chickens, like laying eggs, like roaming and pecking. They are happy to be chickens now during this time of revolution in the farm industry.

Do not feel badly that they were not locked up, for they were happy in their relaxed atmosphere, and glad to be free so much of the time. They know that few others would have given them so much freedom, and were happy to trade freedom for risk of injury. They have already been reborn this very morning! So do not fret, they are happily cycling through another life where they will be free and joyful, and always in the moments. It was time for you to be chicken-less for a while, to make room in your life further on for more chickens, and more animals.

Blessings, Eden

A Channeled Message for February 2010

This month, we ask you to relax. We ask you to ride the waves of glory that are coming to shore. We ask you to be easy and free and full of joy. You are all beginning to feel the astrological and energetic influences that are raising the planetary vibrations this month, this season and this year. Do not become overwhelmed or whipped into a frenzy. Take time each day to breathe deeply and remember who you are. Remember what you want. Remember how you would like to BE. Relax. Be easy. And after you have breathed and relaxed and been let yourself be raised by the higher planetary vibrations. Let yourself crest the waves, and be invigorated, energized and reborn.

You are so blessed!
With all the love of ALL that IS ~ Eden

The Sick Room — Dream Interpretation

Dear Eden,

I had a strange dream last night that many people in a countryside medical clinic were sick with a flu-like illness, and a about half of the people there were psychics, along with quite a few old people. I helped my parents, the doctors, but they wanted me to go home so I would not get sick. I knew I was OK but I decided to go along with what they wanted once I had made sure an old man was comfortably settled in one of the back rooms and then left through the back. What does it mean?

Thanks L.

Dearest L.,

This dream was about fear, yours and that of the people around you. This dream was about your growing ability to know that everything will be OK, and to do what you need to do and not worry about how others are worrying. You were very relaxed about the illness in the dream, you knew you would not get sick. The psychics that were sick, that was a manifestation of the spiritual people around you who are, indeed, not healthy in their current thinking. They are all attached to their infirmities, and not wanting to let in a feeling of well-being. Your response in the dream is to make them comfortable, while knowing that their dis-ease cannot infect you, because you are whole, and you are well. Which you are! You ARE WHOLE. You ARE well. You went out through the back because you do not need to flash you well-being in their faces. You do not need to change their minds. You do not need to heal them, or change them, or show them the way. You are best off doing what you like, whether it is out in the open, or a little more hidden it does not matter, so long as you are being true to your self and your beliefs, your truths, your joy.


Help — I Can’t Hear My Guides!

Dear Eden,
I feel so lost and down. How can I connect to my spirit guides and hear them clearly? I’m trying and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Is it not trusting enough?
Thank you, S.

Dearest S.,

You are not doing anything wrong. It is not that you do not trust enough, but that you are not quite listening. The very fact that you feel lost and down is a very clear indicator that you are not hearing or following your own guidance. If you are feeling down, then you are not in alignment with your true self. If you are sad or angry, your predominant thought pattern is in direct opposition to what your true self and your guides would have you do or feel: which is always, at its root, to BE IN JOY.

Everyone receives messages from their guides in a different manner. Some people hear voices, some people find small visual messages through out the day (omens, or confirmations, such as hawks flying overhead when they have a certain thought, or the wind blowing just a bit harder at a particular moment, or a compelling ad on the TV.) Some people experience physical sensations such as a tap on their hand, or a tickle in their ear. And still others experience things in their gut, or just a simple “knowing”. For all, though, the emotions are a powerful indicator which allow one to see when they are on the right path or not. If you cannot sustain happiness, then you are not on the right path. Period.

And when you are persisting in doing and thinking that which draw you away from your self, that which makes you unhappy and joy-less, then you are distancing yourself from your guides, from your guidance system.

So the first thing we would tell you is to do something that makes you feel better. Do something that makes you smile. And then do it again. And then ask yourself and your guides what you can do to keep that feeling. And do that. And do it again. Everything will be as it will be. Trust your self. Trust your joy.

Blessings, Eden

Soul Contracts

Dear Eden,

I feel a bit low on energy because I feel like the person I have a soul contract with is not responding or fulfilling their end. Do you have any advice?

Thanks, M.

Dearest M.,

There are no contracts, only possibilities. There are more ways for your life to unfold than could ever be determined by contracts. Your soul came here to create, in joy and in love. It would never have bound itself with contracts or rules beforehand. There are NO limits. Isn’t that exciting? Your soul was certainly excited to begin, to be where you are today. Isn’t it wonderful?

Relax. Be Patient. Trust. Be joyful and playful. Love, Joy, Excitement. Say it again! LOVE. JOY. EXCITEMENT. If you are not feeling these three things today, then you are not in the flow, you are not connecting to source energy. Do whatever makes you feel these three things, and you will know that you are connected. And you will be well. That is all that matters.