channeled advice

A channeled message for December 2010: Shifting, Processing, Your Physical Body and Feeling Well

Right now your bodies are all shifting tremendously. The physical vehicles which your soul pieces inhabit are processing all the muck and goof your physical reality, and releasing each little bit at a time. This is manifesting all around you as little colds, big colds, physical discomfort, brain fog and overall discomfort. Why now? Because you are moving on, up and out! The earth that you are on is not the one which your other pieces will incarnate on soon. Everything is changing. The earth is changing. Your bodies are changing. Time space reality is changing. Why is this so? Because YOU have willed it. It is time for a change. The reality you are living is not working well any more, you are surrounded by pollution and too many people, too much crowding and fighting and too few resources. So you are all helping your world to shift, through your wanting and your needing, through your creative energies which are the same as the one who created you, and you are all creating a NEW earth. But each virus, each cold, each little warped cell and gene in your body is the result of an energetic distortion from your old or current reality, and cannot be allowed to come with you to the new. So you must transmute these energies, you must “read” them and process them, and release them, and so you are all experiencing dead cell throw-offs, head aches and head colds as these things are brought up and out into your consciousness and then released. All will be well. The only things you can do to process these things in a more comfortable way is help your body’s physical elimination processes (drink more water, eat healthy unprocessed foods, pollute yourself less) and be happy. Yes, you heard us: do things that bring you joy, for when you are joy-FULL  your body and soul function at a higher, more efficient level. You are very , very blessed. We promise it is so. You are at the pinnacle of humanity right now, and reaching ever higher. Your higher selves are so happy with you all! Do not sweat the small stuff: do not fret over the wars and politics and little human things. Just be happy, do good, be well. Be of joy, light and love. That is all.
You are blessed.

A Channeled Message for September, 2010 : A Time of Building Energies

This remains a time of building. Building energies, building strengths and expectations. While most of you are feeling like you are in a lull and not much is happening, in fact you are all storing up your energies while your inner selves fine tune their expectations. You are perfecting your selves. You are growing, expanding, in thought and in energy, so that when the time is perfect to move forward you will not crawl, you will not walk, you will LEAP!

Be at Peace. Be a builder. Be in Joy.


Feeling lost in your heart chakra…

Dear Eden,  I feel sad – I feel lost &  paralyzed by my love and —-i dont know what to call it? How do I know if I should power through growing pains or give up? Thanks, G.

Dear one,

You are all heart. You are so wide open and full of love, you feel as if you will burst. Your heart chakra is wide, wide open, you have no walls, no sheilds, no barriers, and you are filled with Christ energy. And yet you hurt. You wonder, how can this be so? How can I feel so good, and yet so bad at the same time? The pain stems from an unwillingness to release your past pains, your past traumas. You still harbor old wounds that are affecting everything you think and believe at this time. It is time to release them. It is time to forgive ALL that has gone before, so that you can receive ALL that is coming now. You feel the pain of all the world coming in to you, because your heart is open yet your mind is filled with judgements and opinions. Let it all go. Allow your self to feel the love you know, the love you harbor. Forget the pain that surrounds you. Ignore the pain that others are feeling, the cries of the hungry, the woes of the ocean. This is not your pain. These are not your woes. Allow yourself to float above. If you have to, turn off the TV for a month, remove yourself from news services and the chatter of others. Be in yourself. You are happiest when you are surrounded by beauty and quiet — find places that will put you in the middle of it. Be in nature. Get some energy work. Join some healing circles, go to a museum, an outdoor classical concert. Just lie on your back and stare at the clouds. You are one with the world. Let in the joy. Let the suffering go. It does not belong to you. It is not your pain. We do  not want you to power through anything, or give up anything. We want you to just be at peace. Be in the moment, and be at peace, at one with your true self.

You ARE blessed. You are OK. It will all work itself out, focus on the good, and the rest will follow.

Blessings, blessed one.


A Channeled Message for July, 2010 : STOP and BE!

STOP. Stop everything you are doing. It is time to take stock of your every movement. Your every moment. Your breath. Your mind. Your thoughts. Your deeds. Your actions. Your beliefs. Take stock now. Stop living mindlessly. You are all so so so busy that you have lost your selves among the chatter and the isolation of your mindless minutes. Spend time with yourself. Spend time with your SELF. With your family. Pay attention to what you are doing. Your every thought and deed are creating every aspect of your reality. That which you focus upon multiplies. Feel hurried? You will be more hurried tomorrow. Get off the wheel, and take a look at your life from another angle. You will be surprised.

Some of you think you are already doing this. OK. Now do it MORE! Be you, more! Be busy, less. Be stressed, less. Be mindless, less.

A channeled message for May 2010, about the Solar System, the Oil Spill in the Gulf, and the Planet

Dear Eden: Do you have a message for us this month?

Ooooh yes. This month is delicious and wondrous. Great leaps are being made forward in your Solar System by all the beings who dwell there, the angels and devas, the fairies, the planetary spirits and the physical and non-physical beings. People are shifting their realities very quickly. This is working well for most of you. As time speeds up and the buffer zone of time contracts between your thoughts, your desires, and the manifestation of those thoughts, most of you are getting what you want that much faster. Some of you are getting the things you do not want with sudden speed, too: the upside is that these unwanted situation will also dissolve and resolve quicker, too.

Many of you are worries about the ecological disaster in the gulf, and we would like you to know that it was planned by the consciousness of your planet and the people on the planet, to assist you all in shifting away from your use of fossil fuels and towards the development of new energy technologies. Climate change is an elusive concept for most, and not very stimulating, but tangible, dirty damage to ecosystems that you can see and quantify without dithering is a much greater catalyst for you humans to enact change. Do not worry about the animals, for they too entered into this plan with goodwill and intentions, and are willing to play their own parts in the shifting of the planet. They are well, and will continue to be well, no matter what state you perceive them to be in.

Hurrican season will start earlier this year, and there will be a great storm soon, but again, do not worry or fear, for these are just the natural cycles of cleaning and clearing for the earth.

You are all blessed. You are all ONE with source, and we are ALL-ONE with you.

In love,